Best Marijuana Strains for Anorexia

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Anorexia is a form of eating disorder that currently affects around 30 million Americans across all ages and walks of life. Considered a mental health condition, anorexia is one of the most common types of eating disorder and leads to around one death every hour in the U.S.

While there are current options out there for sufferers of anorexia, it remains a complicated and often misunderstood condition. But could cannabis be a plausible option for those struggling with anorexia?

Weed has been associated with the munchies for as long as we can remember, but there is a lot of truth behind this stereotype! Many studies have been done into cannabis as a potential way to treat some of the most serious symptoms of anorexia – namely the difficulty to eat. The results from these investigations have been promising, and many patients now use the plant to medicate for this as well as other eating disorders!

Top Five Marijuana Strains for Anorexia

It’s all well and good knowing that marijuana can help with anorexia, but with over 100 different strains to choose from, it can be almost impossible to know where to start! That’s why we have put together our top five strains for combating the condition.

#1 Sweet and Sour Widow – The Mellow Strain

If you are new to the weed industry, Sweet & Sour Widow is probably a great starting point! It boasts low levels of THC, maxing at 8%, and CBD levels of 8%, making the high super mellow and the medicinal benefits super high!

This is an excellent option for patients with a range of conditions, specifically in this case anorexia, as it works as an excellent appetite stimulant while also easing insomnia and pain. The sedative qualities of this bud work their way through the body gently, leaving you in a state of blissful euphoria.

A cross between White Widow and an unknown sativa strain, this subtle smoke will overwhelm your senses with sickly sweet tones and earthy notes that make for a perfect evening smoke to boost those food cravings and ease anxiety.

#2 Dutch Treat Haze – The Marathon Strain

Dutch Treat Haze is the super-strength strain that lasts for hours! This indica-dominant hybrid packs a whopping 19-27% THC, making it a pretty potent smoke for even the most qualified weed lover.

This tasty cross between Dutch Treat and Secret Haze might remind you of Sour Diesel with its strong spicy flavor and musky aroma, and the high is likely to come on thick and fast, leaving you super floaty for hours.

Dutch Treat Haze is an excellent option for those suffering from anorexia, as it will leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed both in body and mind, and not to mention hungry! We advise starting with a little amount here, as it does last a very long time!

#3 CBD Yummy – The Moreish Strain

CBD Yummy is perhaps one of the lesser-known strains on our list, but with high CBD and low THC levels, this indica-dominant strain is a potent medicinal aid and tastes incredible!

Yep, you guessed it, CBD Yummy is renowned for tasting amazing. With a sweet, earthy flavor coupled with a subtle minty taste, it is a refreshing smoke that will leave you feeling sleepy and chilled out.

This flower is a mixture of Granddaddy Kush and White Dawg, and is thought to originate from North California. Despite the moderately low levels of THC (around 3%), this strain will work wonders for your stress levels as the sedative effects set in, and you will have the energy to do nothing but eat!

#4 Sister – The Serious Strain

Like with all of our lists, we like to include a strong option for those OG smokers, and today has to go to Sister – the indica-dominant strain packing up to 21% THC!

Sister is a phenotype of the much-loved Chemdawg, and is not for the faint of heart due to its potent, heady effects that will leave you euphoric and mega aware! It is a great mood booster and will help you get things done as the clear-headedness sets in.

Sister smells as good as it tastes, with sweet, citrusy notes and a diesel-like flavor. It tastes strong, and is the perfect appetite stimulant – be prepared to eat yourself out of house and home!

#5 Critical Cure – The Medicinal Strain

Last but by no means least is Critical Cure, another indica-dominant strain taking the medicinal marijuana market by storm. This flower contains moderately low levels of THC – up to around 11% – and CBD levels of 7%, making it ideal to treat a host of conditions.

This one is a cross between Critical Kush and an unknown strain, making it a little mysterious, but a much-loved option for anorexia sufferers across the US. Critical Cure will leave you feeling totally mellowed out, physically relaxed, and super hungry!

The calming effects are brought on nice and gently, and the mild nature is reflected in its taste, with a subtle, sweet and peppery taste and hints of citrus. It is a perfect nighttime smoke to unwind with.

Final Thoughts on Cannabis for Anorexia

Another great list of options, whether you are on the hunt for something new or are suffering from an eating disorder such as anorexia and are hoping to find some relief. It is important to note that we are not medically qualified to advise patients, so check with a doctor before stopping or changing any medication.

However, if you’re looking just for a tasty smoke that is likely to see you raiding the refrigerator, we hope you enjoy!

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