5 of the Tastiest Cannabis Strains of 2018

When you’re on the hunt for great weed, you would be forgiven for overlooking the importance of taste. After all, you’re normally purchasing marijuana to either help you relax or to combat the symptoms of a medical issue. Even so, it can be disconcerting to pay good money for cannabis, only to discover that it tastes like old tires, gasoline, or your dad’s socks.

Also, even if it gives you a high not experienced since the original Woodstock, such marijuana strains are difficult to smoke. You’re looking forward to the high but in order to get there, you have to endure the taste of feet — not good! Fortunately, weed growers understand the need for great-tasting weed, and in 2018, there are dozens of strains that are sweet and/or savory delights. In this piece, we look at five of the most delicious marijuana strains that 2018 has to offer; and you can rest assured that most of them are still potent as hell, too!

1 – Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies (The After-Dinner Marijuana Strain)

With a name like ‘thin mint’, you would be forgiven for thinking this particular strain tastes like those famous After Eight dinner mints. While it does offer mouthwatering minty flavors, there is no chocolate aftertaste. Instead, you’re rewarded with additional nutty and herbal tones, a sweet and spicy tang followed by a menthol aftertaste.

It is a sweet-tasting marijuana strain that can completely disarm you, but be warned – Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies has a THC content of up to 24%, with little or no CBD to counteract the high. It is a cross of Durban Poison and OG Kush, and its strong and rapid high may be too much for newbies.

Users of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies will experience an initial full-body high with the cerebral effects slowly but surely taking hold. You will feel energized and invigorated with euphoria that can last for hours. It is an excellent strain for when you need to focus on a singular task, but it is also an ideal social strain.

2 – Tangie (The Marijuana Strain That Does Exactly What It Says on the Tin)

When Tangie was initially unveiled, it dominated a large number of cannabis competitions. It was a regular feature on ‘best tasting’ lists, and it isn’t hard to guess the flavor you receive — tangerine. Its legendary citrus smell and taste come from its enormous limonene content, which is a terpene that’s responsible for the lovely smell of oranges and other citrus fruit.

Tangie is a cross of Skunk and California Orange, and you can definitely taste the orange. Not the rind mind you, but the actual flesh of a delicious, ripe and juicy orange! There are few strains easier to identify and with a THC content of between 19% and 22%, Tangie should help you have some fun times.

Don’t be fooled by the beautiful aroma, though – Tangie definitely packs a punch! It is a Sativa dominant strain (70%) that provides you with a euphoric head rush to begin with, and you will also feel an almost overwhelming sense of happiness that lasts for a considerable period of time. Eventually, though, the indica part of the strain takes over and helps you relax and calm down into a serene, blissful state.

3 – Big Buddha Cheese (One of the United Kingdom’s Finest Marijuana Strains)

The UK isn’t known for being a hotbed of marijuana growth, but Big Buddha Cheese is certainly a worthy contribution to the world of weed. It arrived on the scene as an unnamed “clone-only” plant (later given the name UK Cheese), but in 2004, a firm called Big Buddha Seeds got a clone of UK Cheese and crossed it with an Afghani indica strain.

The result was Big Buddha Cheese, and this strain has a noticeable – and strong – cheese scent and flavor. While the flavor isn’t for everybody, if you love savory food (and cheese in particular), you should fall head over heels for this strain. Most users suggest it tastes something like parmesan cheese (which is rather strong of course), but there is also a hint of sweetness.

With a THC content ranging from 13% to 18%, though, Big Buddha Cheese is far from being one of the strongest strains on the market. However, this makes it pretty much ideal for relative newcomers. You should feel a burst of energy after using this strain, and you should also have a heightened sense of focus and extra motivation, helping you to complete any tasks you may have (rather than putting you into couch lock). Eventually, though, you’ll feel a sense of full body relaxation. Overall, Big Buddha Cheese provides you with a stable and very enjoyable experience.

4 – Sugar Black Rose (The Simple Yet Sensational Marijuana Strain)

This is an unusual strain insofar as it has a relatively ‘simple’ flavor, but it tastes absolutely wonderful. The first thing you’ll notice about Sugar Black Rose is the stunning fruity and floral smell. Then, you will truly enjoy the almost sugary sweetness of the strain, coupled with hints of pine and lemon. It doesn’t have a pungent odor or a powerful taste, yet users of Sugar Black Rose keep coming back for more.

It is a cross of Critical Mass and Black Domina, and this indica dominant (80%) hybrid has a THC content of 18%. Although its THC level is reasonably high, Sugar Block Rose is a gentle strain that provides you with a slow and steady high that lasts for hours. It takes a while for the strain to take effect, but when it does, you will feel calm and happy.

After the soothing and enjoyable mental high, Sugar Black Rose continues its journey to the body and users will eventually feel relaxed and possibly a tad sedated. You will feel like this for a few hours before succumbing to sleep. As such, we thoroughly recommend Sugar Black Rose as an evening strain.

5 – Black Cherry Soda (An Old School Marijuana Strain)

When you have a smoke of Black Cherry Soda, you might be transported back in time and experience memories of your childhood. As a kid, you probably loved soda and this marijuana strain offers a pretty remarkable taste of it, as it hits strong with an immediately recognizable cream soda aroma. Also, the sweetness of the berries and cherries is very noticeable as they linger on the palate.

Black Cherry Soda is a cross between several strains including Cinderella 99, Ortega, Cherry AK-47, Blackberry, and Airborne G-13. It is a Sativa dominant hybrid (80%) and given that it contains up to 25% THC, is an extremely potent strain which should have you feeling cerebral effects right off the bat.

It is the perfect social strain because users feel happy and uplifted – after the initial head high, you’ll feel fantastic and chatty for hours on end before it starts to relax the body. Even though you’re in a good place at this point, Black Cherry Soda does not make you feel lazy, which is one of many reasons why it is such a popular marijuana strain.

Final Thoughts on Delicious Marijuana Strains

With so many remarkably-tasting strains on the market, you no longer have to punish yourself and smoke something that tastes as if it was dug out of a sewage container. Today’s growers understand the importance of great-tasting weed, and they have been busily creating strains that taste as good as an appetizer or dessert. Reward yourself with restaurant-quality weed, and you’ll never want to go back!