How Cannabis Can Make Anal Sex More Enjoyable

For some, anal can be a game-changer when it comes to sex. But often, people are put off by the stigma around anal sex or fear of discomfort and pain.

Several products are available which can help ease the pain of anal, such as various numbing lubricants. However, these can sometimes get rid of all sensations entirely. Furthermore, they may stop people from being able to recognize necessary pain in case of any real damage.


However, by helping make people feel calmer and increasing muscle relaxation, cannabis could be a great alternative and the ultimate tool for an enjoyable anal sex experience!

Read below to find out about the science of cannabis and anal.

Cannabis Can Help Relax Anal Muscles

More often than not, anal sex is uncomfortable because the person being penetrated (also known in the queer community as “the bottom”) cannot fully relax and is holding lots of tension in their anal sphincter – the group of muscles that surround the anus.

Scientific research suggests that cannabis may be able to help relax the anal sphincter. But to understand how, first we need to explain how muscle tension happens.

Muscle tension occurs when muscle fibers (muscle cells) become shorter. This process is known as contraction.


Contraction happens when messenger proteins called sodium channels, located on muscle fibers, increase the release of calcium inside the cells.

This released calcium then activates long proteins inside the muscle cells called filaments, causing them to move past one another, which shortens the length of the muscle.

In one study, researchers found that activating CB1 receptors (proteins that respond to cannabis) decreased calcium sensitivity in muscle fibers. Therefore cannabis may be able to decrease the responsiveness of muscle cells in the anal sphincter, in turn decreasing the likelihood of contraction and tension.

In another study, researchers demonstrated that CBD can block sodium channels on muscle cells. This effect means CBD in cannabis may be able to inhibit the process of contraction and decrease tension in the anal sphincter.

Furthermore, people with multiple sclerosis report that cannabis helps relieve muscle stiffness.

As well as cannabis, there are also particular techniques people can use to help relax their anal sphincter muscles before anal sex, such as tightening and then relaxing the muscles. Using cannabis alongside performing these techniques may increase the likelihood of a more relaxed and comfortable experience.

Cannabis Increases Sex Drive

In the case of anal sex, it’s easy for thoughts to get in the way of somebody’s desire to be sexually explorative. However, by increasing somebody’s sex drive, cannabis might help.


In one survey study, researchers investigated how cannabis affects somebody’s sex drive. Over half of the participants said cannabis increased their desire for sex. Moreover, 74% said cannabis increased sexual satisfaction and sensitivity to touch, and 70% said they could relax more during sex.

Cannabis Decreases Anxiety

As mentioned, people may feel anxious during anal because of its taboo nature or fear of discomfort.

This psychological anxiety not only gets in the way of somebody’s sex drive, but mental stress also causes body stress and so can cause people to become tense in their muscles. This tension increases the likelihood that anal sex might hurt.


Numerous studies have found that both cannabis and CBD alone can help decrease anxiety. However, cannabis, particularly strains high in THC, can also cause anxiety in some cases.

Therefore, if you’re planning on using cannabis to help relax before anal sex, it’s probably best that you’re experienced with cannabis so you know how it may affect you psychologically.

Alternatively, if you’re new to cannabis, you may want to try CBD alone or a strain of cannabis with a high CBD content, as CBD doesn’t have the same psychological effects as THC.

Cannabis Sex Products

Because of the effects of cannabis in aiding anal sex, companies have designed products combing cannabis and anal, which you can buy on Amazon and online stores.

For example, the sexual wellness company specializing in CBD and cannabis-based products, Foria, recently released “Foria Explore.” This product is an anal suppository (a solid drug placed into the anus) that releases THC and CBD in the pelvic region. It is designed to help relax the pelvic muscles and enhance sexual sensations.

As well as Foria, other companies such as Velvet Swing and Kush Queen also sell lubricants containing either a cannabis infusion or CBD alone. The cannabis or CBD in these products absorbs through the skin and relaxes muscles in the region of application.


Although cannabis and CBD lubricants can be a great way to help relax muscles during anal sex, sometimes added ingredients could irritate the skin. So, when trying a new lube, it’s always best to read the ingredients label and apply a small amount to the skin first to see if it causes irritation.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis and Anal: Summary

  • Cannabis can decrease muscle tension through different biological mechanisms
  • Cannabis could help enhance sex drive, increasing people’s desire for anal exploration
  • Cannabis may be able to decrease anxiety around anal sex, although in some cases, THC can increase anxiety
  • Cannabis and CBD-based products can be bought online, which could help enhance an anal sex experience
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