5 Marijuana Strains Spark Your Relationship

You simply cannot miss discovering #5…

Relationships can be challenging. Especially over long periods of time, it can be difficult sometimes to recognize the passion and be reminded of the fiery flames of love that once burned. For this reason, it is often necessary to take action so that the spark of your relationship can be fueled once more, and believe it or not, cannabis can help in a number of unique ways.

Keep reading to discover 5 cannabis strains that can help to fuel the spark of your relationship…

1. Sour Diesel: Bring Back the Fun of Chatting, Laughing and Giggling

It is easy to fall into routine during a relationship, especially after a longer period of time, but it is nice to be able to bring the joy and laughter back into the partnership in order to uplift and elevate everyone’s mood, often even including the people around you.

Discovering the source of this overflowing positive energy and fun that can bring back the excitement, laughter and giggling is not an easy task, but the marijuana type Sour Diesel seems to produce brilliant results in this exact situation.

Many couples who consume cannabis on a regular basis claim that Sour Diesel is their go-to for a pleasant time, and we happen to agree. This readily available hybrid is easy to access in states that have dispensaries, with a diesel-like taste and a pungent aroma; the effects of which are said to relieve stress and depression primarily.

Said to be the genetic combination of Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91, Sour Diesel is very strong and potent, scoring a 19-25% THC level on average.

2. Super Kush: Relax Together For a Cozy Night In

Going out and socializing with others is not everyone’s cup of tea, and neither is it always necessary. For these moments, sometimes a cozy night in spending quality time with your loved one is more beneficial to re-igniting that spark, and it also provides opportunity for deepening intimacy in every manner possible: emotionally, sexually, and romantically.

Super Kush, a relaxing indica, has been said to truly help the consumer let go and unwind in a way that does not cause them to become overly sleepy or drowsy, simply ready to appreciate the calm and peace of their environment and take it all in.

The love child of Hindu Kush and Northern Lights #5, Super Kush is not couch-locking or sedating, but it does relieve stress and negative emotions. Said to have an intriguing flavor profile that is diesel-like and tarry but also a bit earthy, Super Kush will hit you hard with its average 25% THC content, yet a clear-headed nature should be retained.

3. Durban Cookies: Be Energized For Date Night… and Spice Things Up!

Imagine this scenario, which many individuals know all too well: you have been working all day, maybe you did not sleep so well the night before, and the long hours or difficult customers at your place of employment definitely are not helping the tiredness.

By the time you get home you are absolutely exhausted, and the thought of having to go out and socialize or try to have fun is absolutely torturous, even though you know it is important to make time for your significant other and this date was planned weeks in advance.

It is easy, and rather tempting, to call off the night, cancel your plans and just stay in to watch a movie and relax. There is nothing wrong with that, and it is of course good to listen to your body. But if you were able to somehow discover this extra energy reboot somewhere, wouldn’t you rather find a way to stick to your plans and proceed with the date night?

In moments like this, cannabis can actually be of use. Durban Cookies, classified as a sativa, is a genetic crossing of OG Kush and Durban Poison, a Durban-Poison-dominant phenotype of the famous Girl Scout Cookies, essentially.

Producing a massive amount of mental energy that also proceeds to stimulate the body in a pleasant but potent buzz, just a few hits of this weed and you will feel as your entire being reawakens, preparing you to adventure even after your energy has been completely extinguished.

This newfound motivation will last for at least a few hours, possibly more, giving you just enough time to enjoy a date night with your partner, making time and space to be close to them – an essential part of any healthy, successful relationship.

Absolutely yummy with a pungent scent that tastes sweet and earthy, Durban Cookies is strong and medicinal, but it can also be used recreationally as well. With a THC level around 17% on average, you may not need a top-off of this smoke for a while, because its effects are rather long-lasting.

4. Hawaiian Snow: Improve Communication and Deepen Conversations

Often in relationships, it is repeated time and time again that communication is key. But communicating is not always easy, especially when times are challenging or difficult.

During these trying moments, it can feel as if your mouth has been zipped shut and your vocal chords no longer work, but not discussing pressing issues actually does not help any members of the partnership in the long run. Issues that are not discussed proceed to turn up time and time again, eventually reaching a turning point where they need to be confronted in order for happiness and contentment in a relationship to prevail.

This is where cannabis can actually come in. Some strains have a way of opening up their consumer and awakening them to a deeper, more vulnerable side of themselves, which often also increases the ability to clearly communicate and discuss matters consciously, possibly even generating creative solutions for issues and offering success in the long run.

If you have been experiencing issues with communication in your partnership, or difficulties with generating viable solutions to problems, then this strain might be able to help.

Hawaiian Snow, an incredible sativa cannabis type and a 2003 Cannabis Cup winner, is known especially for its ability to promote deep introspection, which leads to powerful, transformational conversations and an ease of communication.

Although this marijuana is not guaranteed to solve any relationship challenges you are having, that requires a lot of work because relationships simply are not easy, it may encourage healthier communication strategies and evoke a stronger creative process, which can assist with problem solving.

The fact that Hawaiian Snow is also an energizing sativa, helps because it means you will be revitalized and filled with energy, meaning that you may have the mind power to even bring up difficult conversations.

All of these factors combined, along with a willingness to produce a change and improve your relationship, could lead to real success that might just be exactly what you need to refuel the spark. Best of all, a little goes a long way with this tropical cross between Pure Haze, Neville’s Haze and Hawaiian Haze, because its THC levels stand at around 23% on average.

Your taste buds will not be disappointed either, because this sativa tastes like a delicious tropical candy, oozing sweet and earthy flavors.

5. VooDoo: Improve Your Orgasms… and “Make Sex Great Again!”

Many different types of issues can exist in relationships that could be the main source of the problem and the reason why the passion of a partnership is slowly burning away. Sex life is absolutely a contributing factor to this recipe, because even though sex is not everything in a relationship, it is an important piece of the sometimes oh so complicated puzzle (we are talking like a 10,000 piece puzzle here that somehow needs to be completed in less than 2 hours).

All puzzle analogies aside, it is not always an easy task to feel sexually motivated, especially after a long day at work, yet it is important to have this time with your significant other, even if it means literally having to “schedule” sex on your calendar. When the moment comes, magically you somehow have to be aroused and ready, which is not always the case.

This is where a cannabis strain like VooDoo comes in to save the day, your sex life, and possibly even your relationship. The sativa strain is not known for being particularly energizing (like most strains of its categorization), but rather ultra-relaxing albeit not in a sleep-inducing way.

This added relaxation helps to ease busy life tensions and get you ready to enjoy some time in the bedroom with your partner. The high does last a while, regardless of just a 10% THC content, and VooDoo does also possess a fair quantity of CBD.

Considered to be uplifting and euphoric, many consumers of VooDoo have recommended its use for intercourse because for whatever reason, its specific combination of cannabinoids really has a way of getting its consumers closer to orgasm, which ultimately means a more satisfying sex life for all those involved.

Final Thoughts on Weed Strains for Reigniting Romantic Passion

If you have been experiencing difficulties or challenges in your relationship and were wondering what types of marijuana could be of assistance for a variety of needs, then hopefully this article has provided some ideas.

At the end of the day, however, improving a relationship and fueling the spark – especially in a long-term partnership – takes a lot of effort and work, and those who want to have healthy, successful relationships have to be committed to making it work. The cannabis alone cannot solve anything, but it can act as a support amongst a combination of factors — if you let it.