Fire Lady Strain Review + Grower’s Guide

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Fire Lady Strain Overview
The Fire Lady strain is a mysterious and potent hybrid from Purple Caper Seeds. Users say that it is excellent for relaxation, reducing stress levels, and temporarily relieving anxiety.
Common usage
Chronic pain
Muscle spasms
Growing info
Fire Lady thrives indoors and flowers in about eight weeks. BUY SEEDS FOR THIS STRAIN AT OUR #1 RATED ONLINE SEED STORE: HOMEGROWN

The Fire Lady strain is a creation of renowned Californian cannabis breeders Purple Caper Seeds. The breeders are famous for possessing the best father strains in the Bay Area and Central Valley.

According to Purple Caper seeds, they specialize in designer strains that produce the highest yields and overall quality. They first source top quality landrace, heirloom, and designer strains from prestigious clubs and growers in California. They then pollinate these strains with their own “50 or better pedigree father strains for world-class results.”

The good news is that the Fire Lady strain is no exception. Fire Lady, released in 2014, is very rare and is found only in California’s best clubs. There isn’t a vast amount of information in the public domain relating to the Fire Lady strain. However, the little that there is points to it being a high-quality and very potent strain.

What Is the Fire Lady Strain?

The Fire Lady strain is an indica-dominant female BX (backcross) phenotype of the Purple Caper Father strain. Backcrossing is a breeding method that typically involves a male strain being backcrossed with its parent strain to retain a desirable trait. The process can take several generations of breeding (usually four or five) before the strain consistently possesses the desired trait.

The Purple Caper Father strain’s lineage is (Granddaddy Purple x Diesel) X (White Widow x Pure Indica). Purple Caper Seeds never released the parent strain but instead reserved it solely for crossbreeding purposes.

There are also four Purple Caper female phenotypes with different qualities and characteristics:


  1. The Purple Caper (female) is reportedly the best medicinal phenotype of the four.
  2. The Rocket Science female phenotype produces the best indoor yields.
  3. The Rocket Science XL female phenotype produces the highest outdoor yields.
  4. The fourth female phenotype is the Fire Lady strain and is the subject of this review. Fire Lady has the highest THC content and the darkest purple hues of the four female phenotypes.

As already mentioned, the Fire Lady strain is extremely potent with a very high THC level. You don’t want to play with “fire” with this particular strain, as the THC levels can reach as high as 25%.

If you are a novice cannabis smoker, then it is probably best that you pass on this strain in case you get burned. Instead, the Fire Lady strain is better suited to seasoned smokers with plenty of experience with highly potent strains.


Purple Caper Seeds describe Fire Lady’s aroma as a “waxy red candle smell,” which gives it a unique and distinctive fragrance.


The Fire Lady strain has a pungent, musky taste that won’t be to everyone’s liking. There are better tasting strains out there for sure. However, the Fire Lady strain’s other attributes more than make up for what it lacks in favor.

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The Fire Lady strain has inherited the vibrant purplish hues of its parent strain Purple Caper. A mature Fire Lady cannabis plant is also heavily coated in resinous white trichomes. This frosted sheen contrasts nicely with the deep purple hues of its flowers. Curly, orange pistils, which are the female reproductive organs, grow prominently among the leaves, giving a bit of added color.

In similar cannabis plants, the presence of purplish hues is due to its anthocyanin pigments. These pigments’ deep purplish color can be brought out by “shocking” or exposing the plant to cold temperatures shortly before flowering.

Fire Lady Strain Grow Info

According to Purple Caper Seeds, a Fire Lady plant is best suited to indoor growing. Purple Caper Seeds classifies this strain’s growth difficulty as easy due to its hardiness and ability to withstand abuse. The cannabis breeders also say that strain is even suitable for novice cannabis growers to try.

There is no specific grow information available relating to the Fire Lady strain. Fire Lady growers should stick with tried and trusted indoor growing methods to achieve a successful grow.

Fire Lady growers should stick with tried and trusted indoor growing methods to achieve a successful grow.

For example, be sure to provide the Fire Lady plant with plenty of light during the vegetative stage. Doing so will prevent the plants from growing too tall and lanky and ensure that the plant receives the energy it needs.

Remember, it is essential to include a cooling or exhaust system to prevent plants from overheating when using powerful grow lights. A CO2 canister will help a growing Fire Lady plant receive the carbon dioxide level it needs to flourish.

Be sure to provide enough nutrients when feeding your Fire Lady plant too. A good indication of a cannabis plant’s overall health is visible by the condition of its leaves. Signs that your Fire Lady plant is undernourished include yellowish discoloration or spots on the plant’s leaves.

The flowering period for a Fire Lady plant is reportedly relatively short. Experienced Fire Lady growers say that the indoor flowering period is approximately 56 days. There is no information regarding Fire Lady’s overall yield in the public domain.

THC Content – Highest Test

The highest known recorded THC content of a Fire Lady sample is believed to be 25%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The highest CBD level recorded in a Fire Lady plant is unknown. Given the strain’s high THC level, it likely has a relatively low CBD content. It’s highly probable that it is less than one percent.

Medical Benefits of the Fire Lady Strain

Many Fire Lady users say that its relaxing effects help them to de-stress due to and unwind. The Fire Lady’s mood-boosting effects may temporarily relieve the negative feelings associated with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety.

Most Fire Lady consumers say that it can help alleviate painful conditions like arthritis, muscular pain, and headaches.

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Possible Side Effects of the Fire Lady Strain

The most common side effects associated with the Fire Lady strain are dry eyes and cottonmouth. Given Fire Lady’s potent THC level, this isn’t surprising. It is a good idea to have a bottle of water on hand when smoking this strain.

Some Fire Lady users who consumed too much in one sitting have experienced heightened anxiety, dizziness, and even mild paranoia. Experienced cannabis users who enjoy the Fire Lady strain in moderation are less likely to experience these adverse reactions.

Final Thoughts on the Fire Lady Strain

The Fire Lady strain is relatively new and is only available in a few select locations in California. As a result, there isn’t a massive amount of information regarding it out there, which adds to the strain’s allure and mystery.

There isn’t a massive amount of information regarding it out there, which adds to the strain’s allure and mystery.

However, with a highly reputable cannabis breeder like Purple Caper Seeds behind it, this strain is likely to be top quality. Purple Caper Seeds have established a solid reputation in the Bay Area and Central Valley. These renowned breeders are known for possessing the best father strains in California and specializing in designer strains.

Are you one of the chosen few who has felt the fire of this potent strain? Let us know your thoughts about the Fire Lady strain in the comments below.

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