5 Brilliant New Marijuana Strains – Updated for 2021!

As cannabis becomes more socially acceptable across parts of the U.S., we are seeing even more inventive strains and cannabis products being released every week! Just when you thought you had seen it all, a new killer strain hits the market and takes the industry by storm.

These days, there is a strain for everything. Cannabis strains for aches and pains, insomnia, depression, the list goes on – you can get a strain that claims to have the potential to treat a wide range of conditions effectively!

With so much excitement, it can be difficult to know what is worth trying, and even where you should begin, but fear not, as we have put together our top five recommended strains to try in 2021. These are some of the newest, hottest buds out there this year, and ones we think you ought to keep an eye on.

So without further ado, let’s take a look at our top five new cannabis strains for 2021!

#1 Purple Moby Dick – The Mac Daddy Strain

The champion of all champion strains is back, but with a twist! Purple Moby Dick by Dinafem is the new take on the world-famous and much loved Moby Dick, and we can’t get enough!

This sativa-dominant strain has managed to keep hold of those prominent traits we loved about the original, most notably the mega-psychedelic effects. But Dinafem has brought a sweet and fruity touch that we have to say makes it an excellent smoke.

With THC levels maxing out around 21%, this isn’t for the faint-hearted smoker. In fact, we would recommend that all newbies stay well clear of this strain (unless of course you are looking for some mad-ass high, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!). A purple beast, Purple Moby Dick grows to be humongous – we’re not kidding the clue is in the name with this one.

For lovers of the original that was released over a decade ago now, you will love the mega euphoric feelings this flower emits. With long-lasting effects, we recommend this as the perfect daytime smoke. Expect some trippy cerebral moments, and make sure your cupboards are stocked for when those munchies kick in!

#2 Diesel Moonshine – The Mysterious Strain

Brought to you by Mosca Seeds, Diesel Moonshine is the delicious indica-dominant cross between Sour Diesel and Old Time Moonshine, and it is possibly one the most mysterious strains in our top five list!

Very little is known about Diesel Moonshine at the moment, making it all the more intriguing, but what we do know is that it packs one hell of a punch! With over 20% THC levels, this sweet and sour strain offers a high reminiscent of its predecessors, and we can’t wait for it to hit the market in full force.

The plant itself grows short and stout, with a high yield that makes it a great cannabis strain for indoor growing. While we can’t tell you too much yet about this one, if its roots are anything to go by then we can expect some seriously cerebral effects with that familiar taste of diesel we all know and love.

#3 Fat Banana – The Tropical Strain

Royal Queen Seeds have only gone and done it again! Fat Banana is the most recent addition to the RQS family, and in true form, it is a fantastic strain! Close your eyes and imagine the taste of the tropics and this is Fat Banana.

With notes of banana (obviously), coupled with an overwhelming tropical undertone, this is one of the most moreish strains we have tried in some time! It may sound like a delight, but this Fat Banana is not for the weak, dubbed by RQS themselves as being “for the fearless weed warrior”. This hybrid wonder packs up to 25% THC and will see you melted into a puddle on the couch if overdone!

The high is a creeper for sure, with relaxing and potent effects that are long-lasting and simply delicious. Tread with caution, as this is a super yummy bud and one could easily get carried away, so remember to go slow and steady to avoid the famous couch-lock!

#4 White Tahoe Cookies – The Late Bloomer Strain

We have slightly cheated with this one, but hear us out! White Tahoe Cookies has been around since 2017, but it has only been over the past six months or so that we have seen the strain blow up, and we love it!

Developed by kush4breakfast, WTC is the sweet and tasty blend of The White, Tahoe OG and an unknown Girl Scout Cookie that brings this delicious and trichome-rich strain to market.

With THC levels at a relatively moderate level, we love this for a laid-back nighttime strain! Expect to feel insanely content and happy while relaxing on your way to a long night of sleep. The citrusy and pine-like aroma will fill your airways, leaving you chilled out and stress-free, making it ideal for depression and anxiety patients.

There is a lovely sweet undertone reminiscent of GSC, which we think you will love; you might even pick up on a doughy taste which many users have reported.

For soaring euphoria and unparalleled zen, we love WTC!

#5 Green Gelato – The Dank Strain

Finally, another West Coast beauty brought to you by Royal Queen Seeds, Green Gelato is green by name and by nature. Packing a mind-blowing 27% THC, this euphoric delight is sweet, feisty, and brand new to the scene!

Green Gelato is as delicious as it sounds, with a taste that is almost reminiscent of sweets from your childhood, combined with a tangy orange zest that gives you a sharp hit that you will love. A cross between Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, this indica strain provides a real body-buzz, making it great for chronic pain patients.

We can’t express how dank this strain is, and you will find yourself floating in a tranquil state for hours as your body and mind drift off to a beautiful place. A must try!

Final Thoughts on the Newest Strains of 2021

newest weed strains

So there you have it, our roundup of the best five strains to watch out for in 2021. We love how versatile these five are, and recommend everyone giving one a go – make sure you let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!

Happy smoking!

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