8 Tips for Growing God’s Gift Marijuana [Grower’s Guide]

Today we are going to show you some tip tops for growing the beautiful strain God’s Gift. It’s a hearty plant that develops beautiful purple leaves, making it a great choice for first-time growers and experts alike.

Tips for Growing God’s Gift Cannabis

This strain has a mysterious history and not much is known about its creation, including who developed it and when. What we do know about it is its heritage. God’s Gift is a combination of the tasty Granddaddy Purple and the potent OG Kush. Both strains definitely pack a punch, something which has been passed down to God’s Gift.

If you want some good advice on growing God’s Gift, whether that be for recreational use or medicinal, have a read of our 8 best tips!

Tip #1: God’s Gift Strain Review

Luckily, God’s Gift has inherited Granddaddy Purple’s delicious and complex grape flavor. It has a lovely mixture of sweet berry and earthy marijuana, which can be detected in the scent as well.

This indica-dominant strain has mind-blowing levels of THC, from 18-22%, giving it amazing medicinal benefits for pain-relief and anxiety. This isn’t surprising considering the strain’s reputation peaked in 2005, when it became a popular medicinal remedy in many Californian dispensaries. It’s strong relaxant effects can be enjoyed recreationally too, especially after long working days.

Tip #2: Difficulty Growing

God’s Gift is a very hearty strain, which makes it highly resistant to disease – perfect for those looking for a hassle-free grow. Its heartiness also imbues it with a strong stem, so it is less likely to suffer from breakages from heavy buds.

What it can have a weakness for is rot, especially bud rot. This happens when there is too much moisture in the air and mold begins to grow within the buds. Frustratingly, once you notice the signs of it on the outside of a bud, its has already destroyed the inside. You can fight this by regulating humidity in the air and making sure the plant is in a safe and dry spot.

Tip #3: Growing Techniques

One of the best methods for growing God’s Gift is a hydroponic setup. This suspends the plants’ roots in a water-based solution, which can include other materials such as sand and clay pellets. This is an alternative method to the traditional use of soil and is often an easier way to keep a closer eye on the condition of your plant.

Growers can maximize yields by taking advantage of light exposure and using the sea of green (SOG) method. Just remember to thin the canopy of plants and prune them at a young age to encourage more growth. This technique may be more suited to intermediate growers as it requires a degree of experience.

Tip #4: God’s Gift Yield

Now we are getting into the juicy information – what is the typical yield from a God’s Gift plant?

The strain doesn’t disappoint, producing 3 to 6 ounces per square foot, making it a very generous strain. Not only that, but the buds look and smell amazing, too. Expect dense clusters of purple stained buds, with lots of orange wiry pistils curling in every direction. And you’ll be reminded of how tasty its flavor is by the scent of sweet berry every time you get close to the plant.

Tip #5: Feeding for God’s Gift

A great way to provide this strain with lots of nutrients is by investing in some good-quality plant fertilizer, whether that be pellets, liquids, or others.

Remember during the growing phrase to supply the plant with high quantities of nitrogen and potassium. It also needs a medium amount of phosphorous; in general this tends to be about half the amount of potassium. These chemical elements will give your plant the best possible chance to thrive.

God’s Gift is very hearty, which makes it difficult to over-feed, but instructions will be available on the products themselves to guide you.

Tip #6: Growing Outdoors/Indoors

God’s Gift tends to be healthier when grown indoors rather than outdoors, this is typical for most strains. In general, when you are growing a plant inside, it is much easier to control aspects of the environment such as temperature, humidity and pests. Considering the plant is of medium height, it shouldn’t be too imposing if kept inside – especially if you already have a room prepared.

But this doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to grow outdoors. If you live in an area with warm and dry summer and fall months, you have a much better chance of growing a top-quality God’s Gift strain, than most other climates.

Tip #7: God’s Gift Flowering Time

One of the great things about growing God’s Gift is the speed with which it reaches flowering. It takes approximately 8-9 weeks when grown indoors – it’s the Usain Bolt of the cannabis world. If grown outdoors, expect to harvest mid-October.

By the time it does reach this stage, the plant should have reached heights between 30 inches and 78 inches, with a medium stretch. Expect to see beautiful, purple-tipped leaves that are narrow and long in shape.

Tip #8 Climate for Growing God’s Gift Strain

God’s Gift has the best chance of producing the tastiest buds when in a warm and dry climate. Temperatures of between 68-80 degrees Fahrenheit or 20-27 degrees Celsius, are considered ideal.

It is also a good idea to keep moisture levels in the air as low as possible, it is recommended to not exceed 40% RH.

Growers should consider the seasonal temperature and humidity changes in their own location before they consider growing the strain outdoors.

Final Thoughts on Growing God’s Gift

We think God’s Gift is a great strain to grow; not only does it have great aesthetics in those amazing purple buds and leaves, but its powerful THC levels can be a great help for many people suffering with chronic pain and a variety of ailments.

It’s a very easy strain to grow – even for those with little knowledge of growing cannabis and with our handy guide, you’ll be well on your way to plant perfection!

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