Medical Cannabis Strains With Healing Benefits

Lately, medical marijuana has been gaining a lot of attention in mainstream media, especially in the United States as country wide legalization becomes a closer reality. Whether one’s opinion of medical cannabis is negative or positive, more and more research is being released regarding how reefer can treat certain symptoms and illnesses.

Here are a few healing medical marijuana strains and the symptoms they are tailored to help:

Strains That Assist with Preventing Nausea:

1. Northern Lights

Northern Lights Marijuana Benefits

An extremely mellow and relaxing Indica high. Not ideal for feeling bouts of high energy and a desire for movement, but perfect for relaxing an upset stomach. If you suffer from nausea which then leads to a lack of appetite, this calming Indica is the perfect strain for you. Plus, it’s one of our favorite Indica’s, with an effect that relaxes your muscles and brings a euphoric haze. In addition to nausea, Northern Lights also assists with sleeplessness.

2. Casey Jones

An earthy Sativa strain, perfect for dealing with nausea and still being able to go about your day. If you feel sick in the morning or afternoons long before bedtime, this Sativa will keep you uplifted and capable of going about your day. Casey Jones won’t tire you out and will sooth your upset stomach. In addition to being uplifting, this strain keeps you feeling creative, producing this inspiring energy with the magical power of ganja.

Helping Decrease Anxiety with Medical Marijuana:

1. Romulan

This piney sweet bud that has a name inspired by Star Trek offers a body and mind relaxation, assisting to decrease the difficulties of anxiety. This strain is perfect for those feeling anxious about certain situations. Romulan is a potent Indica, therefore also possessing a sleepy and intoxicating high. Romulan is perfect for those who find themselves getting anxious before bed.

2. Cheese

A potent and sour flavored hybrid, with a unique aroma. Although a hybrid, it possesses more Indica-like effects, leading to an overall relaxation. Cheese gets you out of your mind and more in your body. This strain keeps you blissful, feeling happy and not too energized, yet not too tired. It is the perfect balance hybrid for someone who suffers from anxiety or anxious thoughts.

The Best Strains to Relieve Stress:

Stress Marijuana Benefits

1. Allen Wrench

A citrus-like sativa, popular amongst pure Sativa lovers. This strain assists in calming down stress and depression. It’s THC content is not incredibly high, but Allen Wrench still possesses very potent marijuana buds. This strain gives you a focused yet creative high, the perfect bud to destress you while you’re trying to get your tasks completed, or a post-work smoke after a stressful day.

2. God’s Gift

A very high potency THC weed, with euphoric effects. It flowers very quickly, making it a favorite amongst growers. This strong Indica relaxes you and is perfect for de-stressing before bed or after a long day of work. Feel calm and euphoric with this delicious God’s Gift, featuring aromas of sweet grape and earthy goodness, perfect for the ultimate 420 lover.

We hope this strain guide has provided a little guidance to which buds can assist with certain symptoms. Enjoy the healing benefits of medical marijuana, but remember that there may be some adverse effects to smoking cannabis that are not yet known, so consuming herb is solely at the discretion of the user. For more information on medical marijuana, check out the WayofLeaf Blog