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10 Extreme Sports and the Perfect Marijuana Strains to Compliment Them

If such a thing as a ‘Marijuana Safety Advisory Board’ existed, they’d probably tell you that it’s not a wise idea to smoke weed while participating in an extreme sport. After all, when we think of something like heli-skiing from the top of a remote Swiss Alps peak, most of us probably wouldn’t think of doing it while high.

However, the fact of the matter is that no such ‘Marijuana Safety Advisory Board’ exists. In other words, we’re effectively safe to consume our cannabis and participate in whatever the hell extreme sport(s) we want to. And believe it or not, there are more “extreme athletes” out there than you realize that toke up before (and even during) their adrenaline-pumping escapades.

In this article, we take a look at 10 extreme sports and highlight a different marijuana strain for each one that would nicely compliment the “activity” in question. Marijuana might have the traditional stereotype of producing lazy, sleepy potheads, but these ten strains will do nothing of the sort.

Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Extreme Sports

Before we start our list of the top ten strains for extreme sports, let us take this moment to lay down a little disclaimer: WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE if you smoke (or otherwise consume) any of the following strains (or any cannabis product for that matter) while participating in extreme sports, and end up getting injured and/or dying while doing so!

Simply put, know your body’s limits, know your tolerance level, and exercise safety and caution above all else. If you’re not an experienced marijuana user – and/or if you’re not decently skilled at the extreme sport in question – getting high and participating in the following extreme sports would be a really, really dumb idea. In other words, please don’t become the first person in history to die as a result of getting high and forgetting to strap on your parachute before jumping out of an airplane.

#1) Skateboarding [Cinex]

Skateboarding is a dangerous, high-flying, seriously action-packed sport, but you would not believe the amount of pro skaters that smoke weed while doing their thing. Apparently, cannabis helps to slow everything down just a little bit, giving skaters that split second extra that allows them to more precisely control their board while it’s flipping around down stair sets, handrails, etc. Or so they say.

Almost any high-THC strain would help “slow things down” just a little bit, but Cinex is a strain that gets you absurdly high while still allowing for a clear, controlled mind and even enhanced focus. Perfect for the razorblade-like precision that’s needed for jumping up and grinding down a set of 20 stairs.

#2) Downhill Mountain Biking [Harlequin]

So, let’s be clear – downhill mountain biking is an absurdly dangerous extreme sport, and is one that mandates an unwavering level of focus and mental engagement. For that reason, it’s not exactly the kind of activity that you want to be doing while super high.

This is why we’ve chosen Harlequin as the perfect strain to complement this jugular-pumping two-wheeled sport. Boasting high CBD levels and very little THC, the psychoactive effects of this strain are almost non-existent. Rather, users tend to feel relaxed, calm, and hyper-focused – precisely the kind of mentality you need when racing down a tree and boulder-lined singletrack path at 40 mph.

#3) Whitewater Rafting [G13]

If you’ve never tried whitewater rafting before, it’s badass. Like seriously awesome. And if you go with a guide, there’s actually very little you need to do in terms of concentration and mental engagement. You have to paddle like hell and the whole thing can be pretty strenuous and physically demanding, but at least the guide is shouting all the instructions at you.

That said, a strain like G13 – which boasts an unreal body high while still allowing users to maintain a cool and clear head – would be an absolute treat for amplifying the exhilaration of that icy cold water flushing down your vest and the excitement that comes along with battling out Class-5 rapids amidst the backdrop of gorgeous mountain scenery.

#4) Skydiving [Blue Dream]

So, skydiving just might be the best extreme sport of all time to do while high – just make sure you’re not doing it by yourself (the last thing you want is to forget how to pull the paracord 11,000 feet above land.

In most cases, first-time skydivers are strapped tightly to a guide, meaning they have little to do other than enjoy the rush and take in the exquisite bird’s eye view of our beautiful earth. To amplify this unreal sensation, a strain like Blue Dream – which typically comes with a significant but clear-headed cerebral high – would be a wonderful supplement to an even more wonderful extreme sport experience.

#5) Bungee-Jumping [Green Crack]

In all honesty, you’ve probably got to have a few screws loose if you’re wanting to go bungee jumping while high. But hey, who are we to judge?

Bungee jumping just might be the most adrenaline-heavy extreme sport on this list, and for that, we figure you might as well go ahead and amplify those nerves by partaking in one of the most stimulating, invigorating, and energy-delivering strains out there – Green Crack.

A sativa-dominant flower with ultra-high THC levels, Green Crack is known to sharpen the senses to superhuman levels – possibly allowing you to exacerbate those nerves and transform the whole situation into a psychedelic, otherworldly experience.

#6) Surfing [God’s Gift]

In our opinion, there are two wildly different “forms” of surfing: You’ve got big wave riding, in which death-defying adrenaline junkies attempt to ride the ocean’s biggest swells and live to tell the story. Then on the other side of the spectrum, you’ve got chilled-out, longboarding-style surfing on smaller waves that offers a relaxing, truly serene experience.

God’s Gift is an indica-dominant flower that offers users an uber-relaxing body high while still allowing you to fully appreciate the world around you. Just imagine sitting out a couple hundred yards off the beach in a gorgeous, warm water tropical locale watching the sunset while waiting for the next blue-walled swell to come in. Sounds incredible, right? Well, if you’re high on God’s Gift, we reckon the whole experience would be even more of a body/mind sensation.

#7) Zip-Lining [AK-47]

Zip-lining is another extreme sport that, well, really doesn’t rely on a whole lot of skill or expertise. A guide straps you in, tells you what to do, and from there, it’s more or less just a matter of hanging on for dear life and enjoying the ride, rush, and scenery.

With that in mind, a solid hybrid strain like AK-47 – which often provides users with a mild body high and an indescribable sense of euphoria – would likely be the perfect compliment to soaring through the treeline high above the forest (or jungle) floor.

#8) Rock Climbing [Harle-Tsu]

Like downhill mountain biking, rock climbing can be an incredibly dangerous and risky extreme sport that requires an intense level of focus, skill, and clear-headedness. After all, you certainly don’t want to be high (no pun intended) up on a vertical rock face and start to have a panic attack or nervous breakdown.

With that in mind, a high-CBD marijuana strain like Harle-Tsu – which helps one calm down and control their nerves – would probably be a fantastic option for amplifying the sheer thrill of rock climbing while still allowing a focused, completely clear head.

Moreover, the high CBD and low THC content of Harle-Tsu has been widely known to help relieve stress and anxiety, which are two common side effects of dangling several hundred (or thousand) feet up on a granite wall in a potential life-or-death situation.

#9) Parkour [LSD]

In case you’re unfamiliar with the “extreme sport art” of Parkour, it’s basically like a deviant,  physically-demanding variation of walking. There’s actually a high level of creativity involved, which would mean that a strain like LSD (not the actual drug LSD) may provide you the ability of being able to see lines and “Parkour-able” scenarios that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed.

A beautiful hybrid flower, LSD is a strain that’s widely known to spark creativity when your brain just seems to be stuck in a fog and not able to come up with any unique thoughts or ideas. As a Parkour enthusiast, this might just allow you to take that next step that allows you to become a highly skilled judo-master – or whatever people who are really good at Parkour are called.

#10) Competitive Hot Dog Eating [Monster Cookies]

Alright, so obviously most people probably wouldn’t classify competitive hot dog eating as a traditional “extreme sport.” But give us an example of something that’s more extreme than stuffing 50 hot dogs down your throat in a matter of minutes, and we’ll gladly take it off our list.

Of course, in order to maximize the ability to eat like a wild animal, you’ll want to have your appetite flexing to its maximum capacity – and every one of us out there knows that weed is the perfect thing for stirring up a gnarly case of the munchies. And in terms of strains that produce wicked cases of the munchies, there are few as effective as Monster Cookies. Smoke a few bowls of this Indica-dominant bud, and you might just have what it takes to become the next hot dog devouring world champion.

Final Thoughts on the Top 10 Marijuana Strains for Extreme Sports

Well, hopefully, we’ve been able to shed some light on how – and why – indulging in some high-quality cannabis may be able to amplify the thrill of partaking in an extreme sport. The effects of weed are certainly not one-dimensional, and you’d be surprised at the amount of focus, clear-headedness, and awareness that some strains can offer.

That said, we reiterate the notion that you SHOULD NOT indulge in any strain of weed – or any mind-altering substance for that matter – while doing extreme sports if you’re not fully aware of your body’s limits with marijuana, and also with the sport in question. Be safe, be responsible, and remember that we’re not responsible if you do something dumb like get high and hurt yourself while trying to do an extreme sport you’re not familiar with or skilled at!

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