Celebrity CBD Brands: A-Listers Are Getting In On The Market

It is pretty common for celebrities to jump on bandwagons. Therefore, it is hardly a surprise that they are getting involved in the CBD market. It is an industry with a runaway train’s momentum on a track of endless length. The industry was worth $170 million in 2017. Within three years, it entered billion-dollar territory. Estimates vary, but CBD’s global market value could exceed $20 billion by 2024.

Estimates vary, but CBD’s global market value could exceed $20 billion by 2024.

Notable celebrities such as Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg have advocated for marijuana for years. Meanwhile, other famous people, including Kristen Bell, Nate Diaz, and Jennifer Aniston, are open about their use of cannabidiol. However, only a small fraction has financed a company, though that seems like it is about to change.

In this article, we check out five of the most prominent celebrities involved in CBD brands.

1 – Tommy Chong

As one half of Cheech & Chong, he appeared in numerous stoner movies and became a weed icon of the 1970s. He famously put his name behind a marijuana brand, Chong’s Choice. However, did you know that the hero of stoners everywhere also believes in the power of CBD?


These days, Chong’s Choice is called Tommy Chong’s Cannabis. While it sells plenty of THC products, the site also has a wide array of CBD topicals, tinctures, and nano CBD products. According to the site, the full-spectrum CBD is extracted from 100% United States-grown hemp flowers. It is also blended with cold-pressed hemp seed oil.

2 – Gwyneth Paltrow

Paltrow is famous for appearing in movies such as Sliding Doors, The Talented Mr. Ripley, and the Iron Man series. However, you might not be aware that she owns a lifestyle company called Goop, which she helped found in 2008. Goop is headquartered in California and is involved with fashion and health brands.


The Goop site champions CBD and has advertised products from brands such as Votary and Populum. In October 2020, Paltrow went a step further and announced that she had invested in Cann. It is a cannabis-infused beverage maker. The Cann range of tonics includes 2mg of THC and 4mg of CBD per serving.

3 – Montel Williams

The Montel Williams Show enjoyed great success in the 1990s and early 2000s before it finally concluded in 2008. The former U.S. Marine has been embroiled in his fair share of controversies, though. He caused outrage after acting as a spokesperson for a payday lending company. Also, the topics covered on his daytime TV show were often on the knuckle.


Williams is a firm believer in the healing power of CBD and has created his line of products with the aid of CBD sellers. Montel by Select includes products such as 100% hemp-derived CBD gel capsules and cannabis oil products. Williams has used CBD to treat multiple sclerosis, a condition he was diagnosed with back in 1999.

He admits to using marijuana almost every day in the last couple of decades. However, his CBD products line is available in markets that THC oils and edibles are not.

In 2017, Williams sued a man named Tim Issac, claiming that Issac used his name on low-grade CBD products without Williams’ permission. It was a major blow to Williams’ credibility, but most people now understand that he had nothing to do with Issac’s products.

4 – Melissa Etheridge

The famed singer-songwriter has won a couple of Grammy Awards and has been nominated for over a dozen more. After receiving a breast cancer diagnosis in 2004, she received a steroid and a painkiller after chemotherapy sessions. Physicians also prescribed other pills to counteract the effect of the initial pills!


Etheridge believed there was a better way to recover from chemotherapy. After conducting plenty of research, she decided to try medicinal marijuana. She became so enamored by the herb’s effects that she created a brand called Etheridge Farms. It is designed to provide marijuana products to Californian medical patients.

Interestingly, she also put her support behind a novel idea: Weed wine! It is created by dropping a pound of marijuana into a cask of fermenting wine. It works out at about 1.5 grams of cannabis per bottle, and the cannabinoids include THC and CBD. As the marijuana isn’t heated, the compounds are transferred into the wine in THCa and CBDa form. These cannabinoids are significantly less intoxicating than those heated in joints and bowls.

5 – Martha Stewart

Stewart was one of the most recognizable television personalities in the United States. She enjoyed enormous success with two syndicated TV programs and was involved in countless business enterprises. However, in 2004, she was convicted on felony charges. Stewart spent five months in prison, with another two years of supervised release.


It seemed as if this incident would destroy her empire. However, Stewart bounced back and reclaimed much of what she lost. She has also joined the CBD revolution by teaming up with Canopy Growth. The Martha Stewart CBD line recently announced its first national retail expansion. Given her track record of success, we expect Stewart to make a huge splash in the industry.

Celebrity CBD Brands: Final Thoughts

It is often tiresome to see celebrities becoming involved in whatever is deemed to be ‘in fashion’ at the time. However, having the backing of famous people can only help the CBD industry as it continues to grow. How many of us have purchased something primarily due to brand or name recognition?

There is plenty of room in a rapidly expanding market for regular entrepreneurs to compete with celebrities.

There is plenty of room in a rapidly expanding market for regular entrepreneurs to compete with celebrities. Unfortunately, they won’t generate the same level of publicity. We hope that the celebrities involved in the CBD market produce high-quality products and don’t bring down the industry’s overall level.

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