You May Want to Avoid These 5 Terrible Pot Strains (The Truth Exposed)

These days, we are pretty fortunate to live in a time where marijuana is somewhat legal. Yes, it remains federally illegal in the United States, but dozens of states allow you to grow weed as part of their own laws. Our Canadian neighbors are even more fortunate: Cannabis is federally legal up there.

What this means is an increase in the quality of marijuana as a whole. If you live in a legal state or in Canada, there is no way you should suffer the irritation of purchasing low-grade ‘reggie’ weed. Aside from being dry and brittle, and possessing an unappealing color and aroma, reggie weed is pretty weak; primarily due to the number of seeds and stems it contains.

Does this mean residents of legal states are insulated from the horrors of bad weed? Of course not! There are hundreds, probably thousands, of marijuana strains, and they most certainly were not created equal. In this article, we look at 5 bad cannabis strains you need to run away from.

1 – Madman OG

We’re not saying that this strain will turn you into Jason Voorhees, but Madman OG is definitely not a strain for everyone. It was created by Ocean Grown Genetics who used OG Kush as the base for a strain that was crossed with LA Confidential. In theory, at least, this combination of two well-known strains meant that Madman OG should be a blue riband strain in its own right.

Its THC content ranges from 16% to 24%, and it provides a high from head to toe. Madman OG is on this list mainly because it exacerbates the nervousness of people predisposed to the condition. It is supposed to improve your mood and help with anxiety, but in reality, it carries side effects such as heightened anxiety and paranoia. While it is an okay strain for experienced users, novices must avoid at all costs.

2 – Cat Piss

This may be a controversial entry because Cat Piss helps you relax without feeling lazy, and can elevate your mood. It is also easy for novices to grow, and its yield is reasonable at up to 16 ounces per square meter planted. Cat Piss is a phenotype of Super Silver Haze, but there is another cut on the market, that could be a cross of the original and Trainwreck.

For all of the positive effects associated with this strain; there is one BIG problem: It smells just like the name suggests. We’re not taking a mild scent either. When you break these buds, you will get an absolutely appalling whiff of ammonia. There is apparently a skunky and peppery scent, but you can’t smell it due to the stink of piss. At least Cat Piss doesn’t taste like crap, but you will find it hard to avoid being sick from the aroma in the first place.

3 – Dog Shit

This wonderfully named strain has a THC level of up to 20% and is an eclectic mixture of Hippie Trail Afghani, Cambodian, Colombian Gold, and Purple Zacatecas. This is a combination of four landraces, and to put it frankly, the breeders came up with a ‘unique’ marijuana strain. Dog Shit gets you high very quickly and boosts confidence while reducing stress.

This is all great in theory, but you can hazard a guess as to why the strain gets its name. You will struggle to stay away from the bathroom after getting a whiff of this truly terrible strain. Dog Shit genuinely tastes like rancid fecal matter, yet it has a fanbase; presumably, these are people without a working sense of smell. The citrus and fruit taste are actually okay, but getting away from the stink is a near impossibility.

4 – Tuna Kush

It is fair to say that unless you have an issue with insomnia, there is no need to go anywhere NEAR this marijuana strain! It is an indica-dominant hybrid said to be a phenotype of Hindu Kush. It is said to have a THC content of over 27% (though most cuts are below 20%) which may tempt some users. The strain comes from British Columbia in Canada, and if online reviews are to be believed, our northern neighbors are welcome to keep it!

Also known as Tuna OG, this marijuana strain has the nasty smell of rotting tuna. Unlike strains #2 and #3; however, this bad smell translates into a foul-tasting strain. Some people may like the sour skunky taste, but they are few and far between. If you can get past the appalling taste and smell, you will benefit from a decent indica high.

5 – Cherry Magoo

This is a rare indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross of Blue Magoo and Cherry Pie. On the face of it, Cherry Magoo should be a fantastic experience. With a THC of up to 22%, it is no shrinking violet, and the fresh fruity flavor consisting of berries and grapes is a real delight. It is supposed to provide a merry high that brings you to a place of joy and euphoria with a single toke.

Yet the overall experience is decidedly underwhelming. It is perhaps harsh to place Cherry Magoo on this list, but when it doesn’t deliver as promised, it is only fair to criticize. While it has a sweet spice taste and smell, cuts of it can be leafy and extremely dry. It is annoying in the extreme to pay decent money for weed only to get a handful of bud that crumbles when you try to take a piece. It could be a case of finding a bad version of Cherry Magoo, but it is sadly not the wonderful experience it promises to be.

Final Thoughts on Terrible Marijuana Strains

To be perfectly clear, it is extremely hard to find an outright bad marijuana strain that has made it to the mainstream. We are perfectly aware that the most awful marijuana strains in the world are the ones that never saw the light of day. They were concocted in someone’s house with good intentions but were utterly abysmal because the grower lacked experience.

As we are unable to get our hands on such dreadful weed, the list mainly consists of marijuana strains that smell or taste awful, or else they didn’t perform as advertised. There is no doubt that some readers will disagree with this list; there may even be those who like the smell of Cat Piss! In any case, please let us know what you believe is the worst marijuana strain you have ever experienced.