The Best 5 Marijuana Strains to Calm Your Pre-Date Nerves

Whether it is your first time or you are a “serial dater” like Ted from “How I Met Your Mother,” intense pre-date nerves can be a perfectly normal experience to encounter. In fact, they usually tend to add to the overall excitement whether you realize it or not!

While some people opt for a quick self-motivating pep talk or others resort to a shot or two of liquor, we here at WayofLeaf tend to choose a more “herbal” approach to remedy those cumbersome jitters, which can certainly get in the way of a (potentially) wonderful date.

Actually, believe it or not cannabis can be the perfect pre-date accompaniment (or even during the date if that’s what you’re both into)! However, choosing the perfect strain that will see you strutting in to meet your date with confidence can be a tricky feat – especially if you are new to the 420 world!

We always advise that less is more when it comes to weed, as too much and you could see yourself either falling asleep at the dinner table (if you even make it at all!), or freaking out in a state of THC-induced paranoia. So with that in mind, here are our top five strains perfect for those pre-date pick me ups!

#1 Big Blue – The Laid Back Strain

This beautiful looking indica strain is a perfect mix of Northern Lights and blueberry, and delivers a chilled out high that is great for both mind and body.

Unlike many indica strains out there, Big Blue won’t cause you to fall asleep. Rather, it delivers just the right amount of relaxation to jilt some of those pre-date worries, and replaces them with the kind of “cool confidence” that people like George Clooney and Brad Pitt are naturally blessed with.

Since the THC levels often reach around 24%, though, we recommend that you only have a little of Big Blue if you want to actually make it to your date, as too much could render you a little useless! One thing we can vouch for is that you will LOVE the taste of this bud, which is full of sweet berry and hints of earth. It is a delicious and vibrant smoke for anyone, whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned cannabis expert. All in all definitely one of our go-to options for pre-date nerves, and a perfect choice for a long and relaxing evening getting to know that special someone!

#2 Pink Berry – The Sexy Strain

Pink Berry is one of those strains that should come with a warning, as the high is not only super relaxing but also pretty arousing too (if you know what we mean)!

This is a heavy hitting strain that comes in at around 16% THC, and genetically it is a cross between pure Champagne and Blackberry strains. It is no doubt up there as one of the most delicious and flavorsome strains on the market, and is perfect for those with a sweet tooth as the fruity and smooth flavor resembles a tangy, sugary desert. Also, the rich floral scents provide for a sensory experience that is truly unmatched.

If you are looking for an uplifting high that will leave you feeling relaxed and happy, with a tingly sensation that travels throughout the body leaving you ready for the date ahead, then Pink Berry is a must-try strain!

#3 Blue Dream – The Romantic Strain

Cannabis Strain #2 - Blue Dream


If you are finding that your nerves frequently get in the way of your romantic “creativity,” then Blue Dream could just be the pick-me-up you need in order to get your date off to a great start! Blue Dream is actually our first Sativa-dominant strain on our list, and it boasts the best properties of its parent strains, Blueberry and Haze. All in all, this is a bud that packs a super uplifting high.

With hefty THC levels that can reach up to 24%, Blue Dream provides some of those classic Sativa affects that deliver a relaxing yet super creative and energetic high — perfect for an active date. If you are planning to sit down for three hours and watch a movie, though, this may not be the one for you as you might find yourself too excited to sit still and stay quiet! However, for natural flowing conversation and an engaging boost to your general persona, it’s one of our favorite picks.

All in all Blue Dream is a delight to smoke, and with tasty sweet blueberry aromas and a sugary taste, it is yet another delectable strain that we highly recommend for that romantic date — especially if you’re trying to get creative and up the “interesting” factor!

#4 Agent Orange – The Enhancing Strain

If you suffer from nerves in a big way, Agent Orange could be just what you need to relieve some of that pre-date tension and leave you feeling much more uplifted and ready to go.

Agent Orange is a wonderfully fresh smelling flower, and genetically it is a hybrid strain that combines Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet; a guaranteed concoction to set you up in good stead for your date! With 25% THC, though, we recommend starting off slow with this one and easing yourself into it until you get the desired effects. Too much at once, and you could find yourself locked into your couch rather than wooing a potential future husband or wife.

Agent Orange is a Sativa dominant strain, which certainly shows in the boost of energy and feel-good factor that it leaves you with — a perfect option for daytime smoking, especially if you are off on a date with someone special!

Moreover, the scent and flavor of this bud are, as you might imagine, super citrusy (with spicy orange notes), with a generally tropical, fruity appeal — an absolute dream to smoke. So don’t let nerves and anxiety get the better of you on your big day – a few puffs of Agent Orange and you will see your spirits rise high and leave you with the confidence you need for your date.

#5 Matanuska Tundra AKA Alaskan Thunder Fuck – The Chatty Strain

This super potent strain is a legend amongst the cannabis world, and has been around for decades! Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF), as it’s (very) interestingly known, would make for the perfect predate strain if you were going off for a picnic or a romantic meal, as the effects creep up slowly and will not only enhance your appetite (which often disappears with nerves), but also leave you feeling super euphoric!

Another sativa dominant strain, ATF packs THC levels that can reach up to 23%, and it is a popular flower to enjoy during the day for its energizing and “happy” effects. One thing we must note about ATF, though, is that unlike our other featured strains, it does not have the most pleasant aroma (think super potent diesel). However, the smoke itself is a delight to the senses. with sweet orange and banana notes that produce a super spicy aftertaste. All in all, another delicious strain to enjoy pre-date!

The effects of ATF will set in pretty immediately, so it may be best to consume a bit just before the date is about to start! Not only will it boost your confidence, but it also will enhance your creativity, turbo-charge your conversational skills, and elevate your overall mood! So if your nerves are getting in the way of your conversation ability, Alaskan Thunder Fuck may just be the strain for you!

Final Thoughts

With hundreds of strains on the market, it can be truly overwhelming trying to choose the perfect one for you and your specific situation. With these five strains, though, we have catered for some of the most common problems that arise when it comes to conquering those pre-date nerves. Each strain is unique in itself, but provides the energizing and calming features that will see you walking to your date with the swag and confidence that you’d always wished you’d had! Just don’t be surprised if they want to share some bud (or more) with you later on!