CBD Oil in Oklahoma: Is It Legal?

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One of the CBD market’s main issues is the lack of clarity regarding legality. The assumption is that the cannabinoid is legal, but this isn’t strictly true. The oft-mentioned 2018 Farm Bill only legalized the cultivation of industrial hemp with a maximum THC content of 0.3%. It did not legalize any specific cannabinoid.

Therefore, CBD is not federally permitted, and it remains in a state of legal flux. However, the vast majority of American states tolerate the cannabinoid at the very least. Only a handful of locations have clearly outlined an anti-CBD message. A few states have gone the other way and passed legislation that all but legalizes cannabidiol. Let’s see where Oklahoma lies in this complex legislative web.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Oklahoma?

The answer is ‘yes.’ However, it only became official relatively recently. After the failed attempt to get MMJ on the ballot in 2014, lawmakers perhaps began to understand that Oklahomans were in favor of cannabis and hemp. In April 2015, Governor Mary Fallin signed HB 2154 into law.


It permitted the sale of CBD oil derived from hemp with a maximum THC content of 0.3%. This was broadly in line with the 2014 Farm Bill. However, only individuals with severe epilepsy, who received a doctor’s recommendation, were allowed to use it.

In May 2016, the Governor signed HB 2835 into law. It increased the qualifying conditions for CBD oil users and took effect in November 2016.

Previously, CBD was only available on prescription. However, it has recently become much more widely available.

Individuals with a wasting disorder, multiple sclerosis, or one of several other conditions were eligible. Despite the forward steps, there was a BIG problem. You had to buy it in another state and bring it into Oklahoma, a federally illegal act.

There was also a chance of benefiting from CBD oil as part of a clinical trial. However, such opportunities were few and far between.

Common Sense Prevails

The hemp industry had a significant breakthrough in December 2018 when the Farm Bill legalized the plant’s growth. The rule stipulates that the hemp must contain a maximum of 0.3% THC. It didn’t legalize CBD, but it did ensure that numerous states eased restrictions or alleviated confusion.

Oklahoma followed that trend in May 2019 when Governor Kevin Stitt signed SB 238 into law. It decriminalized hemp-derived CBD. Previously, CBD was only technically legal through the MMJ program. The bill’s enactment also meant that Oklahoma would not regulate CBD products.

In 2019, the FDA stated that it didn’t permit the addition of CBD to food or beverages. This makes things a little complicated in Oklahoma. Before the FDA’s statement, Oklahoma passed Title 63 O.S. 1-1118 into law. It made it legal for companies with the correct food license to sell and store food infused with CBD. As the FDA now contradicts that stance, it is hard to say what will happen next.

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Do You Need a Medical Card for CBD in Oklahoma?

Suppose the product in question comes from industrial hemp and has a maximum THC content of 0.3%. In that case, the answer is ‘no.’ In Oklahoma, you’re free to purchase such products without a medical marijuana card. However, certain stores may ask for ID. Also, you must be 18+ to buy smokeable products such as CBD vape oil or hemp flower, according to federal law.


If you want to buy a product with more than 0.3% THC, you need an MMJ card. That’s because such items are deemed to be derived from marijuana, not hemp.

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil in Oklahoma?

The growth of the market in Oklahoma is such that local pharmacies, food retailers, and health food stores all sell it. You can even buy CBD oil in MMJ dispensaries! A significant number of online brands also ship to Oklahoma.

In April 2019, Governor Kevin Stitt signed SB 868 into law. It gave industrial hemp commercial crop status. The bill established licensing requirements for growers and processors. It also said that all entities, even dispensaries selling edible products, must be licensed as food establishments. This is the case even if the business only sells oils or tinctures.

There is no limit on how much CBD oil derived from hemp you can buy in Oklahoma. Remember, physical stores selling it must be licensed as food establishments, and it has to be pre-packaged. It is against the law to add or mix CBD into anything made to order.

Below are five physical stores in Oklahoma with excellent customer reviews.

Name of Store


Artisan Botanicals CBD and Kratom

8801 Oakridge Dr, Oklahoma City, OK 73110

Burn Culture Vape & CBD

5925 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa, OK 74115, United States


820 W Robinson St, Norman, OK 73069, United States

Edmond Vapes & Kratom

106 S Bryant Ave, Edmond, OK 73034, United States

Buzzin Smoke & Vape Shop

1921 S Elm Pl, Broken Arrow, OK 74012, United States

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil in Oklahoma Online?

The CBD market in Oklahoma doesn’t carry the same level of oversight as the MMJ market. Therefore, whether you buy online or in physical stores, it is necessary to stick to brands that provide third-party lab reports. This is important because the reports can outline the levels of CBD and THC in products. These reports also let you know if there are any chemicals or heavy metals contaminating the product.

These days, you should find it easy to locate trustworthy CBD brands. Once you’ve finished reading the article, keep scrolling to view 10 companies we rate highly. Each one offers CBD from premium-grade industrial hemp and has established a reputation for excellence within the industry.

What Are the Marijuana Laws in Oklahoma?

When Oklahoma banned cannabis in 1933, it was relatively late compared to other states. However, it stuck rigidly to the prohibition for over 80 years. While other states began to decriminalize the plant from the 1970s onward, Oklahoma doubled down on its strict penalties. It habitually sent cannabis ‘offenders’ to prison.

After multiple failed attempts, Oklahoma finally permitted medical marijuana legalization when 57% of Oklahomans voted ‘yes’ to State Question 788 on June 26, 2018.

Within 18 months, over 7% of the entire state’s population had an MMJ card.

It is straightforward to get approved, and dispensaries offer outstanding deals.

Cannabis Penalties in Oklahoma

The possession of any amount without a medical marijuana card is a misdemeanor. A conviction could result in up to a year in prison. The sale or distribution of any amount is a felony with sentences ranging from two years to life! If you sell to a minor or within 2,000 feet of schools, public housing, or public parks, the punishment doubles, and a mandatory minimum sentence is imposed.

Growing any number of plants in Oklahoma is also a felony. You could receive between 20 years and life in jail!

In September 2018, the Oklahoma City Council decriminalized the possession of small amounts of cannabis. It reduced the penalty for simple possession to a fine of $400. It called for the state government to follow suit, but it has yet to do so.

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil in Oklahoma

Proponents of CBD claim that it has a myriad of benefits. While the FDA backs none of these assertions, the level of anecdotal evidence is rising. Those interested in purchasing the cannabinoid in Oklahoma must remember that the level of oversight is less than in the MMJ sector.

As a result, you must make sure you check out the reputation of each brand. Aside from customer reviews, you can also look at the WayofLeaf CBD Review Section to learn more about a host of companies.

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