Where to Score the Best Marijuana Deals Online

Marijuana use in the United States is significantly more prevalent than you think. A 2015 report by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that over 22 million Americans used weed at that time. It is worth remembering that numerous states have legalized cannabis since, and it is evident that the above figure has increased significantly.

A Reuters report from 2017 said that one in seven American adults used the herb at least once during the year. Once again, that figure has almost certainly increased and will continue to do so.

One thing about America is that our respective states love creating their own rules and regulations. Therefore, it is no surprise to learn that the cost of weed varies significantly depending on where you live. The most expensive place in the United States to buy an ounce of medium-grade, or top-quality, cannabis, is in the District of Columbia where it costs $550 and $598 per ounce respectively.

When you bear in mind that the average median price for an ounce of high-quality weed is $326, and is just $266 per ounce of mid-grade herb, it is clear that D.C. residents are getting ripped off! Oregon is the cheapest place at $210 for an ounce of high-quality ganja, while Minnesota is the best place for medium standard herb at $170 per ounce.

Unsurprisingly, states where weed is illegal, such as North Dakota, Virginia, and Idaho, all have expensive herb. Aside from D.C., the next most expensive states are all locations where recreational weed is forbidden. Massachusetts is the first recreational entry on the list. Oddly enough, Montana is one of the cheapest places to get pot even though it is only legal for medicinal use.

In any case, whether you are seeking marijuana for recreational or medicinal use, it is asking a lot to save $300+ for an ounce. Indeed, you may not even have the $80+ spare it takes to buy a quarter of an ounce. If you are in this situation, this article is for you because we look at cool places to get weed deals.

Where to Score the Best Pot Deals Online:

1. EAZE: Convenience and Low-Cost Herb

Eaze is one of the dominant cannabis delivery products in California. However, it only delivers to customers in the Golden State and Oregon. It has expanded its reach recently by announcing Eaze Wellness; a service that ships hemp-derived CBD products to 43 states and D.C.

eaze: convenience and low-cost herb

The brand operates in well over 100 cities in California and services hundreds of thousands of customers there. Eaze is a technological platform that deals with licensed retailers, verified customers, and licensed brands. It offers a vast array of marijuana products, but interestingly, it doesn’t need a license because it technically only delivers the weed rather than having anything to do with the growth or harvesting of the plants.

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From the customers’ perspective, you need to create an account with the website, and once you prove eligibility, you can choose between a wide array of items.

The site is filled with discounts and special offers because of its links with so many brands. Offers include receiving a free vaporizer when you spend $75, saving 20% off certain items, and saving $20 off your first order.

promotion code eaze online

The special offers are relatively standard, but because there are so many of them, it pays to browse Eaze. Best of all, you don’t have to combat L.A. traffic. Instead, allow an Eaze driver to deliver the goods to you within an hour.

2. WeedMaps: Cannabis Deals Right Under Your Fingertips

WeedMaps is a tech company that enables you to review and discuss the thousands of marijuana strains available. Founded in 2008 by Keith Hoerling and Justin Hartfield, the site soon snowballed. Within a year, it had 50,000 registered users. In the intervening years, WeedMaps has focused on acquiring various smaller sites in a bid to control the niche.

It provides listing services for dispensaries, doctor’s offices, and delivery services throughout the United States. What’s relevant to this article is its ability to find the best marijuana deals. WeedMaps excels in this department. Enter your location and browse the site to find everything you need.

weedmaps: cannabis deals right under your fingertips

How does eight grams of any weed for $60 in Irvine, California sound? Maybe you want a full ounce of Candyland for just $150 or an ounce of Skywalker OG for only $50? The site also enables you to filter according to whether you want an indica, hybrid, sativa, edible, drink, concentrate, topical, or any other form of weed.

If you want to find a marijuana-friendly physician in your area, WeedMaps is your best bet. If you are interested in finding fresh new brands, this site has you covered. Like Eaze, WeedMaps even gives you the option of having marijuana delivered to your door. About the only thing this site doesn’t do is smoke the herb for you.

Recently, WeedMaps agreed to remove all unlicensed dispensaries from its site by the end of 2019. Failure to do so will land the company in hot water with the state’s government.

3. Price of Weed: Your Global Index for Cannabis

Price of Weed is very different from the rest of this article’s entries. While it doesn’t provide you with deals per se, it enables you to find out where to find cheap marijuana. If you find inexpensive, decent quality herb in North America, Europe, or Australia, post your experience on the site anonymously.

price of weed: your global index for cannabis

The site gets an enormous amount of entries each day. For example, I was able to see that someone in Mountain View, California paid $50 for one gram of high-quality weed on October 1, 2019. Overall, Price of Weed finds an average according to each location and divides it into high, medium, and low-quality herb.

You can even rate law enforcement’s attitude to weed and the social acceptance of pot in that region to warn others!

If nothing else, you can determine whether you are overpaying for your purchases. One major issue with Price of Weed is the accuracy of reporting. I was able to enter a price of $300 for an ounce of medium-grade cannabis in Reno, Nevada, despite the fact I have never been there!

4. CannaSaver: Tailor-Made Deals

CannaSaver is another website dedicated to providing you with the best marijuana deals in your locality. The company is based in Denver, Colorado, so residents of this legal state are the ones who will benefit from the firm’s hard work. CannaSaver claims that it is the only website of its kind dedicated to providing medical marijuana deals and savings.

cannasaver: tailor-made deals

Once you visit the website, you can find your favorite coupons by retailer and keyword, and print them out or email them. You even have the option of sharing the coupons with your friends via social media. When we popped on to the website, we came across the following deals right away:

  • Half an ounce for $47.64 in a Mix n Match deal.
  • $99 for an ounce if you are a first-time medical patient.
  • Four grams of wax or shatter for $47.64 in a Mix n Match deal.
  • Four pre-rolls for $20.
  • $79 for an ounce if you are a recreational user in Denver.

The site has different categories for recreational and medicinal users, along with a tab that has the latest deals. CannaSaver helpfully enables you to filter the results according to budget. If you don’t believe you can get much for $5, you have never visited this website! If you are a resident of Colorado and visit CannaSaver, you won’t need to pay full-price for the herb ever again.

5. Leafbuyer: A Nationwide Enterprise

This company calls itself the “largest cannabis deals network in the nation.” Leafbuyer was founded in 2012 and now has partnerships with marijuana product companies and dispensaries across the country. While other brands on this list focus on a specific geographical area, Leafbuyer has a lofty goal of expanding into every state where marijuana is legal.

leafly deals

To find a deal in your area, simply type in the name of your location, or the brand you want to buy from. For example, when I typed in Eugene, Oregon, into the search box, I received 26 deals! These ranged from pre-rolling starting packs for $18 to $30 for a gram of live resin. You can also find the best dispensaries, brands, strains, and products nearby.

One of Leafbuyer’s coolest features is its ability to provide you with a full menu of prices for each dispensary in your chosen location. I was able to find a place that sold a full ounce of a few strains for just $49!

Which Is the Best Option?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, I would say that Eaze is better known for delivering weed to your door rather than for the range of its deals. Take a look at the highlights of each site side-by-side to help you decide which one is for you.




  • Easy to use interface.
  • Serves California and Oregon marijuana users.
  • Ships CBD from hemp to 43 states and D.C.
  • Delivers weed to your door.
  • In partnership with scores of brands, so has regular deals.


  • Offers thousands of deals from multiple states.
  • Provides information on brands, dispensaries, and MMJ-friendly physicians in your area.
  • Thousands of reviews.
  • Easy to categorize your deals according to what you’re looking for.

Price of Weed

  • Allows users to submit the prices they paid for weed anonymously.
  • It is usable if you live in Australia, Europe, or North America.
  • Divides purchases into low, medium, and high-quality marijuana.
  • These prices enable you to see what the average cost is for different portions of marijuana in your area.

Question marks over the validity of all entries.


  • An immense number of deals available in seconds.
  • It is easy to filter according to your location.
  • It is possible to find items for under $5.
  • Print out or email the coupons you find.
  • You can share the savings with your friends.


  • It has a greater reach than most other sites; aims to expand into every state.
  • You can find out the best deals in your area at the click of a mouse.
  • Enables you to see a full price list for a large number of dispensaries in your area.
  • It allows you to check out dispensaries, CBD stores, headshops, and grow stores.
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