Delivery Meds [Complete Cannabis Delivery Service Review]

Delivery Meds Quick Summary


  • Safe, legal access to recreational cannabis
  • Quick, discreet shipping to your home – anywhere in Canada
  • Affordable prices so you have easy access to recreational cannabis
  • A wide selection of multiple strains of Grade A recreational cannabis


  • There is no information on shipping options, how shipping works, or shipping costs on the website
  • Limited payment options

Delivery Meds Full Review

Cannabis delivery services have made it very easy and convenient to get your necessities delivered right to your front door. And with medical and recreational cannabis legal in Canada, there are now a number of companies offering delivery options for cannabis-based products in the country. One of these companies is Delivery Meds.

If you like the idea of having marijuana delivered straight to your doorstep and are based in Canada, then this could be the company to check out.

Who Are Delivery Meds?

Cannabis delivery services are becoming increasingly popular, with various companies now looking to bring convenience to the marijuana industry. Delivery Meds is one of the numerous companies, but it’s doing what most others fail to do; it covers the whole of Canada.

The Delivery Meds mission is to give every individual access to high-quality cannabis.

Delivery Meds is a smaller company that operates the e-commerce site The company sells its products and services in the dispensaries industry and is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Delivery Meds mission is to give every individual access to high-quality cannabis no matter where they are in Canada or if they are able to visit their local dispensary.


The company holds manufacturers up to the highest marijuana standards. All products offered by Delivery Meds are grown and manufactured in state of the art, safe and secure facilities free of pesticides.

Delivery Meds is all about offering safe, legal access to recreational marijuana that is quickly and discreetly delivered to your home. They have a wide selection of products at affordable prices and offer easy access to the best strains of Grade A dank cannabis available in Canada.

How Does Delivery Meds Work?

Unfortunately, the Delivery Meds site is lacking some key information when it comes to how the order process works. Although they do have a short paragraph on how to place an order, under the FAQ section, it’s not very detailed.


That said, the website seems very easy to use. All you need to do is register an account, and you will then be able to place orders for marijuana easily through the online store. The online registration process requires the following information:

  • Name and surname
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Birthdate
  • Shipping address
  • Username and password

To order, simply add the desired products to your cart, select how many grams of each you would like, and continue through the secure checkout process. Payment can be made via INTERAC e-transfer and bitcoin.

Delivery Meds FAQ

Where Does Delivery Meds Deliver?

Delivery Meds is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. However, the company delivers to locations throughout Canada.

What’s the Delivery Fee?

The Delivery Meds website doesn’t have a section explaining the shipping options and fees. However, if you add a product to your cart and proceed to checkout, the shipping options are displayed. There is a Regular Parcel option for $15, XpressPost for $20, or a Free Shipping option (which takes seven business days).

What Products Do Delivery Meds Offer?

Delivery Meds has a selection of cannabis, concentrates, vape products, edibles, and accessories to choose from. The concentrates line includes hash, kief, oils, and rosin, while the edibles range consists of capsules, chocolate bars, gummies, and more.

How Can I Pay for Delivery Meds?

You can pay securely on the website using a variety of credit cards. You can even use Bitcoin. However, it doesn’t accept debit cards, PayPal, or Apple Pay.

Does Delivery Meds Offer a Rewards or Loyalty Program?

Yes, the company recently implemented a new customer reward program, in which you can earn rewards for purchases, referrals, and reviews at any time. For each dollar you spend, you get 1 point, and 100 points equates to $1 in-store credit.

When Does Delivery Meds Operate?

Delivery Meds doesn’t explicitly state its operating hours on its website. Therefore, it seems that they operate seven days a week, so you can get your supplies around the clock. Whether or not they operate 24/7, you can certainly place your orders at any time.

Final Thoughts on Delivery Meds

Delivery Meds is impressive in that it has managed to build a cannabis delivery service that operates across all of Canada. Many other companies operate in individual states and not across the whole country. Additionally, the order process seems very straightforward and easy – there doesn’t appear to be much effort involved in placing an order.

Delivery Meds is impressive in that it has managed to build a cannabis delivery service that operates across all of Canada.

There is some key information missing on the Delivery Meds website, but for the most part, it appears to be detailed enough. The company prides itself on offering affordable prices to ensure everyone has easy access to recreational marijuana.

Final Verdict – 8/10

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