8 Tips for Growing Alien OG Marijuana [Grower’s Guide]

Alien OG is a strain quite literally out of this world, with an intensely high THC quantity and fast growth, making it an overall favorite strain for growers.

However, no matter how easy it is to grow a strain, there are always those looking for exact steps and tips, so that they can achieve the highest yield possible with the best quality.

Let’s take a look at eight tips to try and grow some Alien OG, both to do with basic growing and some more advanced advice to try and maximize your yield.

Tip #1. Alien OG Strain Review

Alien OG is a cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush, itself a part of the storied and practically ancient Kush lineage.

This strain has a remarkable tendency towards heavy, high-quality yields, accompanied by rapid flowering cycles and culminating in a massive amount of extremely high-THC, dense and resinous buds.

It is well known for its remarkably traditional citrus-laden aroma, demonstrating quite clearly its OG Kush genetics. However, this fairly common flavor profile is balanced out with a resinous, pine-like earthiness that smells and tastes like a Pacific Northwest forest.

Alien OG manages to be one of those strains with such a distinctive taste and aroma that any experienced toker will immediately recognize not only this specific strain but also its long ancestry.

Though its flavor and aroma are quite traditional, its effects are anything but regular – this intense hybrid packs a massive punch, providing a combination of indica and sativa effects that will leave even the most experienced, high-tolerance consumers reeling with its mind-boggling, almost otherworldly high.

By far the most apparent sensation is the intense relaxation, as well as potent happiness and euphoria. These indica-like initial effects are rounded out by a massive surge of creative energy that arrives around the midpoint of the high.

This odd state of being both intensely relaxed while still feeling mentally active and creative leads to an interesting dichotomy wherein you are simultaneously well rested and calm yet still eager to complete personal projects.

The high begins with an intense, somewhat uncomfortable pressure behind the eyes, followed by a cerebral effect that varies significantly between different individuals – if you are not ready for it, you might find your eyes rolling backward.

This quality of intense creative energy mixed with pure joy and calm means that Alien OG is an extremely popular strain. Not only is it enjoyable, but this strain’s ability to create so many useful effects on the body makes it a potent medical strain as well. For those who struggle with mental conditions like anxiety, depression or PTSD, Alien OG provides them with a relief that lasts a surprisingly long period of time, as well as the necessary energy to get up and enjoy their lives.

Alien OG is a pretty exciting strain, both in its flavor and in its effects, so let’s take a look at how it grows and whether or not we can expect any difficulty.

Tip #2. Difficulty Growing

As might be expected with a potent strain such as Alien OG, it is rather difficult to grow.

Despite a fast growing time, Alien OG has some moderately tricky steps necessary to ensure a high yield. Part of this is that, although it naturally has a very high yield anyway, there are quite a few things you can do to increase the maximum return you can expect from this intense strain.

Despite this difficulty, there are many useful, little-known techniques you can utilize to make sure your plant is happy, healthy and unleashes a massive quantity of bud.

Tip #3. Growing Techniques

Alien OG is a pretty fickle strain; it can grow both tall and wide with a massive quantity of buds, but it needs an insane amount of nutrients.

This never-ending hunger for feeding makes a hydroponic setup especially attractive, as it makes it a lot easier to be able to feed it using the SOG (sea of green) setup. If you are diligent and give Alien OG the precise nutrients it needs, it will reward you with a bushy growth that creates high yields and a dense plant structure.

Due to the intense bushiness of this strain, regular topping (a form of pruning whereby you lop off the tops off new sprouts as they form) will ensure it grows the right way to maximize the yield. You will also need to trim off the larger leaves that this strain tends to create, as they can overshadow the leaves lower down.

In a way, Alien OG seems to almost work against itself, steadily growing over its leaves and flowers, dwarfing them and depriving them of light, so make sure you keep on top of it.

Assuming you keep on top of pruning and feeding, what kind of yield can you expect from your Alien OG?

Tip #4. Alien OG Yield

As mentioned, Alien OG has an exceptionally high yield. You can expect around 12-13 ounces of good bud per square meter if using hydroponics, with considerably less if left outside.

The yield can vary quite widely depending on the amount of pruning you perform, as well as whether or not you keep up with the frankly insane amount of nutrients it needs.

So let’s take a look at what kind of feeding would be best for Alien OG.

Tip #5. Feeding for Alien OG

Alien OG is aptly named when it comes to feeding, as it seems to devour an unbelievable amount of food and still want more. The problem with plants is that they don’t exactly tell you that they’re hungry; they starve and start to die.

The key to growing your own Alien OG well is that you need to feed it far more than you would think. Heavy feedings would be an under-exaggeration, as this plant needs more and more food as the plant takes in growth.

If you are using the hydroponics set up and SOG, make sure to continually add nutrients throughout its growth cycle. If you are growing it outdoors, however, then you need to be adding fertilizer periodically, as well as starting it off with a monumental quantity of fertilizer, to begin with.

So, which should you pick? Should you grow it outdoors or indoors?

Tip #6. Growing Alien OG Outdoors/Indoors

Alien OG is, despite its intense food requirement, quite suitable for either indoor or outdoor gardens.

Though it does perform exceptionally well with a hydroponics setup indoors, due to its intensely broad bushy growth, it can perform exceptionally well outdoors as well.

If you care for your plant exceptionally well, including numerous feedings, pruning, and a few gentle whispered sweet nothings, then you can expect comparable growth to indoor Alien OG as you can outdoors.

This is also helped by its intensely quick turnaround time, meaning you don’t need to worry too much about extended growing seasons.

Tip #7. Alien OG Flowering Time

Alien OG is one of the fastest-growing strains out there, starting to flower after only eight weeks. This strain is so efficient in part because of its never-ending desire for food, which allows it to grow exceptionally quickly.

Something interesting to note is that this growing time can be extended if you ration its feedings – if you feed it regularly, but only a small amount, you can delay the flowering time of this strain by a few weeks.

There’s no logical or sensible reason why you would ever do this, of course, but it is indeed interesting to know just how dependent on feeding this strain it.

How about temperature?

Tip #8. Climate for Growing Alien OG Strain

Alien OG has a few problems in its climate preference, primarily due to the way it grows. Thanks to the fact that Alien OG buds develop in a dense cluster, they are incredibly vulnerable to mold caused by excess humidity.

To alleviate this, make sure you have a dehumidifier if growing indoors or, if growing outdoors, make sure you don’t live in a humid place; otherwise, you can expect your beautifully high yield of Alien OG to be tainted by mold.

Try and stick to the fairly regular temperature expectations of between 68 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit and you will likely be fine – watch out for humidity.

Final Thoughts on Alien OG

Alien OG is a somewhat paradoxical strain: It has a very traditional, basic genealogy, as well as having a straightforward flavor and aroma profile, yet its effects are hugely amplified in comparison to its cousins in the OG family.

Not only does it have both indica and sativa effects, but it somehow brings out the best of both of them. Additionally, despite its lineage, it has a pretty intense difficulty spike in trying to grow it.

This ever-devouring monster of a strain might be a pain to try and grow thanks to the nearly endless quantity of pruning it requires, as well as the truckloads of fertilizer, but it produces such a massive amount of high strength bud that it is worth it.

Despite the inherent difficulty in trying to grow Alien OG, this strain is a perfect one to grow at home simply due to its significant effects and its high yield – you will only need to grow one strain to meet all your Marijuana needs for a massive amount of time.

Alien OG is undoubtedly out of this world, but if you can stomach the cost and time investment into growing it yourself, you won’t be disappointed.