What Is “Mids” Weed? [Explained for the Cannabis Rookie]

Confused by cannabis terminology? You’re not alone!

There is no denying that the cannabis industry has seen some incredible changes over the past couple of decades. With more states across the U.S. allowing for legal cannabis use than ever before, there is now an influx of cannabis terms floating around that can be incredibly confusing – especially for the cannabis newbie.

Whether you are coming face to face with dozens of new and unnerving cannabis strain names, or have heard words like “dank,” “regs” and “mids” cropping up and don’t know what they mean, we’ve got you covered!

An unexpected adverse effect of full legalization in states such as California is the rising cost of high-quality marijuana. Although sites such as the Price of Weed claim that premium-grade herb costs an average of around $260 an ounce in the Golden State, it is very different if you live in certain areas.

Imagine a situation where you must pay over $500 an ounce, or close to $100 for an eighth! In return, you get marijuana of exceptional quality. Alas, not every recreational and medicinal user can afford such a vast expense. Fortunately, ‘mids’ cannabis is plentiful and should easily fulfill your needs!

What Are the Different ‘Tiers’ of Cannabis?

The more popular marijuana has become over the years, the more new and unusual terms seem to crop up on the internet, confusing us all once more. While many of these terms and phrases fade away after a few months, plenty have stuck around and made their way into the cannabis dictionary.

If you are a marijuana rookie, you don’t want to memorize every word you see or hear in the world of weed. Trust us when we say that you will end up more confused than when you started! However, when it comes to making sure you are consuming something that is both safe and good quality, there is no room for compromise.


Without further ado, here is our guide to the main ‘tiers’ of cannabis you need to know about:

‘Regs’ (aka ‘reggie’)A commonly used term for weed that is bad. In this case, if you get your hands on a bag of ‘regs,’ you will likely know about it due to its brown appearance and lack of trichomes. Regs weed appears as though it has been dug out your back garden and put into a baggy, and depending on who you got it from – it may just be that!
‘Schwag’ (aka ditch weed, dirt, brick bud, shake, wack, bunk)Additional terms commonly used to describe low-quality cannabis
‘Mids’A term used to describe ‘mid-quality’ weed. Basically, this is the lazy “C” student of marijuana quality; not too bad, but not too good either.
‘Dank’ A term used to describe the best of the best, top-shelf cannabis. Often much more expensive and of much higher quality.

As we said, “mids” is what we would call average or middle-grade cannabis. Over recent years, as cannabis has grown in popularity and laws have changed to allow for more marijuana use, the quality of mids has shot up considerably. Without a doubt, there is an increase in those who seek out mids over top-shelf flower, but what exactly is middle-grade cannabis, and what makes it so?

How to Tell if Your Weed Is Mids

Unlike regs weed, mids weed has its fair share of trichomes, which are the often glittery-looking crystals found on marijuana. Trichomes not only help protect the plant from harm but also possess a range of medicinal properties themselves, so a bud with trichomes is a great start!

Mids weed should also have a great smell, so where possible, you should always try and get a good sniff of what you are buying before handing over any money! If you are looking at a good mid-grade bud, you can smell the trichomes with ease.

Usually, mids present a vibrant lime green color and are generally considerably less dense than dank flowers, often meaning that a bowl will disappear quicker than with top-end bud.

Back in the day, mids were classified as far lower quality with regards to its smell, look, taste, and effect. These days, however, mids routinely test at between 10% and 16% THC – easily high enough to enjoy the intoxicating experience you seek.

Should You Consider Buying “Mids” Weed?

mid grade marijuana

Once upon a time, we may have advised cannabis rookies and seasoned smokers alike to steer clear of mids cannabis, mostly due to its uncertain origins and low-quality. However, as we have mentioned, modern mids herb is much more advanced. It is an affordable and often stronger option for those who can’t afford to splash out on dank bud.

While mid-grade weed is still looked down upon by some, those in the know will tell you to look for mids in places such as California and Colorado. It is especially the case in the Golden State where the market, and prices, are unpredictable. Why spend well over $100 on a quarter of top-shelf bud when you can get mids for less than half the price? You’ll still get a nice buzz, and you can invest what you save!

Quality mids isn’t all about the THC content; a great mid-range weed will smell delicious, look good, and have minimal stems and seeds. But if you are new to cannabis and want to try a cheap sample, mids can prove a great way to do so!

Also, many cannabis partiers will opt for mids as they make a brilliant party joint, and if one of your high friends happens to drop a bowl, who cares? It’s not like you’ve lost a lot of money on it! By the way, we have heard of ounces of mids on sale for $100 or less in states such as Washington.

Final Thoughts: Is “Mids” Weed for You?

Whether you are here because you are new to the world of weed or are a seasoned smoker wondering whether or not to try your hand at mids bud, we hope we’ve cleared things up a bit!

Despite what some marijuana aficionados may say, mid-grade cannabis is an excellent way to experiment with new strains, get high on a budget, or create a buzzing party atmosphere at a third of the cost.

What we are saying is that mids weed is worth a try. Now that you know what you are looking for, you can determine the good stuff from the regs, and the high-grade mids weed from the lower-quality stuff.

[Let us know in the comments what your experience of mids has been – would you try it if you haven’t already? We would love to hear from you!]

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