Ganja Goddess Delivers [Cannabis Delivery Service]

As cannabis delivery becomes increasingly common, companies like Ganja Goddess are seeking to provide a high-quality service. Find out more in our complete review, and check out our quick summary below.

Ganja Goddess Delivery: Quick Summary


  • There are lots of products on offer.
  • You can get edibles and tinctures at very reasonable prices.
  • It offers delivery throughout California.
  • There is excellent customer service.
  • Ganja Goddess performs discreet delivery.


  • You can only get delivery the next working day in most instances.
  • Some regions of California are excluded.

What Is Ganja Goddess Delivery?

There is now a handful of cannabis delivery services in the USA, with many concentrated in California. Ganja Goddess Delivery is one such company, and it aims to bring some quality and luxury to the market.


A local woman founded the company because she was discontented with the service at marijuana dispensaries in the Golden State. She initially began a medical marijuana cooperative that offered online support to MMJ patients; the process included delivery. Many states with legal medical cannabis have issues with accessibility due to the scarcity of dispensaries, and so delivering to those who had trouble reaching dispensaries was necessary.

Eventually, Ganja Goddess grew into something more. This company now offers delivered weed to both recreational and medical patients. Whether you use pot for medicinal purposes or simply enjoy using it, you can get what you need at Ganja Goddess.

If you’re wondering about the name, it apparently takes inspiration from the female cannabis plant. Males are virtually useless when it comes to using cannabis, so it’s a sort of respectful homage to the female plant.

Furthermore, the company was started by a woman, and she wants to showcase the allure and beauty of cannabis.

The overall aim of Ganja Goddess is to provide cannabis to those who need and want it. It achieves this through an efficient system with an excellent customer service team. Let’s find out more.

How Does the Ganja Goddess Delivery System Work?

Before placing an order with Ganja Goddess, you need to make an account. They need to verify your account and information via a call, so the first order will take longer than those in the future. Although the process may seem annoying to those accustomed to online shopping, it’s very necessary. Remember, you’re buying cannabis, so Ganja Goddess must verify your age and eligibility.

The company operates every weekday, up until 6:30 pm. You can usually order for same-day delivery depending on the time. However, you can also order for Next Day Delivery. If you order at the weekend, it will usually be shipped on Monday and arrive on Tuesday.

There are categories for many products offered by numerous dispensaries.

Ganja Goddess offers free delivery on orders of $75 or more. Less than that, and you can expect to pay the $14 shipping fee. On Saturdays, there is free delivery for orders over $100 or a flat rate of $18 for less than that.

To order, browse the website using the navigational tabs. There are categories for many products offered by numerous dispensaries. Once you have selected, you can add the product to the cart and then check out using the secure process.

Unlike other delivery services, Ganja Goddess does not send delivery updates. This is because it specializes in next-day delivery rather than same-day. As a result, your order will show up at some point the next day. Think of Ganja Goddess Delivery as sort of like Amazon Prime for weed.

The box is discreet, ensuring that nosey neighbors won’t know what is being delivered.

What Does Ganja Goddess Delivery Offer?

The Ganja Goddess website has a variety of sections that offer various cannabis products. The options include marijuana flower, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, vape pens, and more. You can browse the brands by clicking on the specific products you want to see.


For example, under the edibles tab, there is chocolate, Cheeba Chews, mints, gummies, and lots more. There are so many products that you might need to spend a while browsing!

When you click on the products, there is a short description of the brand, the product, and the dosage. You can also find reviews from other customers that will help you reach a decision.

Ganja Goddess Delivery FAQ

Here are some of the other things you may wish to know about Ganja Goddess Delivery.

How old do I have to be to order?

You must be 21 or over to order from Ganja Goddess, which will be confirmed with your account details. The one who orders the marijuana must be present to receive it, and you may be asked for ID upon delivery.

If you are an MMJ patient under 21, you must go through a different sign-up process, which can be found on the FAQ section of the official website. Once your caregiver has given approval, you may use Ganja Goddess.

Those under 21 can visit the sister site, CBD Goddess, to order CBD products instead.

Where does Ganja Goddess deliver?

Right now, Ganja Goddess delivers throughout California, except the following locations:

  • Sierra Nevadas and further east
  • Imperial County
  • North of Sacramento
  • North of Santa Rosa
  • Lake Tahoe
  • Areas near the border of Arizona or Nevada

How long does the order take?

Ganja Goddess specializes in next day delivery. The order typically takes until the next day, though it depends on when you place it. Orders placed on weekends, for instance, may arrive the following Tuesday. You can call the helpline, listed on the website, for delivery updates.

Can I get delivery outside California?

No. Ganja Goddess is currently limited to California.

What are the order limits?

For your first order, you can only order up to $340 worth of product before taxes. After that, there are no financial limits.

That said, the recreational use of marijuana in California is limited to purchasing 1oz of flower and 8g of concentrate at one time. For medical patients, this is 3oz of flower and 14g of concentrates. Notably, there is no limit for edibles and tinctures.

Do I have to have an MMJ card?

No. Recreational users over the age of 21 can also use Ganja Goddess. You must sign up using the online process and have your age verified; then you are free to use the service. Note, however, that the adult use limits are different for recreational and medical users. Furthermore, medical users are exempt from local taxes, so it’s worth signing up with your MMIC if possible.

How can I pay?

Ganja Goddess accepts online payments in most forms.

Final Thoughts on Ganja Goddess Delivery

Ganja Goddess Delivery is slightly different from many of the weed delivery companies we review. While most offer instant delivery, sort of like take-out food, this one offers next-day parcels. That said, we quite like it. It provides reasonable prices and an array of products that you can get to your door rather than stocking up yourself at a dispensary.

Ganja Goddess has an excellent range of products for affordable prices, so it’s definitely one to check out if you’re a resident of California.

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