8 Tips for Growing NYC Diesel Marijuana [Grower’s Guide]

To many people, hearing that a product is branded as “Diesel” is usually enough to dissuade them from ever going near it. Everyone knows that diesel is objectively a bad thing, right?

However, there is one group of people that rejoice and celebrate being told that they’re about to get their hands on some diesel; the marijuana community.

The diesel family of cannabis strains is well known for its powerful, sativa-leaning hybrid effects, as well as its distinct flavor components that are, somehow, reminiscent of diesel fuel.

The diesel family may have begun with Sour Diesel, but it has since permutated into all kinds of different strains, with some of the lesser offshoots not being as well as known as the original.

Let’s take a look at NYC Diesel and how it holds up against its other diesel cousins, both in its effects and its flavor, and learn some steps and tips to ensure you know what you are doing to grow your favorite strain.

Tip #1: NYC Diesel Strain Review

NYC Diesel is, like many of the other diesel strains, a sativa-dominant hybrid, with NYC Diesel possessing about 60% sativa properties.

Its origins lie in some unknown clone of a Sour Diesel plant that was crossed with an equally mysterious Afghani Indica landrace strain and then, later on, a Hawaiian Sativa. This versatile origin story means that NYC Diesel is surprisingly rich in both flavor and history and produces a unique, distinctly separate effect from the other Diesel strains.

NYC Diesel’s initial aroma is practically trademarked, with its signature lime and grapefruit aroma that wafts through the air whenever it is brought out of its protective bag. When NYC Diesel is made well and adequately dried, this aroma seems to emanate from it like a helpful warning beacon, summoning all those who can recognize this unique musk towards it.

Regarding taste, the initial mouthfeel is strangely similar to a regular Diesel strain – you will get a tart, pungent sensation of diesel fumes, with a robust, wide heaviness on the tongue. For the first few seconds you will think you are smoking a regular diesel strain until it hits you; rich earthiness, combined with an ever-so-slightly fruit sensation on the back end of your tongue.

This sensation will last throughout the exhale, leaving a lingering taste of tart berries and diesel that somehow manage to work together. This unique taste combination is one of the driving forces behind NYC Diesel’s popularity, but its effects are amazing as well.

For most non-marijuana smokers, they generally classify marijuana in two types; the kind that makes you lazy and sits down, or the kind that makes you talkative and energetic. Obviously, there is far more to it than that, but NYC Diesel is firmly in the latter category, as it causes one primary reaction – you will not be able to shut up.

As a sativa-dominant hybrid, you might expect some strong mind highs followed by a terse body high, but NYC Diesel is different in that it seems to be entirely sativa-like in its initial effects.

You will feel happy and energized, as well as your mouth just not being able to close. Every single thought you have will want to be expressed, and you will be filled with energy and jubilance for the world around you.

This makes NYC Diesel a great strain to use for outdoor activities, especially ones wherein you are going to be extremely social.

The high levels out after a while, producing a continuous calm that leaves you feeling relaxed, yet still energetic enough to keep going. Occasional fits of laughter and general positivity will generally follow, making you an endless source of joy in social situations.

All these happiness and joy-inducing effects make NYC Diesel a perfect strain to help tackle anxiety or other mental disorders that result in a low mood, as you simply can’t help but feel good when you try some NYC Diesel.

Since its effects and taste seem so wonderful, how do you go about growing your own?

Tip #2: NYC Diesel Difficulty Growing

Like many other diesel strains, NYC Diesel has only a moderate difficulty level. Though it isn’t exactly a walk in the park to grow yourself, you won’t have to deal with esoteric growing techniques or mechanics to grow your own.

There are a few things you can utilize to increase your yield, as well as a few special conditions to ensure your plant lives a healthy life as possible, so let’s take a look at some of these growing techniques and see how they can be applied to your NYC Diesel.

Tip #3: NYC Diesel Growing Techniques

Due to NYC Diesel’s long flowering time, this can be a delicate plant to try and grow outdoors, as it needs a consistently warm temperature throughout its late growing.

One of the main things you need to keep an eye on when growing NYC Diesel is your soil, both in its acidity and its general nutritional content.

Feeding can only get you so much if your soil isn’t up to scratch. Make sure you start with either a fresh new batch of soil or grow it using soil that has been allowed to replenish over a long period. Check the acidity of your soil using a digital pH meter to make sure it isn’t too acidic, as NYC Diesel can be rather jumpy when it comes to its acidity.

With regards to pruning, you can do some gentle topping to ensure it creates a healthy canopy of growth. To do this, simply snip off the top of the plant’s development now and again so as to encourage lateral growth rather than vertical.

This will eventually result in a hearty canopy that produces healthy, massive colas.

You will also want to ensure you keep the lower sections of your NYC Diesel plant pruned away, as this strain tends to overgrow its lower branches, resulting in a lot of wasted energy for the plant when it tries to maintain these smaller, less useful branches.

So what kind of yield can you expect to get from your NYC Diesel plants?

Tip #4: NYC Diesel Yield

Like many diesel strains, NYC Diesel offers a pretty high yield if suitably maintained; you can expect to get around 14 oz per square meter if growing indoors and utilizing proper pruning, and about 12 oz per plant if allowed to grow broad and strong when outdoors.

This is entirely governed by the soil quality, as well as the regularity of its feeding, so if you want to maximize your yield, make sure you are keeping on top of what it needs.

Tip #5: Feeding for NYC Diesel

There are two ways to ensure a healthy NYC Diesel plant through feeding; feeding it adequately during growth and feeding and preparing the soil before you even think about planting.

NYC Diesel needs a good quantity of both micro and macronutrients, so make sure your soil is only of the highest quality. If growing indoors, consider buying some nutrient-enriched soil with the proper PH values from a retail store, rather than the soil you have outside.

If growing outdoors, just make sure that the soil you choose hasn’t been depleted by other growing – even unchecked weeds can deplete the soil without you knowing it!

During NYC Diesel’s growing, try and promote a healthy mix of vital nutrients by spraying it with compost tea. This means essentially making a tea out of healthy compost, preferably one you have made yourself.

Simply mix a good amount of compost in some hot water and let steep, then strain it out. This allows you to get all the nutrients from the compost without putting potentially toxic or pH-altering chemicals into your soil.

Additionally, keep the topsoil loaded with phosphorus, as well as the general vital nutrients in your compost tea, to help the plant move into its flowering stage.

Tip #6: Growing Outdoors/Indoors

NYC Diesel is an unusual strain as, although it does actually perform quite well outdoors, it really does benefit from being kept inside.

This is primarily because it has such a long flowering time and it requires decently warm temperatures during its approach to flowering. If you try and grow it outside and you have a fall with cold temperatures, you are going to wind up with either a dead NYC Diesel plant or a meager yield.

Tip #7: NYC Diesel Flowering Time

This is perhaps one of the most significant drawbacks for NYC Diesel; its flowering time is extremely long. You can expect about 9 to 11 weeks if growing indoors or, if growing outdoors, for your plant to last well into the fall season before it begins to flower properly.

Only try and grow some NYC Diesel if you have the time commitment available to give it the time it needs to produce truly high-quality bud.

Tip #8: Climate for Growing NYC Diesel Strain

NYC Diesel is relatively typical in its temperature requirements, preferring warmer temperatures with lower humidity, like all sativa-dominant hybrids.

The only thing to bear in mind is that if your temperature begins dropping below 70 degrees Fahrenheit once fall hits, you are going to have some significant trouble trying to grow it outdoors, and perhaps even indoors.

Make sure to invest in a powerful heater to keep your plants warm when growing inside, as NYC Diesel can pretty suddenly start to fall off if allowed to hit cold temperatures too frequently.

Generally speaking, moisture and cold fall seasons should be avoided with this strain.

Final Thoughts on NYC Diesel

NYC Diesel might seem like a bit of an annoying strain to grow yourself; with a slightly aggressive temperature dependency and a proclivity to low yields, it’s pickiness with nutrients and its long flowering time, many people are turned away from trying to grow their own.

However, the distinctive, completely unique flavor combinations, as well as the happy and talkative effects created by NYC Diesel, make it a strain that is simply too good to pass up.

If you can afford the time and soil requirements that NYC Diesel demands of you, then this should absolutely be a strain you try and grow – it might get a bit annoying, but the end result will be worth it.