CBD Bath Salts: Why Use Them and Why Could They Help?

Who doesn’t love a good soak in the bathtub every once in a while? Whether you’ve had a long day at the office dealing with stressful calls and endless paperwork, had a big session at the gym, or merely fancied switching off for a while, the benefits of a hot bath are pretty extensive, not to mention a great way to indulge in some ‘you time.’

But what if we said you could make your bath even more effective? From short and efficient to long and luxurious, CBD bath salts can bring their own set of properties, turning your great bath into a fantastic one! But are they worth the hype, and more importantly, the money?

Today we are going to be looking at why you would use CBD bath salts, and whether they are worth separating with your hard earned cash!

What are the Benefits of Baths?

It sounds like a no brainer, but baths offer so much more than just an opportunity to get clean! Below we have listed just some of the enormous benefits taking a bath has to offer:

  • Hot baths can elevate your mood
  • Improve sleep
  • Relieve muscular tension and pain
  • Improve cardiovascular health
  • Burn calories
  • Relieve symptoms of cold and flu
  • Soothe irritated skin

Now, we know what you’re thinking – how can a simple bath possibly do all of that?! Don’t get us wrong, baths aren’t a miracle cure, but there is plenty of scientific backing to suggest that a bath can help with the above issues!

What Are CBD Bath Salts?

Okay, so we may have sold you on the power of the humble bubble bath, but what about CBD bath salts? Surely if your average bath can offer up so many benefits, then there is little need for any added extras?

Well, as it happens, CBD can bring a host of benefits to the table which can help to treat a broad range of ailments, and all you have to do is soak yourself in it! Before we dive into the scientific benefits of CBD bath salts, let’s first take a look at what they are.

You’re probably well aware what bath salts are; these luxury treatments have been around for decades and are often a combination of natural ingredients, exfoliating agents, essential oils and other appealing components that dissolve in hot bath water to make for a soothing, relaxing and therapeutic bath.

So, what are CBD bath salts then? Well, as you might imagine, CBD bath salts are everything we know and love about the old school bath salt, but with CBD added in for its medicinal properties. So, what can CBD bath salts add to your bath for that added element of physical relief and mental relaxation?

The benefits of CBD bath salts are numerous, below are just a few:

  • Pain relief in muscles and bones
  • Relief in skin conditions such as rashes, eczema, and psoriasis
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Anxiety relief

What are the Benefits of CBD Bath Salts?

The first thing to note here is that, of course, CBD bath salts cannot heal or reverse any condition, and so the list above, while being factually correct, should not be taken as a medicinal treatment by itself. It is much the same for any cannabis product.

However, the science behind the benefits of CBD in our baths is pretty impressive, so let’s take a look at exactly how CBD bath salts can help de-stress and relieve physical complaints!

CBD Bath Salts for Your Skin

You may not know it, but our skin is full of CB2 receptors, which happily receive the cannabinoid CBD into them, hence the efficacy of CBD bath salts! But did you know that CBD is a proven antioxidant, meaning that it could help with skin conditions and the overall appearance of tired and aging skin?

A study into the power of CBD as an antioxidant has even shown it to be more effective than Vitamin E and C for skin health. It is also possible that CBD can elevate levels of collagen in the skin, helping you to retain young, glowing skin for longer, and even help combat acne!

CBD Bath Salts for Pain Relief

As a well-known anti-inflammatory, CBD has the ability to help with muscular tension and related pains, which is why so many athletes opt for a soak in the tub after a heavy workout!

Studies into the benefits of using CBD products over opioid drugs have shown that the cannabinoid can be more effective in some cases, and in many cases holds considerably less side effects!

And thanks to the way CBD goes so effortlessly through the pores in our skin and straight into the bloodstream, it works more quickly and efficiently than other methods of consumption.

CBD Bath Salts for Anxiety and Stress

When we are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and tired out, a bath can be just the thing we need to feel better. A bath containing the anti-anxiety properties of CBD could be even more effective at helping us mellow out after a hard day.

Most of the best-selling CBD bath salts combine the cannabinoid with a host of other beneficial ingredients including everything from Himalayan rock salt to lavender and are steered towards promoting a relaxing and Zen environment for you to unwind in. For you, this means you aren’t only getting the stress relieving properties of CBD, but are also exposed to the benefits of a range of other ingredients too!

Final Thoughts: Are CBD Bath Salts Worth the Hype?

If you are a CBD lover, a bath lover or a combination of the two, then we would highly recommend giving CBD bath salts a try. Not only are they usually pretty affordable, but they are also able to tackle multiple things at once, and all you have to do is lie there and relax!

If baths are not your thing, then this may not be the one for you – but we would love to know what your thoughts on CBD bath salts are down below in the comments.

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