How to Determine if Your Weed is Good

Know that disappointed feeling you get, when you go out to your local dispensary, pick up some “so called” quality weed, come home to light it up with a friend, only to discover that its got mold or the quality is something that you would only pickup on the street corner? Well, if you don’t know how to buy good weed, you’re dispensary is going to spot you from a mile away, and you’ll end up being quite disappointed by the experience and the quality.

We obviously don’t want to leave you hangin’ so here are the major things you should know about.

The Smell

how to determine the quality of weed

Good quality buds should have a pungent, identifiable smell. This indicates that the bud was well-grown and has a high terpene content. Indica’s will tend to smell like chocolate or coffee, while Sativa will have an aroma that resembles citrus. If you take a whiff and get blown back by a hay like smell, then you know that you are in for a bad experience.

The Feel

Good weed is not going to feel dry or look like it’s been sitting out in the sun for too long. If there is no stickiness or it just crumbles as you break it up, then forget about smoking it. The way to determine this is to first of all look at the weed. Also, ask the bud-tender how the weed is stored and where. If it is stored in glass jars then make sure you double check. Sometimes those jars are placed too close to the light, causing the jar to act as a dry sauna.

The Color


Ok, this is a hard one, as strains do come in different colors. The majority of strains, if we are not referring to the exotic ones, should be green. The shade can range from lighter green to darker green, but they are some sort of green. You might find slight purple or pinky strikes on a few, but if the bud is red, brown or yellow, stay away. Yellow buds normally fall victim to extreme light and look washed.

The Structure

As a rule of thumb, Indica buds should be tight and dense, while Sativa buds are normally lightly and fluffy. Hybrids will look like they are combined. The key here is to ask the bud-tender which strain you are purchasing and then take a look. If you are going for an Indica, then watch out for open, incomplete buds that have visible stems.

The Trichomes

the trichomes

The main purpose of growing quality buds is to produce them with ripe trichomes. Trichomes are where the cannabinoids and terpenes are stored. It’s pretty easy to see the Trichomes as they tend to be frosty (Kind of like snow on your bud). In general, the more trichomes, the better the bud.

Another thing to look out for is the Trichome’s ripeness. Sometimes, buds are harvested too early. This will depend on the farmer and the state. The color of the glandular trichome head is the easiest way to determine trichome ripeness. The trichome heads should be milky white with a potential hint of amber. If the trichome heads are clear, the plant was harvested prematurely, and if all the heads are amber, the plant was harvested subsequently to peak ripeness.

The Last Resort

Sometimes it is just too hard to tell whether you’ve purchased a good bud. You can look, smell and even touch the buds, but until you’ve smoked the stuff, you simply can’t always tell.

Anything else I missed? Leave your comments and help our readers know the difference between good and bad buds.

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