The Do’s and Don’ts of Smoking Weed If You Are a Parent

The definitive guide, so even parents can enjoy medicinal cannabis stress-free…

Let’s be honest… just because you’re a parent does not mean you have miraculously quit consuming cannabis; this medicinal crop is capable of benefiting so many – especially if you are relying on it for assistance because you have a medical condition or another ailment, you definitely will not want to stop smoking it just because a little one starts to call you mom or dad. There is absolutely nothing wrong with consuming cannabis if you are a parent, regardless of what the media or society tells you, and you certainly should not have to enjoy your medicine with any feeling of stress or shame weighing down on your shoulders.

At the end of the day, it is a plant – an immensely beneficial one of course, but still a plant, and it should be readily available to everyone that needs it, no matter what walk of life they come from. Still, if you are a parent, there are some very basic do’s and don’ts that you may want to consider, especially regarding your child’s safety and how much of the world of marijuana you want them to be exposed to. Ultimately, at the end of the day, you are the parent and the child is your own, so you should make all your decisions according to what you feel is best for their safety and well-being; this is simply a guide in case you want some pointers on how to enjoy cannabis stress free — AND be a kick-a** parent each day!

Keep reading to discover the do’s and don’ts of smoking weed if you are a parent with our definitive, stress-free guide…


  • …set rules and guidelines for your own household about how marijuana will be treated.

Decide whether it will be discussed with openness and honesty, or kept as more of a private matter. Each and every household is unique and different, and it is important to tailor the system in which it is run accordingly.

  • …consider being honest and open with your children once they are of an appropriate age.

15-18 years old is normally a time when they already have learned what cannabis is, whether from school or the world around them. If you feel it is appropriate and they are ready, have the marijuana discussion with them. Creating this air of honesty and full disclosure encourages your children to also be more honest with you, leading to an all-around better vibe and environment.

  • …educate your children with real facts when they grow up.

Be sure to tell them all the truths about marijuana and its use, and do not just allow them to listen to what their school is probably teaching them or what the media is feeding them. Remember, there is still a massive global taboo surrounding cannabis and this has in turn generated a lot of fear regarding this medicinal plant, and in some cases fits of rebellion. Many young adults and teens feel more inclined to consume cannabis simply because it is a restricted substance and they see it as a way of rebelling against what they are told not to do. If you educate your children with the real facts, they will not see anything rebellious about weed.

  • …pick a time and a place.

There’s an appropriate time and place for everything, and this applies to marijuana use when you have children. Not every moment is going to be an appropriate one to light up. As a parent, you get to decide whether or not you want to light up around your child. Many choose to only smoke once their children have gone to bed, or simply are not around.

The choice is completely yours, but choose wisely and consider all possible factors before making a big decision like this one. It seems that many individuals who have been interviewed about their pot consumption that have children have said they almost always wait until their kids are asleep before they enjoy a smoke. Although this seems to be the popular decision, it does not have to be your choice too. Especially for those residing in states where cannabis is recreationally legal, or for those living in states where it is medically legal and you have a doctor’s recommendation, this removes an additional factor of secrecy that must be kept, especially when you have children who might share with their friends or peers about cannabis use at home. We hope that, as the laws around the world shift more in favor of marijuana, the ability to be open up about this plant around children will also improve.

  • …be transparent with your partner about your cannabis use.

If you are raising kids with a partner, girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife, etc., then it is so vital to be transparent with them about your cannabis use, that way they can be understanding of your choices and also decide along with you how much they want the children to be exposed to this flower. At the end of the day, you are a team, and decisions should be made together.

You might discover that your partner is totally cool with it, and sometimes even wants to join in. In many circumstances, it is actually extremely common for couples to enjoy some marijuana together, especially once their kids have gone to bed. For some, it is the same as having a couple of beers or some wine after a long day. There really should not be any shame surrounding the practice of consuming cannabis, but it is the dishonesty and secrecy that gives it a negative connotation sometimes. Make the whole thing stress-free simply by telling the truth and communicating with your partner.

  • …communicate with other parents that smoke cannabis and share ideas/perspectives.

Take all advice with a grain of salt of course, but if there are other marijuana-consuming parents in your area and you have connected with them, this should serve as a beautiful opportunity to communicate with them and share back and forth your ideas and perspectives. You may discover that your mentalities about the herb are different, but you may also be pleasantly surprised to find that your ways of thinking are very similar. At the end of the day, it is nice to have a supportive group of people around you with similar lifestyle choices.


  • …feel like you need to make a choice that other cannabis-smoking parents you know have made.

Just because some other parents you know from school or by whatever means also smoke cannabis and move forward with certain actions, does not mean that you need to do the same. Parenting is an individual experience for every single person, and it should be treated on a case by case basis, rather than a one size fits all scenario. Other parents can, of course, provide input and perspective, but it is all about what you feel is best when raising your own children.

  • …leave your cannabis paraphernalia sitting around, especially if your partner is uncomfortable with this.

At the end of the day, it is all about respect: respect for your partner, respect for your children and respect for yourself. For this reason, it is important to remember to put away or hide any cannabis paraphernalia you might have left out, especially if your partner feels uncomfortable with it being around the children. In general, children will not understand what these strange devices are, but if they do happen to ask, you won’t have to lie if it is all hidden away. Hiding your paraphernalia should not be shame-inducing either, it is the same as not leaving out cigarettes or alcohol around your children. Plus, children like to pick up things and move them around a lot, so avoid your devices getting destroyed or accidentally consumed by placing them in a spot for safe keeping.

  • …drive while high, especially if your kids are in the car.

This is a pretty obvious point, but it is just a reminder that, even though marijuana is an absolutely amazing plant and legal in some places, you can still get a DUI if you get caught driving under the influence of cannabis, so it is better not to risk it all together, especially when your kids are in the car. Even if you feel like you are a better driver while high, your children are too young to make a choice for themselves, so it is better to be in a sober state of mind in all capacities while you are with them and operating a vehicle.

  • …feel like a bad parent, just because you consume cannabis occasionally or regularly.

This goes without saying; no matter what society, the media, your relatives, your friends or what anyone around you says, you are NOT a bad parent because you consume cannabis occasionally or regularly. It is your medicine and your way of getting through the day feeling better and at peace. In fact, many people have reported feeling like they are more capable of being more patient, compassionate parents after they have consumed some Mary Jane. Marijuana is a natural plant and should not be restricted in the first place, so keep on enjoying your cannabis even if you have kids.

Final Thoughts on Marijuana Use and Parenting

If you are a parent that consumes cannabis and if you were looking for some sort of guide regarding the matter, then we hope this article was able to provide some direction. Just remember that there is nothing wrong with consuming marijuana while being a parent. It says nothing about your ability to be there for your child, and many actually say they are better parents sometimes due to the inclusion of pot. Moreover, do not worry about what the world around you is saying – keep doing what you feel is right for you and for your child/children.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.