Can Eating Food Reduce Your High? [Exploring the TRUTH!]

Exposing the reality of food’s connection to cannabis…

Cannabis can be expensive, especially if it’s top-quality herb. Most users want their high to last as long as possible, so the notion of food making you less high could be a problem. It could make the munchies a stoner’s nightmare, especially if food proves to be a total buzzkill.

Luckily, the truth isn’t that simple. Foods can vary immensely, and so can cannabis strains, so there’s more to it than a yes or no answer. This guide delves into the truth to provide accurate information so you can make food decisions that work for you the next time you’re high and have your head buried in the refrigerator.

Keep reading to find out whether eating food makes you less high…

The Science Behind the Munchies

When the munchies arise, you simply can’t resist – and scientists are beginning to realize why. The brain and body are filled with their own endocannabinoids, much like the phytocannabinoids found in the marijuana plant. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) is responsible for keeping the body in equilibrium, regulating mood, sleep, appetite, and so much more. This internal network is vital to your overall health and well-being, and that’s because it lets your body know what it needs to thrive and survive.

Normally, eating food tells our brain that it is no longer hungry, which minimizes feelings of starvation. However, when you consume marijuana, cannabinoids like THC can convince the body that it is still hungry – even if you just ate.

This effect is what we call “the munchies,” which explains why you just can’t stay out of the kitchen every time you smoke. Of course, some strains are more munchies-inducing than others: Royal Cookies, Pineapple Kush, and Sour Diesel are renowned for making you hungry.

Why is this important? In order to fully understand the effect food has on your high, you need to know why your body wants to eat in the first place.

The Science Behind Food and Cannabis

Does eating food make you less high? Unfortunately, there’s no way to give one answer to this question – but there is a perfectly clear explanation as to why. You see, the way grub affects your high depends completely upon what the food itself is made of. Just as the chemical composition of a specific cannabis strain impacts the way you will react to it, the same goes for any type of nourishment that you want to munch on.

When you smoke cannabis your blood sugar drops, convincing your body that it is hungry. This response is how our body reacts on a day-to-day basis in order to keep us nourished and not starving (imagine if our body never knew that it needed food?). When your blood sugar drops your body is screaming for more energy so it craves a meal. While this alone won’t dampen your blissfully high feelings, consuming foods with high sugar content can – which is often the type of food that those with the munchies reach for.

Foods with a high sugar content may reduce your feelings of being high. This is usually the type of food people crave after using cannabis.

Anything that can metabolize in the body as sugar will raise your blood sugar levels, which convinces your body that it is not as hungry as it was before, but this also takes a toll on the effects of your cannabis strain. It can counteract the blood-sugar-lowering qualities of THC and dumb down its impact.

If you avoid foods high in sugar and carbohydrates, then you are likely to feel the high more intensely. This doesn’t mean that the initial buzz won’t wear off slightly, but low-sugar foods will impact your high less.

A reduction in your high can take place due to a multitude of stimuli, including taking a shower, drinking water, and even concentrating on something fiercely. Unfortunately, the high has to wear off at some point, for this is the nature of cannabis (bummer, right?).

If you’re tired of your high being dampened by consuming excessive sugars and carbs, check out these healthy recipes, and don’t ever worry again about having the munchies.

Mixing Regular Food With Edibles

Although not all foods will decrease your high after smoking cannabis, with edibles things work a bit differently. If you decide to eat a ton of grub just before you eat a brownie, pastry, or some other yummy cannabis-infused dish, you may notice that your buzz is not nearly as intense as it should be. That is because if the stomach is filled up with regular food and is then followed by THC-filled food, the body has a hard time breaking down and processing the THC, and the effects are diluted to some extent.

This typically only occurs, however, when you eat a large meal right before edibles, so don’t fret if you’d like to enjoy a light lunch or a snack beforehand. Just try not to go overboard; otherwise, you might be a bit disappointed with the strength of your buzz.

Foods That Will Actually Get You Higher

Just as certain compounds can lessen your high, others can actually increase it. It’s no secret that cannabis consumers turn to certain ingredients to strengthen their intense feelings of euphoria, relaxation, and whatever else the buzz brings. Although there is limited scientific research as to why specific ingredients can increase the intensity of your experience, the important part is that it does, indeed, happen.

We’ll at least be able to fill you in on the basics of why each ingredient we’re about to list might be able to make your day that much more enjoyable. If you’re looking for natural ways to boost your high, try these ingredients out:

 1. Mango Fruit

Science shows that mangos also possess terpenes, the same compounds that alter the way your cannabis smells and tastes. Amongst the numerous terpenes in mango is one called myrcene. This element is said to not only extend the length of your buzz but to also speed up its onset by assisting the cannabinoids found in cannabis through the blood-brain barrier, causing your brain to recognize the presence of the cannabinoids quicker and react. If you’d like to taste this pleasant pairing two-in-one, this mango salsa should do the trick.

2. Chocolate

High in the cannabinoid anandamide, there’s a reason why chocolate has a natural way of helping you feel better and more euphoric – it’s all in the science. Cannabis, too, happens to contain levels of anandamide, in addition to a plethora of other feel-good compounds, but when you combine both chocolate and marijuana, the receptors in your brain can become further stimulated, resulting in an increase in your blissful, buzzy feelings. Even better, try out one of our recipes for brownies – the perfect way to get your dose of chocolate and Mary Jane. If you opt for plain old chocolate, be sure to choose a bar with a higher percentage of cocoa (70% and over is ideal).

3. Green Tea and Black Tea

Green tea and black tea not only contain caffeine, which can act as a mild to medium stimulant for the body to get you energized, but they also possess an antioxidant called catechin which has an intriguing ability of binding with CB1 receptors in the brain, the same ones that marijuana also impacts when consumed. This, in turn, can increase the intensity of your high, leading to greater relaxation and tranquility. Plus, with that extra little boost of caffeine, you might find that your body is at peace while your mind is creative and ready to concentrate on any task at hand. What a lovely combination for getting things done at home or in the office! Combine both ganja and tea with our special cannabis stem-tea recipe.

Our Final Verdict on Whether or Not Eating Food Will Make You Less High

If you’ve ever wondered how the food you are consuming impacts the strength of your experience during a marijuana high, we wish we could give you a clear yes or no answer. The way that certain ingredients impact us has to do with the components, compounds, and chemical composition. Certain elements can decrease a high, while others are thought to boost and enhance it.

Hopefully, this article was able to bring about some clarity on what foods to avoid and what foods to consume, helping you tailor your next smoke sesh exactly the way you want to.

Our intention with this article is to provide as much information as possible in an enjoyable, entertaining way. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.

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