5 Strains that Are Quintessential for Halloween

It’s that time of the year again where the nights are getting darker and mischief is behind every corner; yep – that’s right, Halloween is upon us! Call us crazy, but we don’t believe that the kids should get to have all the fun in this, so today we want to bring you our top five PERFECT strains for Halloween!

Whether you’re wondering which strain will go best with your outfit or you’re planning a horror movie marathon and want a little spooky accompaniment, we’ve got you covered.

From the weird to the wonderful, check out our top five favorite spooky strains ideal for a Halloween smoke.

#1 Durban Poison – The Horror Movie Strain

Durban Poison Strain

If there was ever an ideal strain made for Halloween, then it has to be Durban Poison. This deliciously trippy sativa strain packs a potent 24% THC and offers all the psychoactive pleasures of cannabis, ideal for a real terrifying night of fun.

From the sickly sweet aroma that draws you into the equally sweet and earthy taste of this bud, Durban Poison is everything you should want and need in a sativa.

Discovered way back in the 70s by cannabis activist Ed Rosenthal, this energetic strain originates from the port city of Durban in South Africa, and boats some super generous trichomes for an extra unique experience.

The high of this bud is ideal for any Halloween get together and will leave you feeling energetic, chatty and sociable for a long while. Due to its creative and productive effects, this could be a great daytime strain as well as the perfect party favor.

If you are planning a scary movie marathon, then Durban Poison may be the ideal bud, but be warned it has been known to release some pretty trippy psychoactive effects, so those monsters may appear more realistic than usual!

#2 Zombie OG – The Zombie Brain Strain

Who doesn’t love a great zombie flick? Well if you’re a Halloween freak like us, Zombie OG will be your ideal bud. With mind-melting indica effects and a potent 21% THC, this is no joke!

You can show your holiday cheer and get into the role with Zombie OG; the super heavy effects will leave you feeling euphoric, giggly, and above all else – sedated! So, if you’re going as a zombie this Halloween, this could help you play the part.

Surprisingly, Zombie OG has a pretty delicate flavor. With a mix of lavender and sweet pine, it is a wonder to behold and will keep you coming back for more! Taking the best bits from its ancestors, the OG Kush and Blackberry strains, this fruity and delicious flower is a firm favorite with us.

We recommend those who are suffering from stress, pain or insomnia try this one out; it will leave you in a happy, dream-like state for the night – as long as you remember to leave treats out for those trick or treaters!

#3 Blueberry Ghost OG – The Ghoulish Strain

We had to include this wonderfully potent indica strain, which takes some of the best traits of Blue Monster and Colorado strains to bring a delicious treat this Halloween.

The clue is in the name here; we couldn’t NOT include it in our top five spooky strains, but actually, this one is super relaxing and laid back, ideal for the less experienced smokers amongst us. With slightly sedating effects and an extreme euphoria that will leave you in a blissful existence for hours following, we can’t get enough of Blueberry Ghost OG!

Of all our strains today, this is likely going to be the most tricky to get hold of, but once you do you can sit back and enjoy the earthy aroma with notes of citrus combined with the fruity and equally zesty taste.

The high comes on thick and fast with this one, with THC levels reaching an impressive 27%, so make sure you have everything you need within arm’s reach before you start (including all the Halloween snacks you may need, because this strain will bring on the hunger!)

#4 Killer Grape – The Trick or Treat Strain

If there is one thing we LOVE about Halloween, it has to be the trick or treating. Unfortunately, the older you get, the less acceptable it is to go begging for candy, so instead grab a bag of Killer Grape and have yourself an at-home feast!

This perfectly balanced hybrid is a fruity combination of the infamous Killer Queen and Querkle, and has some pretty interesting effects. Think of the tingly body high of a sativa combined with the blissful head high of an indica and you’re pretty much there.

Killer Grape isn’t as lethal as it sounds; in fact, it’s pretty delicious! With sweet, fruity notes and a spicy undertone, this is a real palette teaser and comes with some pretty beneficial effects.

Those suffering from chronic pain, nausea, stress or anxiety may benefit from the uplifting high of this flower, but be warned – it will bring on killer munchies so make sure you have all your favorite spooky treats to hand!

#5 Jack Skellington – The Pumpkin King Strain

If you are into Halloween, then you will be familiar with Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King – so we, of course, had to finish up our top five with this legend of a strain.

With THC levels at around 18%, this potent sativa isn’t for the faint-hearted, and those who are new to the world of cannabis are best off steering clear. The effects are hard-hitting and fast acting, so you’ve been warned!

Another spooky strain born from Killer Queen, but this time crossed with Jack The Ripper, this flower has potent diesel and citrus aromas and a super sweet flavor that will surely exceed your expectations.

The sensational high of Jack Skellington is euphoric and chatty, sociable and energetic, but can easily lead to feelings of dizziness if over-consumed, so tread carefully.

If you are looking for a good strain to have during a spooky Halloween party, this could be the perfect bud for you – just make sure your guests are prepared for a high like they’ve never had before!

Round-Up: Is Halloween the Perfect Opportunity to Try New Strains?

We love the holidays, and Halloween for us is a perfect time to get festive, so why not use it as a way to enjoy a brand new strain?

Some of those we have spoken about today will not be new to you, and others might be – but they all possess brilliant effects that are perfect for watching a horror, throwing a ghoulish bash, or simply just getting through the holiday (for those who aren’t such a fan!)

Let us know in the comments, what are your thoughts on Halloween and cannabis as a combo?