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Green Monkey Farms strives to provide the highest value in the CBD market. Their products are created using premium hemp extracts. They are quickly growing and becoming a favorite of discerning CBD fans.
CBD oil, MCT oil, natural flavoring
Recommended use
Take one dropper 1-2 times per day. Place liquid beneath tongue and wait 30-60 seconds before swallowing.
Extraction process
CO2 extraction
Medical benefits
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease

*All the data provided is for oil products only

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The growth of the CBD market seems assured as an increasing number of countries have decided to legalize the main non-intoxicating compound in marijuana. In the United States, CBD derived from hemp is legal (for certain products, and NOT in South Dakota and Nebraska) but CBD taken from weed is not. It is a confusing situation, but at least it is now legal to grow industrial hemp.

The marijuana industry is also benefiting from an array of innovations. The marijuana beverage market, for example, is set to hit a serious boom spell in the near future. According to data from Zenith Global, the cannabis-infused drinks market was worth $400m in 2022. However, according to Future Market Insights, the industry could be worth over $8 billion globally by 2032.

CBD beverages are also likely to become extremely popular in locations such as the United Kingdom where the cannabinoid is legal, but marijuana isn’t (except in very specific cases at present). Drinks are seen as a healthy and convenient method of consuming CBD. They can be sold in supermarkets, possibly curtail the effects of caffeine, and are water-soluble, which means the body absorbs most of the cannabinoids.

Also, it is easy to measure your daily intake. Over in the UK, Green Monkey is taking advantage of the new market by introducing the first carbonated drink infused with CBD in Great Britain. Let’s discover if Green Monkey is a brand worth investing time and money in.

Who is Green Monkey CBD?

For a brand hoping to take the CBD market by storm, I thought that Green Monkey didn’t put a great deal of effort into its website. Yes, the design looks professional, but there is a severe lack of content. There is no ‘About Us’ page, and little information on the site as a whole. All you can ascertain is that there is 10mg of CBD per can, and it is made with mixed fruit.

The brand’s Facebook page only has 127 ‘likes’ and 128 ‘followers.’ The page was created in January 2019 and there have been no new entries since February. Confusingly, I found a second Facebook account with over 300 ‘likes’. The website says the drink is ‘Pharmacy Backed’ without explaining what this means. However, I later determined that prominent UK pharmaceutical chains stock Green Monkey CBD.

It turns out that the brand has a second website. While the first, is dedicated to the CBD drink, contains more information and more products. The second site has a small FAQ section which answers a few CBD-related questions and tells you a bit more about the brand. I learned that in August 2019, Green Monkey produced its one-millionth can; an amazing achievement since the company was only formed a year ago!

For further information on the company, I needed to dig a little deeper, but soon found ample mentions of the brand in the British media. It turns out that Green Monkey is based in Birmingham, England, and it received prescription drug status for certain ailments in 2018; an enormous boost for the brand.

The organization was formed at the local Edgbaston cricket ground in 2018 and began with ten employees. It was officially launched in November 2018, and the founder of the business, Serge Davies, was stunned by the positive reaction to the drink. It is already available in newsagents, and Serge hopes to see it in major supermarkets in the near future. If Green Monkey ends up on the shelves of Tesco, Sainsbury’s and ASDA, the sky’s the limit for the company!

According to Serge, he got the idea for Green Monkey when he was looking for Red Bull at a petrol station. He noted that all drinks on the shelves were filled with caffeine. In other words, every beverage was designed to give you a spike of energy rather than helping you relax. He hoped to change matters with the help of CBD.

Serge points out that he can’t make any medical claims but states that customers come back for more after experiencing the effects. He hopes to expand the company’s range to include a drink for vegans which contains the vitamins and minerals people with this lifestyle need. Incidentally, the first cannabis clinic in the midlands region was opened in Solihull in April 2018, so it could be the start of something major for the weed industry in the UK.

Review of Green Monkey CBD Drink

review of green monkey cbd drink

The company’s main product is its CBD beverage which contains 10mg of CBD per 250ml can, and less than 0.2% THC, as is the case with all Green Monkey products. There are only 50 calories in each can, but the brand stresses that you shouldn’t consume more than two in a day. I read that you can get it for £2.29 in certain stores but online; you need to purchase in bulk with one of three options:

  • 6-Pack: £16.99
  • 12-Pack: £29.99
  • 24-Pack: £49.99

The drink provides a refreshing tropical flavor which makes it taste like a typical fruity beverage. Although the intention is to provide relaxation, you’ll feel an initial burst of energy, but ultimately, you should be able to wind down naturally at the end of a long, hard day. I wouldn’t recommend using this drink close to bedtime, however.

Review of Green Monkey CBD Oil Drops

review of green monkey cbd oil drops

There are three different CBD oil options in 2.5% and 5% strengths:

  • Natural flavor
  • Spearmint
  • Curcumin & black pepper

All options come in 10ml bottles. The 2.5% version contains 250mg of CBD, while the 5% version contains 500mg. You can’t purchase directly from the website. Instead, you need to click on the ‘Find Stockists’ link to find a store near you that supplies the oil. As always, place the drops beneath the tongue and hold for up to 60 seconds before swallowing.

If you don’t like the plant taste of the natural CBD, you may enjoy the minty option. The brand claims that it added curcumin and black pepper to help with digestion.

Does Green Monkey CBD Sell Any Other Products?

The brand offers CBD Balm, which contains 3% CBD. There is a total of 300mg of CBD in a 30ml tub or 10mg per ml. To use, apply the balm to the skin. As for the CBD capsules, you get 30 x 10mg capsules per bottle. They are ideal if you want your daily dose of CBD but don’t fancy the taste of the oil.

Where Can I Buy Green Monkey CBD?

If you want to purchase the Green Monkey CBD drink, you can do so online by visiting this particular Green Monkey website. However, there is a different website for the CBD oils, capsules, and balm, and you can’t make any online purchases there. To buy any of these products, go to the Find Stockists link to see if there are any stores near you.

On the drink’s website, the brand suggests that the price includes shipping. On the other website, you are purchasing from individual stores which means you will probably be subject to their terms and conditions.

Green Monkey CBD – The Verdict

The CBD drinks market is likely to be worth up to £150m per year in the UK alone, and Green Monkey appears to have come in on the ground floor. By all accounts, the brand is already performing remarkably well. Producing a million cans in a year is a phenomenal metric by almost any realistic standard for a start-up business.

One Midlands pharmacy chain that is also an investor in Green Monkey claims that the CBD drink is outselling water in his store by 50%! While it is a fledgling company, it has tremendous growth potential and has already assured its credibility by partnering with several pharmaceutical stores. Its drink tastes pretty good, and users claim it is effective for first giving them a boost, then helping them relax.

Ultimately, Green Monkey CBD is a brand with promise, and I’m interested to see how it develops.

Rating: 8.5/10

Green Monkey Pros

  • Already has links with significant firms which helps with credibility.
  • First CBD-infused carbonated drink on the UK market.
  • Provides a quick and easy CBD infusion.
  • The tropical flavor is tasty.

Green Monkey Cons

  • Unable to purchase oils, balm, or capsules online.
  • Didn’t notice any third-party lab reports.
  • Not nearly enough information about the company or products.
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