Waterfall Bong for Weed [Info + How to Make One]

Waterfall bongs are an innovative way to smoke your cannabis. They offer a low-cost and easy-to-create way of enjoying the bong-using experience. Best of all, it is possible to create a waterfall bong using materials found around the house. This article outlines some simple steps to help you create a waterfall bong at home.

Isn’t It the Same as a Gravity Bong?

No, but it is a variation on the gravity bong. Both options draw the smoke into the bong via changing air pressure. However, there is a significant difference in how the air pressure changes. You pull a gravity bong out of the water, which creates a vacuum by moving the bong upwards. A waterfall bong has a hole where the water flows out. The changing air pressure draws smoke into the chamber.

How to Make a Waterfall Bong


What You Will Need:

  • A clean, empty plastic bottle with a plastic top (preferably a one or two-liter soda bottle, although any size will suffice)
  • A lighter
  • Water
  • A sharp knife or a drill (or any other sharp instrument)
  • A container for when the water starts flowing out of the bottle
  • Marijuana flower
  • Duct tape
  • Slider bowl attachment from a bong


  • Tinfoil
  • Cork
  • Silicone or rubber washer

Step 1

Create a hole near the bottom of the bottle either with a sharp knife or a drill. It is recommended that you use the drill because it will be a lot easier. However, you can still achieve the same results with a knife.

Most users agree that a quarter of an inch is about the size you need to get a perfect draw.

If you’re doing it with a knife, lay the bottle flat and start making the hole. Not only will this give you more precision, but it’s a whole lot safer. Most users agree that a quarter of an inch is about the size you need to get a perfect draw. The hole should be large enough to allow the water out rapidly but small enough that your finger can seal it.

The lower down on the bottle you place the hole, the more smoke you can pull into the bottle. Once you make the hole, cover it with tape.

Step 2

Make an airtight seal by covering the top of the bottle with the slider bowl. If it doesn’t fit, you can also bore a hole into the soda bottle cap and use that instead.

Make sure you heat the plastic around the hole in the cap. This will help to create a better seal. If there is still some room up top, you can use a silicone or rubber washer to shore up any looseness and create a seal. You can buy one at any hardware store.

Step 3

Add cannabis to the bong bowl, then fill the bottle with water, but leave some room at the top. It is better to pack your bowl before adding the water. This ensures your cannabis doesn’t get wet and enables you to seal the hole with your fingers.

Step 4

Light the cannabis in the bowl, then open the tape and allow the water to flow out. This process will cause the smoke from the heated stash to flow into the bottle. You should see milky white smoke inside the bottle.

Step 5

Once the water is fully drained, unscrew the top and take your hit!

You’ve now created the perfect waterfall bong. It is easy to make. However, you need to exercise caution during the process. Otherwise, you could make a mess. It is probably best to make a waterfall bong outside or use it over a sink or another container when indoors.

Waterfall Bongs: Final Thoughts

Some users report that they’ve obtained great highs with this method of smoking. Also, waterfall bongs are extremely adaptable. If you don’t have a bowl that fits or a bottle cap, you can use a cork or even tin foil.

If you don’t have duct tape, you can use your finger. However, if you’re doing this inside your home, please ensure you have a large container or sink to capture the water.

If you’re new to cannabis, take it easy if you’re doing a waterfall bong. The hits can be extremely intense.

You can also optimize your hits by doing a few tricks. First, scrutinize how much or how little water is in the bottle. You don’t want the water level to be nearly gone before you take a hit. You also don’t want the water in the bottle to be so full that you inhale it.

Also, check the temperature of the water. Users agree that colder water provides a better hit. If you’re new to cannabis, take it easy if you’re doing a waterfall bong. The hits can be extremely intense.

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