5 Cannabis Strains to Smoke After a Hectic Week

Marijuana has been associated with the art of chilling out for hundreds of years! Portrayed to induce instant relaxation, the herb has become a popular choice for those looking to unwind after a busy day or long week at work!

However, there are certain factors to be considered when choosing the perfect strain to wind down with! Every element of the cannabis plant plays a part in how it will affect you, from its cannabinoid ratio to its strain type — even the flavonoids and terpenes contribute to the results!

So where do you start? With thousands of strains out there it can be almost impossible to know what is best for you! We have put together our top 5 strains that are perfect to chill out with.

See if something is calling out to you from our list!

1. Death Star – The Slow Burner Strain

Death Star – The Slow Burner Strain


As legendary as its namesake, this Indica dominant strain offers high THC levels that max out around 27% – sure to leave you relaxing the night away!

Death Star is a cross between Jensi Star and Sour Diesel, and this comes across in the smoke! The aroma and taste is dominantly diesel, so fans of the originator will love this! Also, you can expect hints of citrus running through this strain, which give it a sharp kick!

Death Star is perfect for a weekend at home if you are looking for some down time after a hectic week. This is a slow burner strain, with effects taking a little while to take hold, but once they do you can expect a euphoric and powerful buzz! Allow your cares to melt away with Death Star and enjoy the pleasant, relaxing state that is left behind.

Death star is a versatile bud and can be grown both indoors and outside; flowering takes around 65 days and once ready, will present beautiful thick buds that feature dark orange hairs and dark green leaves.

2. Blueberry – The A-Lister Strain

The celebrity strain of our selection has to be Blueberry – the indica strain that made the High Times Cannabis Cup for best Indica strain in 2000!

Blueberry is a delicious bud that traces all the way back to the 1970’s! The sweet notes of fresh blueberries combined with sweet vanilla make this strain a popular choice for many who prefer a less earthy flavor.

Blueberry is an Indica dominant strain bred in America by DJ Short, who stumbled upon it during some experimental playing around with landrace strains! It is uncertain exactly which plants Blueberry originates from, but rumor has it that it comes from Purple Thai and Afghan!

This is a wonderful chill-out strain that will leave you feeling hazy and euphoric after just a couple of tokes! Blueberry is definitely what we call a creeper, as the effects wash over you slowly and leave you stress-free and positive.

Moreover, the deep green colors combined with a blue undertone and fiery orange hairs make this a particularly vibrant plant. It gives off a spicy and earthy aroma that contradicts the sweet fruity taste! This is a perfect strain for those who are a little more experienced, as it is incredibly potent with THC levels hitting up to 24%!

3. White Rhino – The Hard Hitting Strain

White Rhino is the Indica dominant strain that is perfect to get you off to sleep! Boasting THC levels that reach 20% and CBD levels only around 1%, this is an excellent strain for sufferers of insomnia, stress and chronic pain.

This extremely durable strain can be grown in even the most extreme of climates, and it offers rich silvery nugs that will guarantee a powerful high! If you are considering White Rhino, prepare yourself for a night on the couch, though, as this strain will leave you blissfully relaxed and even a little lazy!

Promising a sweet tasting smoke, this bushy plant is a go-to for a long night in front of the TV!

4. Louisiana Swamp Moss – The Newby Strain

Also known as Swamp Kush, this strain is the Indica dominant herb that’s perfect for those who are just dipping their toes into the marijuana waters! This bud offers around 8% THC, making it the least potent on our list – but great for the less experienced user!

Often compared to skunk in its effects, LSM provides a pleasant body high that is long lasting and calming. While the THC levels aren’t super high here, the body buzz is quite strong, so prepare yourself for that before delving in!

This strain is a cross between Lavander and an Afghan Kush variant, and it presents in a deep green hue with light blue accents and short amber hairs. The smoke is smooth and has a slightly sweet earthy tone to it!

5. Willy’s Wonder – The Legendary Strain

With Afghani genetics and THC levels reaching 26%, it is no wonder that this is the legend of our selection today! The OG of the cannabis industry, Willy’s Wonder has been going since the 1980’s, and has only grown in popularity since!

The unique coloring of this plant makes it distinctive to spot, and with bright yellows mixed with red and green, there are few others like this plant! Also, the delicious flavors of the strain are as dynamic as its appearance, with a random combination of tropical fruit and citrus with an underlying sour taste that will have your taste buds singing!

This is a very potent strain and will undoubtedly bring on a sense of complete relaxation – it can hit you hard and fast, and will often lead to an early (and long) night of sleep, making it perfect for those suffering from Insomnia!

It is also a great strain for increasing appetite, so ensure you surround yourself with snacks before settling in with this potent smoke!

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right strain can take some time, and a LOT of trial and error, and it is for this reason we have put together our Top 5 List! We recommend that caution is taken with every one of these strains, as everybody reacts differently to weed and it is always best to remember that less is often more when it comes to your favorite buds!

Happy smoking guys!