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Smart CBD is a UK brand that believes that CBD should be smart, not hard. They ensure this by creating high quality CBD products using CO2. Their products also contain complex and rich cannabinoids.
industrial hemp, olive oil
Recommended use
Consumers should begin with one drop per day for two weeks before increasing.
Extraction process
CO2 extraction
Medical benefits
CBD users state that CBD may help to reduce chronic pain.

*All the data provided is for oil products only

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The last few years have seen a huge change in the way that people across the UK think about their health. We are all becoming increasingly conscious of what we eat, how much exercise we get, and the supplements that we use to stay fit and healthy.

Looking back even just five years, the majority of people in the UK would not even question reaching for a chemically packed tub of vitamins as part of their morning routine. These days, things are very different, with an increasing number of people questioning whether the supplements they have spent many years relying on are actually benefiting their health.

People across the UK are instead looking towards natural supplements and especially CBD. Rather than packing their bodies with artificial ingredients that most of us cannot even pronounce, people are reaching for supplements that sound healthy and are made from real ingredients.

Smart CBD noticed the growing popularity of CBD and decided to launch their own brand with the aim of having a long-lasting positive impact on both people’s health and the world around us. Smart CBD is primarily focused on sustainability and showing that it is possible to produce and market high-quality CBD products using eco-friendly methods.

Who is Smart CBD?

Smart CBD is the first brand in the UK to sell 100% organic, full-spectrum CBD products using sustainable methods. Based in London, Smart CBD is dedicated to creating all-natural CBD products that have the power to change the way that we all think about our health and the medication that we take.

Smart CBD uses organically grown full spectrum CBD oil to create all of their products. Smart CBD believes that everything we put into our body, even on a micro-level, affects our internal balance and has the ability to alter our health. This is why Smart CBD only uses organically grown CBD oil so that you can use CBD with the knowledge that you are not subjecting your body to any potentially harmful ingredients.

Full-spectrum CBD is used as it allows Smart CBD customers not only to benefit from the healing power of CBD, but to take full advantage of all of the other naturally occurring compounds found within the plant.

Full-spectrum CBD oil retains all of the other cannabinoids within the plant, which work together to improve your body’s ability to process CBD as well as having their own positive impact on your overall health. Naturally occurring terpenes and fatty acids have also been found to improve your immune system and the way that CBD is processed.

The ‘What is CBD?’ section on Smart CBD’s website has been designed for those who are new to CBD and are looking to learn the basics before delving in. A great deal of time and effort has gone into creating this part of their website, helping to build awareness and confidence in CBD and educate people about the positive impact it can have on your health. Smart CBD’s commitment to not only creating high-quality CBD products but also to enhancing people’s awareness shows that for them, CBD is more than just a business it is about having a positive impact on the future.

Smart CBD Highlights

Third-Party Lab Testing:  Smart CBD test every single batch that they create, to ensure that their high standards remain consistent. Lab results also show the precise cannabinoid and terpene content of each product, allowing Smart CBD to pass this information on to their customers. The results of each lab test can be easily accessed by customers before heading to the checkout, helping you to decide which products will work best for you.

Smart Packaging: Smart CBD is committed to protecting the environment, and one of the ways that they are working to achieve this goal is through their unique smart packaging. Smart boxes have been designed so that each item perfectly slots into its own section, removing the need for individual packaging. Boxes are also 100% recyclable and come complete with disposal instructions reducing the chance of them ending up at your local landfill.

Free Shipping: Smart CBD offers free shipping to all UK based customers. This means that you do not have to feel guilty about only purchasing a few products at a time and wasting money on multiple delivery charges.

Smart CBD Oils

smart cbd oils


Smart CBD uses supercritical CO2 extraction methods to make all of their CBD oils; this allows for all of the natural goodness and nutrients within the plant to be retained. This method also has minimal impact on the environment, making Smart CBD oils some of the most sustainable CBD oils available in the UK.

Passionate about keeping everything as natural as possible Smart CBD do not add any unnecessary extras to their bottles of CBD oil.

The ingredient list on each bottle contains just two items 100% organically grown hemp seed oil and hemp components. This results in completely natural oil, allowing you to experience CBD as nature intended without all of the added extras that simply get in the way.

Smart CBD oils can be used in a number of different ways, making it a popular choice for many of Smart CBD’s customers. For a quick and super simple dose of CBD, just place a few drops of oil under your tongue and allow it to be absorbed into your bloodstream.

Alternatively, if you have a little extra time you can try adding Smart CBD oils to your favorite recipes, why not try adding a few drops to your morning smoothie for a healthy start to the day?

Smart CBD oils are available in a number of different strengths and flavor options. Each bottle of Smart CBD oil comes in a 10ml glass bottle with a handy dropper built into the lid, making it super quick and easy to use. Each bottle has been designed so that it can be recycled when empty, meaning that your Smart CBD oils contribute absolutely nothing to the growing landfill problem in the UK.

Smart CBD’s traditional oil is available in both 500mg and 1000mg options, giving you a choice as to exactly how much CBD your body needs.

For a slightly different flavor experience, Smart CBD sells a 500mg CBD oil with added curcumin and black pepper, adding a little spice to your daily supplement routine. For those who are worried about subjecting their body to even the smallest quantity of THC, Smart CBD has formulated their special aqua zero THC oil, which is guaranteed to contain zero THC.

Smart CBD Balm

smart cbd balm


For those who prefer to use CBD topicals or are simply looking for a microdose of CBD that they can use throughout the day, Smart CBD has created a CBD balm. This lightly scented balm can be used on most areas of skin and contains the same high-quality full-spectrum CBD that is found in Smart CBD oils.

Smart CBD balm not only provides your body with a healthy dose of CBD but also helps to keep your skin hydrated and feeling great.

Each 30ml tub of Smart CBD balm contains 900mg of full-spectrum CBD, which has been gentle, extracted to ensure that all of the health-enhancing terpenes, cannabinoids, and nutrients from the plant are retained. Each tub is packed with important vitamins including A, E, and F, as well as Shea butter for extra nourishment helping to give your skin a healthy glow.

Smart CBD wanted to find a way to prevent customers from simply disposing of empty tubs when they run out of CBD balm, a problem that is common with most cosmetics and has a huge impact on the environment.  To solve this problem, Smart CBD balm comes in a screw-top jar which can easily be washed out when you are done and then reused as storage.

Smart CBD Capsules

Smart CBD capsules are perfect for those busy days when you do not have time to stop; they are also the ideal CBD solution when traveling as they are super light and easy to transport. The great thing about Smart CBD capsules is that they manage to pack all of the same nutrients and high-quality CBD found in Smart CBD oils, into tiny capsules that are discreet and easy to take.

Smart CBD capsules come in packs of 60 with two different strength options to choose from. Capsules are available in 1.5mg per capsule and 3mg per capsule options, allowing you to tailor your CBD experience to meet your health needs.

Passionate about reducing waste? Smart CBD capsules come in a small tin, rather than traditional foil packaging, which can be reused when you run out of capsules. This smart packaging is the perfect alternative to the waste that is normally created as a result of capsules and tablets; it also has the added bonus of leaving you with a handy little tin to store things in.

Smart CBD Paste

smart cbd paste


Smart CBD paste offers the perfect compromise between CBD oils and CBD capsules. CBD Paste is used by placing a small amount under your tongue allowing it to be easily absorbed by your body, in a similar way to how you would use CBD oil, however, paste offers the ease of use that comes with CBD capsules.

Smart CBD paste comes packaged in an easy to use dispenser, which you can simply pop into your bag and not have to worry about it leaving behind any mess.

Just like all of Smart CBD’s other products, CBD paste is made from 100% organic full-spectrum CBD, with each dispenser packing exactly 100mg of CBD. Smart CBD paste is ideal for those who find capsules difficult to swallow but still need a quick, mess-free solution for taking CBD while out and about.

Smart CBD Costs

Smart CBD Oil

10% CBD Oil (10ml) – £59.99

5% CBD Oil (10ml) – £29.99

5% CBD Oil Curcumin & Black Pepper (10ml) – £29.99

5% CBD Oil THC Free Aqua Zero (10ml) – £29.99

Smart CBD Balm

2% CBD Balm (30ml) – £38.99

Smart CBD Capsules

4% Smart Pearls CBD Capsules (60 counts) – £24.99

8% Smart Pearls CBD Capsules (60 counts) – £49.99

Smart CBD Paste

20% CBD Paste (5ml) – £59.99

How to Buy Smart CBD Products

UK based customers can purchase Smart CBD products directly from the brand’s online store. The Smart CBD website has been carefully designed so that it is easy to navigate, while still providing you with all of the information that you need to make an informed decision about which items are right for you.

For those new to using CBD as a supplement, Smart CBD has included detailed information about how each product should be used and exactly what it contains, giving you the confidence needed to try something new and take back control of your own health.

Smart CBD offers free shipping options throughout the UK, meaning that you can order as little or as much as you want without having to worry about getting value for money in terms of shipping costs.

Smart CBD also offers worldwide shipping to their international customers, with the price of shipping varying depending on your location. Smart CBD is continuously working on expanding the number of countries that they ship to.

Signing up to the Smart CBD newsletter is a great way to stay up to date on all of the latest Smart CBD products so that you can be the first to try out new ranges. Smart CBD will send out weekly offers and coupon codes that you can use to save on future orders.

Final Verdict About Smart CBD

Smart CBD is paving the way for a future in which everyone has access to natural, sustainable supplements; a future in which people are able to take full control over their health and the way that they treat specific health conditions.

Smart CBD also demonstrates that it is possible to create and sell high-quality CBD products at reasonable prices, all while using sustainable, environmentally friendly methods.

Smart CBD’s smart boxes highlight the current packaging problem that is only set to increase as we continue to shop online. Smart boxes offer an alternative to the layers of plastic wrapping that we have all come to know and hate and show that simple packaging does actually work. It would be great to see more companies using packaging similar to Smart CBD smart boxes.

If you have been considering trying CBD as a daily supplement but feel limited by a lack of information, make sure to check out all of the useful information that Smart CBD have on their website and start taking back control of your health.

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