What Is Auto Buddering Marijuana? [Broken Down for the Total Rookie]

Within every esoteric area of interest, there is always going to be copious amounts of unique terminology and language that regulars will understand, but newcomers will be left scratching their heads in confusion.

This concept is known as “cant,” and refers to all those nitty-gritty words that industry professionals know and expect, yet those on the outside are forced to wonder what on earth they are talking about.

One example of this terminology in the marijuana world is the concept of “auto-buddering”. Despite sounding like something agricultural and vaguely delicious, it is a phrase that is completely unheard of outside of the marijuana concentrate world.

Let’s take a look at what auto-buddering marijuana actually is and investigate what we can expect when our marijuana starts auto-buddering, as well as how we can avoid it.

What is Auto Buddering & What Are Marijuana Concentrates?

Auto-buddering is one of those strange terms that feels like it could belong to any industry or profession; it could maybe refer to a type of cooking or something to do with cows? If only the marijuana world could be a bit more clear.

Auto-buddering refers to the process of making marijuana concentrates, wherein the mixture, usually in the process of being made into shatter or taffy, is kept at too high a temperature and accidentally combines to become budder.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t really help the complete newbie – shatter? Taffy? What are all of these things?

A marijuana concentrate is essentially an extract of marijuana that has been refined to its very core, leaving behind only the very highest concentration of THC and other cannabinoids imaginable.

In comparison to regular marijuana bud, which is rife with plant matter, leaves and other unwanted organic material, marijuana concentrates are nothing more than the very purest of cannabinoids boiled down until there is nothing left but exactly what you want to imbibe.

As marijuana concentrates are such a refined product, with very little actually existing within them, they have the ability to adopt different viscosities, textures, and shapes based on the outside temperature and how they are made.

In much the same way that you can manipulate egg whites into different textures and uses based on how much you work it and whisk in air, marijuana concentrates take on different forms depending on how they are made.

These different forms get their own names. Shatter is likely the most common type of marijuana concentrate that newbies will have heard of. As its name implies, shatter has an extremely brittle texture, as well as having a slightly taffy-like consistency once you have managed to shatter it into pieces. Due to its longer cell structure and ability to pull and stretch, as well as break, it tends to look vaguely amber in color.

The different names of marijuana concentrates all denote different steps along the process of making the final product – you can go all the way from a glass-like, brittle texture like shatter to a substance almost resembling fudge with crumble.

However, there is an intermediate step, budder, that tends to form all on its own if you aren’t careful, and this is what marijuana users are referring to when they mention auto-buddering – when a marijuana concentrate seemingly forms budder all on its own.

But why does this happen and how are you supposed to stop it from happening if you don’t want it?

Why Does Marijuana Auto Budder?

When you try to make something, there is sometimes a tendency for something to happen completely out of your control that changes its composition, resulting in a completely different product.

For example, if you were to take heavy cream and shake it for a very long time, instead of thin, luxurious cream, you would instead have butter and buttermilk. If you leave that buttermilk outside, it can develop its own flavors and acidic bacteria, so much so that you can eventually process it into yogurt.

While this is great when you plan to do it, it can also happen accidentally – were you to take a jar of heavy cream on a cycle ride with you, you might discover you have inadvertently made butter when you didn’t actually want to.

This is essentially what happens when marijuana manages to auto-budder.

Budder is essentially the next step in the marijuana concentrate process of making it more malleable and occurs when marijuana shatter (or taffy) is agitated constantly while being gently heated.

It is very easy to make yourself – you simply need to stir it gently while it forms, all while keeping it on low heat.

However, what if you don’t want budder? What if you were looking for shatter?

If you improperly store your shatter, especially in environments with a higher than average moisture content and higher temperature, then your shatter can accidentally combine into budder in a process that is known as auto-buddering. This can also happen if your marijuana shatter was too high in wax, which is something that can be filtered out using winterization, an industrial process whereby the marijuana concentrate is frozen then thawed, allowing different substances within the concentrate to filter out at different temperatures.

You can leave your perfectly formed shatter in an improperly sealed jar, come back to it in a week and find that what was once a beautifully stacked pile of shard-like marijuana shatter is now thick and clumpy and formed into budder.

However, all is not lost; budder is actually incredibly useful and desirable in its own right. So, how do you actually use budder? As a matter of fact, how do you actually use marijuana concentrates at all?

How Do You Use Budder? What is Dabbing?

When you first pull your budder out of its container, you might think you have somehow completely messed up everything – you wanted some beautiful marijuana concentrate, but you are instead left with this thick and clumpy mess of confusion.

Looked at quickly, budder looks like a small lump of slightly damp butter; the leftovers from someone’s lukewarm toast the morning before. However, Budder has one significant benefit over other forms of marijuana concentrate – you can spread it.

Its resemblance to butter is the apparent reason why some intelligent young marijuana scientist first coined the term ‘budder,’ so why not use it as such? You can simply spread your budder on food and eat it as is; you likely won’t enjoy the significantly overpowering taste, but you can still experience the profoundly noticeable intensity of highly concentrated THC.

However, budder can also be used in the same way that all marijuana concentrates are enjoyed – through dabbing. But what actually is dabbing? It’s not that horrible dance that teenagers have been doing ever since Fortnite is it?

Dabbing is the practice of instantly burning a marijuana concentrate using a water pipe, so as to convert it into marijuana vapor that can be easily inhaled.

A water pipe is pretty similar to a regular water bong, but instead of burning marijuana bud in the bong bowl, you instead touch the dab to a heated plate that instantly melts the dab, melting away into a pure, THC-laden vapor that is then pulled into the water within the water pipe, cooled and then inhaled through the breathing apparatus, whether that be a regular tube or hookah pipe.

Although it is usually marijuana wax and shatter that is used when dabbing, but you can just as easily use marijuana budder instead.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that, as budder is so much stickier and easily spreadable, you might find it tends to stick to whatever implement you were using to get the budder onto your heating plate.

Final Thoughts on Auto Buddering Marijuana

Among many people that make their own marijuana concentrates, the words “auto-buddering” are likely to inspire fear and irritation – most of the time if your marijuana concentrate has formed budder, it means you have done something wrong and your product is ruined.

However, as long as you remain open-minded about what kind of marijuana product you eventually want to use for your own enjoyment, budder is not the end of the world.

It is still versatile, usable, and extremely tasty once you get used to its intensity – plus it has the exact same THC composition!

For those who have no idea about anything in the surprisingly complicated, in-depth world of marijuana, at least now you can reliably say you know what auto-buddering is. When your knowledgeable marijuana friends start moaning about their auto-buddering mistake, you can now reliably shake your head, sigh sympathetically and exclaim “I know what you’re going through,” and not have it be a lie.

Still though, definitely give budder a try – you might find you like it a lot more than any other type of marijuana concentrate.