What is a Blunt Time Bomb? [How to Make and Smoke One]

Now that marijuana has hit the mainstream in a big way, users feel more comfortable sharing their wild and wacky ways of consuming the herb. One of the coolest we have heard of is the blunt time bomb.

It gets its name because once you’ve set it up, it looks like a timed bomb that’s rigged to explode. Once you have experienced the effects, however, you may say its name is apt because you get so stoned you lose track of time!

There are actually two versions of the time bomb. First, we look at the classic bong bowl time bomb before moving on to the blunt version.

Creating Your Bong Time Bomb

In essence, a time bomb is a term used to describe placing a rolled joint or blunt through weed in the hole of an already packed bowl. You begin smoking the joint, and when you get to the bottom, you ignite the bowl. It is a term that’s even more appropriate when you pack the bowl with kief. If you do that, however, you can kiss the weekend goodbye!

The first step is to get your weed prepared. Grind up high-quality herb because finely ground cannabis enables you to pack your bowl tighter and benefit from a consistent burn during the session. It is imperative that you use a decent three-chamber grinder with a kief collector.

As you grind the weed, its trichomes are collected at the bottom of the grinder and can be added to the bowl. As anyone who has ever packed a bowl will know, preserving the trichomes is difficult anyway. Would you rather collect them at the bottom of a grinder’s chamber, or get them all over a pair of scissors or your fingers? At least with a grinder, it is easy to collect the high-THC trichomes.

Rolling a Joint – The Amsterdam Way

The next step is to roll up your blunt or joint. If you haven’t heard of it already, rolling a joint inside out, also known as The Amsterdam Way, is one of the best rolling methods because it makes the joint taste less like paper. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Lay your rolling paper flat on a clean surface with the glue strip facing down. Put the tip at the end and place the marijuana in the crease.
  2. Pick up the paper with both hands, and ensure the glue is facing you. Roll the paper so you get the weed in a cone or tube shape. Roll the glue strip down to the edge of your pot, tuck in the paper, and roll upward, pinching the paper to the tip and rolling the joint into a cone. Make sure the paper isn’t creased.
  3. There is now a layer of paper between the glue strip which is currently facing upward, and you. Lick the glue through the paper and press the glued area to create a strong bond.
  4. Now that your joint is sealed, use your fingertips to shape the joint as you desire. Make sure you don’t accidentally rip the paper at this stage because it is wet.
  5. Get rid of excess paper by gently ripping it upward along the glue line. It is imperative that you don’t unseal the glue strip seal in the process.
  6. Your Amsterdam style joint is now ready for inclusion in the time bomb!

Rigging the Time Bomb

Take your bong’s bowl and place it vertically on a table. Place the joint or blunt inside the bowl at an angle of around 90 degrees. Do not leave a screen in the bowl or else you will prevent the joint from sitting correctly.

Pack your joint into the bowl by filling it with the ground weed. Make sure you pack each side equally. This can be tricky, so if you have a friend or two around, ask them for help. Fill the bowl right to the rim. Wiggle the joint a little to ensure it is securely in place. This part is essential. The last thing you need is a red-hot joint falling on the table or floor in the middle of what promises to be an epic session.

If you are feeling daring and have a reasonably high tolerance to weed, you can take some potent hash and sprinkle it around the base of the joint. Once you are done with this session, you will begin to feel like Marty McFly traveling through time in his DeLorean.

What About the Blunt Time Bomb?

This is a variation on the classic time bomb and is simply a rolled joint placed inside a blunt. The main difference between a blunt and a joint is analogous to the difference between a cigarette and a cigar. Imagine if a cigar was filled with weed instead of tobacco; that’s kind of what a blunt is like.

Making a blunt is a little different from creating a joint. All you need to do is purchase empty tobacco wraps. Alternatively, you can get a cigar and use a blade to cut it lengthwise. After opening the cigar, remove the tobacco. Add some moisture to the empty wrap. You can use saliva, but we recommend using a little water, especially if rolling for someone else.

Fill the empty wrap with ground marijuana; most experienced users place 1-2 grams of herb inside the casing. Roll the herb between your fingers to pack your blunt evenly. After packing and shaping the blunt, tuck the wrapping beneath itself, and moisten the inside of the exposed edge from one end to the other.

After rolling the blunt, it is now time to ‘bake’ it. This means using a lighter to dry the wrap and seal it completely. Run your lighter up and down the blunt on the outside. Don’t hold the lighter too close! The goal here is to heat the paper just enough for it to be sealed. You don’t want to set it ablaze!

However, you DON’T want to create a sealed blunt when making this time bomb at first. Instead, take your empty wrap and lay it flat on a table. Add some herb and place a rolled joint on top of it. Sprinkle more weed on top so that the joint is halfway buried in it. Then you can roll it all up and stuff more herb on the mouthpiece end before putting the crutch (filter or tip) in. Only then should you bake the blunt to seal it up.

As for the setup, the blunt is the ‘bomb,’ and the joint is the ‘wick.’ When you light up the joint, you smoke it until it goes down to the very end. The ‘explosion’ occurs when you drag to the point where the joint meets the blunt. It is an intense experience because you are going from the relatively mild experience of the joint to the potency of a blunt.

It will look pretty impressive, and what you’ll feel is even better! Most users can fit around three grams of weed in a blunt time bomb.

Smoking Your Time Bombs

The Classic Time Bomb

It is up to you whether you want to use a joint or a blunt with your bong bowl. If you are part of a group, it is best to use a blunt because it will last a bit longer. When everything is set up, light the tip the of joint or blunt. When it begins to smoke, it is time to start ripping. The chamber will fill up with smoke.

After the smoke begins to get milky, you can pull the bowl out carefully to ensure the smoke doesn’t fall out. Inhale all of the smoke! When the tip of the blunt reaches the bowl, the bomb is about to go off. You will see a LOT of smoke, and it will be an extremely potent hit, so look out!

As the time bomb grew in popularity, a challenge was set to see who could clear an entire time bomb in the fewest hits. One experienced user achieved the feat in just five breaths! Suffice to say; we don’t recommend taking on such a difficult challenge if you are not a very experienced user.

The Blunt Time Bomb

Even if you are an ace at rolling joints and blunts, setting up a blunt time bomb can take 20+ minutes (especially if already stoned), and that’s when you get it right the first time! Smoking it is easier than using the classic option. To begin, light up the joint part of your blunt time bomb and start inhaling from the blunt end. Initially, you will smoke the joint. As you continue to puff, the joint will burn off and resemble a fuse of a bomb that is alight.

When that joint begins to run out, the anticipation builds. We recommend waiting until there is only an inch or so of joint left and taking a moment to ready yourself. You WILL know when it transitions from joint to blunt! Those who have tried it say that it offers one hell of a sensation. Even those with a high tolerance to weed will be baked long before they have finished the blunt.

One expert tip is to use extra-large joint tips so you can stick the joint deep into the blunt. By doing this, you will ensure the joint remains lit at the core of the blunt, which keeps it burning smoothly. Those who try the blunt time bomb say it burns better than any blunt they have ever used.

Final Thoughts on Marijuana Time Bombs

If you have never experienced the sensation caused by a marijuana time bomb before, you are in for a treat! The classic time bomb requires a bong but isn’t challenging to make. As the joint or blunt burns down, get ready to tackle the smooth yet potent smoke that is waiting for you!

The blunt time bomb requires nothing more than weed, some filter tips, rolling papers, and wraps used for blunts. Remember, you don’t need to purchase cigars to remove the tobacco! There are empty wraps available so use these instead. As the joint burns away, your session is only beginning. Once the bomb ‘goes off,’ you will experience a fantastic feeling, and by the end of the session, you may believe you are in a distant galaxy.

When you create and use a marijuana time bomb properly, you will get much higher than if you smoke a blunt by itself or take a typical bong hit. We DO NOT recommend trying to use one of these time bombs if you lack tolerance for weed. It is incredibly strong, so even if your tolerance is reasonable, it is best to use a time bomb in a group at first.

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