5 Best Cannabis Strains for Autumn Season [2020]

Anyone who attended school in the US will fondly remember gearing up for Thanksgiving festivities and playing in piles of fallen, multi-colored leaves. Well, it is that magical time of the year again when the foliage starts to turn a dazzling array of golden browns and yellows. The arrival of autumn gently reminds us that we mustn’t forget to say a great big thank you for the beauty nature provides at this time of year. We especially must not forget to say a massive thank you for nature’s most beautiful bounty… Cannabis!

So, as the weather starts to get a little colder, the days a little shorter and the nights a little longer, what are the best cannabis strains to bring in the autumn with? Read on to find out our top five!

1. Misty Morning

Misty Morning

We kick things off with a literature-inspired entry for our more cultural tokers out there. Autumn is a season that has inspired writers throughout history. One famous reference comes from the poet Keats who referred to autumn as the ‘Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.’ With this in mind, we choose the strain Misty Morning to get our list going.

Created by the breeding powerhouse that is Colorado Seed Inc., this weed is a lovely gentle option with THC levels of only around 10%. This makes it perfect for rookie smokers and those who can find THC to have overwhelming effects. You’ll get a lovely relaxed high, which makes you feel euphoric and helps ease your worries.

Autumn does provide us with plenty of picturesque misty mornings, but ironically this strain is perhaps best saved for an evening. Users commonly report feeling so relaxed they slip into a deep sleep very easily. Not the best of effects if you have things you need to do!

2. Ghost Train Haze

 ghost train haze strain

As well as being a time of change within nature, autumn is also the scariest season around, being the time of All Hallows Eve A.K.A Halloween. What better strain to get you in the spooky mood than Ghost Train Haze?

See in the scariest night of the year with this award-winning, legendary breed. Ghost Train Haze came second in the 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup Medical Sativa category. It went one better in the 2014 High Times Cannabis Cup US Sativa category, taking home the gold with a first-place prize.

Tests have put the THC content of this breed as high as 25%. This is a ghost train you are sure to want to ride. In fact, Ghost Train Haze is so good, don’t just limit it to Halloween. It is a strain that deserves year-round love!

3. Harambe’s Ghost

harambe ghost strain

Of course, ghosts don’t necessarily have to be scary! Harambe was the much loved, and now much memed, gorilla shot and killed at Cincinnati Zoo when a child fell in his enclosure in 2016. If you were visited by his spirit from the other side I am sure he would be a kind and loving soul, only too keen to tell you how he would have cuddled and loved the child as opposed to tearing him limb from limb. Then again, he was a 200KG wild animal, and his ghost could be pissed about his untimely exit from the realm of the living. How should we know, we’re weed experts, not gorilla ghost experts.

Anyways, one strain that could hold the answer to the above conundrum is Harambe’s Ghost. A hybrid breed created by Ethos Collective, Harambe’s Ghost is known for incredibly high THC levels of up to 30%. Clearly, Ethos Collective was not monkeying around when they dreamt this one up.

With that high a THC content, Harambe’s Ghost is a perfect strain if you want to see ghosts and ghouls this Halloween. What’s more, Ethos Collective donates 10% of all proceeds made from the breed to Colorado animal shelters with strict no-kill policies in memory of Harambe. Get high and do some good. What’s not to love?

4. Maple Leaf Indica

maple leaf indica cannabis

Besides Halloween, the other thing we love about autumn is the trees. Leaves turn the most gorgeous shades of golden brown before floating to the floor. It makes walks through the forests all the more magical, offering a real visual feast.

This love of leaves that inspires our next entry into our top five – Maple Leaf Indica. As well as being the national symbol for one of the most weed-friendly countries on earth, the maple leaf is also one of the most beautiful in autumn. Indeed, millions travel to Eastern Canada every year in autumn just to see the spectacular colors from the maple trees.

The cannabis strain is no less lovely. A sweet and spicy pure indica, its THC content is a highly respectable 18%. The breed is known for giving a calming and euphoric effect, making it a perfect partner for those autumnal walks through the woods. Maple Leaf will only add to your appreciation of nature.

If you can’t face the colder weather, Maple Leaf has aphrodisiac qualities, making it a welcome addition to snuggles under the blanket. It is the perfect accompaniment for autumn.

Whatever you choose to do this autumn, make sure you include Maple Leaf Indica.

5. Caramelo

caramelo cannabis strain

A staple of the autumn diet is the much-loved caramel apples. Caramel apples, also known as taffy apples, are a delicious highlight of the autumnal months. They are relatively easy to rustle up, just take an apple and roll it in melted caramel to give your apple a sweet and tasty outer lair. This sugary treat inspires our final autumn weed strain – Caramelo.

Caramelo is a sweet and succulent smoke with a taste similar to caramel coffees. The breed has won various cannabis awards all over Europe and is rightly regarded as a heavyweight in the weed world. Testing regularly shows THC levels at an insanely high 30%+! This strain is not for herb newbies! Even veterans should tread with caution and be sure to show Caramelo the respect it deserves.

Users say Caramelo provides an initial sense of calming relaxation, which then gives the brain real focus and boosts creativity. It is the perfect strain to kick back and enjoy when the weather isn’t the greatest. Have a few tokes and let your mind race to new, exciting places.

Remember this autumn, a joint of Caramelo a day is sure to keep the doctor away.

Final Thoughts on the 5 Best Cannabis Strains for Autumn

Autumn is a magical time of year. Nature provides a whole host of beautiful treats, and there is plenty to get excited for no matter where you live, including Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all the days in between.

As the weather starts to turn and the nights become longer, there is one friend who can help you through this darker time of year…weed! And when it comes to autumnal cannabis, the five strains we covered above are undoubtedly the best possible fit. But really, most breeds of marijuana will help with this time of year.

What do you think of our list? Love or hate any of these marijuana breeds? Think we missed a great one from our top 5? Well, let us know below in the comments!