5 Best Cannabis Strains for Senior Citizens

Aging is never easy. Everyone goes through it, everyone has to deal with it, and it always come with a great deal of complications and problems, but very few people really understand how to deal with it.

Even leaving aside the proclivity towards more diseases and other issues, aging is often accompanied by generic pains, inflammation and anxieties – it seems like your body just hates you for some reason.

There are a myriad of drugs available to help combat this, but they all have innumerable side effects, complications and issues with mixing with other drugs.

However, thanks to awareness within the last decade, more and more places in the world are beginning to legalize Marijuana, especially for medical purposes. It turns out that Marijuana is quite promising in helping senior citizens cope with the complications of aging.

The only question remaining to senior citizens is what strain to get!

Wait… strains? Well, it turns out that it’s not as simple as just going to the Marijuana store and buying a gram of whatever.

Different strains of Marijuana have different concentrations of THC and CBD, as well as possessing chemically different structures that affect your body in different ways.

This means that some cannabis strains are better than others at treating certain specific conditions.

To help you in the pursuit of finding the perfect Marijuana strain for you, here are the best 5 Marijuana strains for senior Citizens. Due to the fact that several complications accompanying aging can be quite common to most senior citizens, we’re going to give you the best strain to help each frequent problem facing citizens.

Why is Marijuana good for Senior Citizens?

#5 Cramps: Cheese Quake to Counter Cramps

Cramps are… strange. The word is generally used to describe any kind of uncomfortable tightness throughout the body – women can experience them during their menstrual cycle, but most commonly they are as a result of overuse of your muscles.

Medically speaking, a cramp is an involuntary muscle contraction that causes pain and a feeling of immobility.

For young people, a rub down and a rest is often good enough, but for senior citizens, it’s not as easy.

Cramping can happen quite frequently to elderly people, due to poorer circulation in their bodies thanks to their age, or just through overuse of their muscles beyond their capabilities.

For treating it using Marijuana, one of the best strains available is the oddly named Cheese Quake.

Despite its… interesting name, Cheese Quake is actually quite famous for helping combat pain and cramping. Quite often, cramping is a result of an inadequate diet in providing sufficient proteins and iron to stop cramps appearing in the first place.

Alongside an excellent pain-fighting ability, Cheese Quake helps increase your appetite, encouraging you to eat more and eat better.

With a funky sour aroma and the gentlest undertone of grape, Cheese Quake is a great strain to smoke day to day and help fight off those cramps and keep you fed.

#4 Anxiety & Depression: AK-47 for Contradictory Relaxation

Anxiety is something that afflicts millions of people around the world, but it is especially dangerous for the elderly.

A part of growing older is gradually becoming more reclusive – as it becomes more and more difficult to remain perambulatory, as well as the fact that you become settled in your habits, it can be different to get out and socialize as much as you might have done before.

Thanks to this, Anxiety and Depression are frequent companions to the elderly. There are a variety of anti-anxiety and Depression medications available, but their side effects can be tremendously troublesome.

Thankfully, Marijuana can help. Marijuana has been frequently used for thousands of years to treat these conditions, allowing a way to combat low moods, negative thoughts and overall negative mindsets.
One of the very best strains for treating Anxiety and Depression is the incongruously named AK-47.

This strain is, once again, a sativa dominant hybrid that specializes in giving a steady and long-lasting cerebral high. This works to encourage you to remain mentally alert and able and willing to engage in social activities.

The smell is sour and earthy, whereas the taste is oddly floral and gentle. This strain is perfect for senior citizens struggling with their mental health, but don’t want to be utterly zombified by some of the stronger Indica strains available.

#3 Fatigue: Green Crack, Just Ignore The Name

green crack marijuana strain

Fatigue is another one of those problems that is difficult to pin down exactly. Generally speaking, Fatigue is just the frequent subjective feeling of tiredness. This comes on gradually, but still leaves you feeling like you just need to go to sleep.

This affects the elderly quite frequently, as their bodies need a great deal of rest, but can also arise as a result of a myriad of medical conditions, or even just depression.

Though Fatigue can be combated by frequent naps, it can be very frustrating to sleep your golden years away, so we can safely turn to Marijuana to help.

Green Crack, one of the most oddly named strains available, is famous for its ability to help deal with fatigue.

Once again a heavy Sativa strain, Green Crack is excellent at lending you large amounts of energy and focus. It comes with a strong mental buzz that actually powers you through your day, instead of collapsing you in a heap.

The taste is strongly redolent of mango, offering a pleasant and fresh taste throughout your day.
All this makes Green Crack a fantastic strain to take throughout your day to help combat Fatigue, lending you a healthy amount of energy and attention to your normal, every day activities.

#2 Pain: Blue Dream to Help Makes Dreams Easier

cannabis strain #2 - blue dream


Pain is quite a generic term; everyone feels pain, but the physical pain felt by senior citizens can be harder to pin down.

Most of the time, if there’s not an already present ailment of physical condition; the pain is due to nothing more than aging bones and general age.

This lack of specificity can make it very hard to treat the pain, as it can sometimes just be a very general pain felt everywhere. This makes topical painkillers ineffective, as you can’t easily localize the source.

However, this also makes Marijuana a great solution for this pain – thanks to the way in which the THC in Marijuana interacts with the CB1 receptors in your Endocannabinoid system, Marijuana is a great medication to help treat pain throughout the body.

Blue Dream is the perfect candidate for a Marijuana strain to help treat these non-specific pains. It is a high THC strain, allowing it to work incredibly well with diminishing pain.

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid, meaning that it will still help you achieve the relaxation and mellowness of an Indica, without as much of the “couch lock” effect from most Indicas.

Instead, this hybrid Sativa is famous for its full body relaxation and small surge of creativity. This is the perfect strain for combating pain without having to deal with heavy sedative effects of some other strains.
A sweet berry aroma, coupled with a gentle, mellow mouth-feel, makes Blue Dream a pleasure to smoke as well as an excellent pain reliever.

#1 Arthritis: Harlequin to Mock Your Arthritis Away

harlequin cannabis strain

Arthritis is one of the most common specific conditions afflicting senior citizens. 54 million adults* suffer from it, yet there is no actual treatment.

This seemingly simple condition that causes joint pain and stiffness is seemingly without cause, nor can it be effectively dealt with. Most frequent treatments are topical pain relief gels or regular doses of painkillers, as well as Glucosamine supplements.

However, most of the time, sufferers still have to deal with the inflammation and pain that accompanies Arthritis.

For treating Arthritis with Marijuana, there is no better strain than Harlequin.

Harlequin is a 75/25 sativa-leaning strain, again giving it some of the benefits of Indicas, without the unpleasant inability to lift yourself from your bed.

Harlequin has a long history as a use a medicine, mostly due to the fact that it is bred to have an unusually high amount of CBD. Harlequin is actually usually around 5:2 in ration between CBD and THC, meaning that you can still get a clear-headed, alert high, while being able to help deal with the intense inflammation that sadly comes with arthritis.

When it comes to Arthritis and inflammation, high-CBD strains is what you need, which means what you need is Harlequin.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis for Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens have it rough in life – it can be difficult to be in your golden years, despite that immediate association. Even with all the freedoms that come with age, the various and sundry medical complications make living as an elderly person increasingly difficult.

Thankfully, Marijuana exists to help make the experience more bearable – both in lending the pleasant high so frequently associated with Marijuana, you can find the exact strain you need to help combat whatever problem you’re facing.

For senior citizens living in a medical Marijuana area, there are a lot of options to make life easier and more enjoyable.



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