DaVinci IQ2 Vape Review: Full Product Breakdown

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Top Product Overview
The DaVinci IQ2 is an upgrade to the much-loved IQ original. It offers cooler vapor, better flavor, and precision temperature control. It works with dry herb and concentrates and comes with a fantastic 10-year warranty.
10-year warranty
Heating type
3500mAh battery (USB charger) / Yes
Recharge time
360 minutes
Bowl size
Temp settings
Precision Temperature Mode and Smart Paths
Temp range
Heat up time
Auto shut-off

The vaporizing industry remains incredibly competitive. The PACT Act hurt a lot of businesses, but larger organizations can continue selling their latest creations. Brands like DaVinci retain a loyal following as a growing number of people see vaping cannabis as a healthier alternative to smoking.

Brands that sell vape devices understand that rivals create upgrades regularly. When the DaVinci IQ came to market, it was considered the gold standard in vaping. However, it was inevitably usurped by competitors. Of course, the company knew that staying still meant falling behind.

As a result, it has released several further vaporizers, including the DaVinci IQ2. This review provides you with detailed information about its features, temperature control, performance, and more.

DaVinci IQ2 Highlights


  • 10-year warranty
  • Easier to clean than the DaVinci IQ
  • Relatively large oven
  • Airflow adjuster
  • Smart Path and Precision temperature controls
  • Made with high-quality materials


  • It takes up to six hours to charge
  • You only get a maximum of 80 minutes of use from a full charge after waiting that long
  • It is expensive

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DaVinci IQ2 Vaporizer Review: Who Created This Device?

Cortney Smith founded DaVinci Tech in 2011. As the company name suggests, Smith was inspired by the legendary Renaissance-era painter, sculptor, and inventor, Leonardo da Vinci. The brand has developed a reputation for continuous innovation and released its initial DaVinci Vaporizer in 2012. A year later, it unveiled Ascent, but it was the release of the DaVinci IQ in 2016 that placed the company firmly in the spotlight.


However, despite receiving countless positive reviews, DaVinci knew it had to be innovative. That’s why it created the DaVinci IQ2, which it released in 2019. Costing almost $300, this is no device for the casual vape user. It is a sophisticated piece of technology designed to improve the vaping experience for seasoned users. To date, it is the most advanced of the DaVinci vaporizers range, though we wonder how long that will last!

Now, let’s check out its design, features, and how it compares to its predecessor, the DaVinci IQ.

DaVinci IQ2 Design

As with previous DaVinci vape devices, the IQ2 is small, light, yet durable. It is made with a brushed and anodized aluminum shell, and you have the choice of four colors. The IQ2 is an aesthetic delight, with a ceramic zirconia mouthpiece and mirrored loading dock. You’ll also notice how snugly it fits in your hand.


Compared to the first IQ, the second iteration is almost 10% larger and is 11 grams heavier. However, you’ll hardly notice the size difference between the two DaVinci vaporizers. Instead, you’ll focus on the bigger oven and adjustable air dial. Like the previous IQ, you can easily fit this vaporizer in your pocket, and there are no loose parts to worry about.

Apart from the DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer, you receive the following:

  • USB charging cable
  • 2 x pick tools
  • 9 x alcohol wipes
  • 9 x organic cotton pieces
  • 10mm water pipe adapter
  • Dosage pod

You have the option to purchase additional accessories, including the IQ Sleeve. It is a leather cover designed to protect the device from minor falls and scratches. Those who buy it say the sleeve also makes it easier to handle the heat the device emits.

The IQ2 retains the flavor chamber from the original. It cools down the vapor, and you can even use it as a storage container. The chamber sits beneath the top lid, and you can use a pick to pull it out and open it.

DaVinci IQ2 Temperature Control

Overall, the DaVinci IQ2 offers a temperature range between 350 degrees and 430 degrees Fahrenheit. The brand again falls back on the ‘Smart Path’ technology provided with the first IQ device. Here are the four paths and their temperature range:

  • Path 1: 350F – 370F
  • Path 2: 370F – 390F
  • Path 3:390F – 410F
  • Path 4:410F – 430F

There is also a Precision mode available with the IQ2 app. You can set the device’s temperature to a specific degree between 350F and 430F. When you’re in the Smart Path mode, pressing the power button once displays the current temperature.

DaVinci IQ2 Other Features

One of the coolest features is the ‘Dosage Control’ option. You can see the THC ‘dose’ with every draw while also discovering how much you consume in a session. It seems as if the algorithm provides a baseline for how much THC you are potentially consuming based on different parameters. However, it is far from being completely accurate.

Therefore, the dosage is calculated based on variables such as length of the draw, oven temperature, how long you pause between draws, and how long the herbs are exposed to heat. It also accounts for the substance’s potency (which you enter) and the amount you load into the oven. You can set a ‘maximum dose’ per session, and the vaporizer alerts you when you reach the limit.


Speaking of which, the oven is significantly bigger than what the first IQ device offered. You can load up to 0.5 grams of dry herb in the IQ2, compared to the 0.3 grams of its predecessor. The maximum capacity for concentrates is 0.1 grams. The ceramic oven is glass-lined and uses conduction heating. As a result, your herbs remain heated even when you’re not drawing.

There is a Zirconia Pearl attached to the bottom lid that slides into the oven. It reflects the heat into the oven and helps roast your herbs efficiently. You can adjust the pearl to decrease oven size if you wish.

The IQ2 app is only available to Android users because Apple doesn’t allow vape apps in its store. However, it is possible to do almost everything on the device that you can with the app in any case.

The dosage pod holds up to 0.2 grams of herb, and you can preload it for easy on-the-go usage. Using it also helps keep your oven cleaner, and it produces dense clouds when packed.

Adjustable Airflow

The air dial on the IQ2 is another outstanding innovation from DaVinci. You can twist the dial to adjust the level of airflow up or down. There are five levels of airflow to choose from, including a ‘closed’ setting.

Turn the airflow up if you want to prioritize flavor and down if you want thicker clouds. According to most users, the DaVinci IQ2 offers the best vapor quality of any conduction vaporizer on the market.

DaVinci keeps its famous 10-year warranty which is among the best in the industry.

DaVinci IQ2 Vape: Performance & How to Use

The DaVinci IQ2 vaporizer uses a 3500mAh 18650 rechargeable battery. If you’re a regular user of vaporizers, it is best to purchase a second battery. One big downside of the IQ2 is the fact it takes six hours to charge. There are few vaporizers on the market that take so long. This is something that almost every DaVinci IQ review states, especially reviews from customers. Moreover, you only get between 50- and 80-minutes’ worth of use from a full charge.

One tip is to keep your battery partially charged when not in use. Batteries degrade significantly quicker if you store them with no charge or a full charge for a long time. Also, you can invest in an external charger to halve the charging time.

The DaVinci IQ2 has a long charging time, which is why many users have a second battery or an external charger.

The device has a flat mouthpiece installed, but the box comes with an extended mouthpiece. You can use it as a 10mm adapter for water filtration devices. Many users suggest that it feels more ‘natural’ to inhale from the extended version.

When packing the oven, you have the option of using the pearl to reduce the oven size if 0.5 grams is too much for a solo session. The IQ2 works best when you use medium ground dry herb. As is the case with any conduction vaporizer, you want to avoid packing the oven too loosely because the herb needs to make contact with the oven’s walls when heated.

The IQ2 has the same LED display as the original. The grid displays the different settings and temperature levels. You can also use a ‘stealth mode’ by pressing the down arrow and power button together. This process dims the LED lighting.

Using Your IQ2

Click the power button five times to activate the IQ2. Choose one of the Smart Paths, and the device heats up automatically. The vaporizer vibrates once it reaches the desired temperature. When on a Smart Path, the IQ2 begins at the bottom temperature and gradually increases by 20 degrees in the next eight minutes.

When in Smart Path mode, press the power button once to show the existing temperature. At this point, you can enter Precision Mode by pressing the up or down arrows to set a temperature to a specific degree between 350F and 430F. When you’re ready, start inhaling and enjoy!

Incidentally, pressing and holding the power button reveals ‘boost mode.’ The IQ2 rapidly heats to 430 degrees. Upon the release of the button, the device enters ‘standby mode’ and cools the device. Go back to your previous set temperature by pressing the up or down arrow once.

To switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit, press all three buttons simultaneously. If you need to perform a factory reset, switch off the IQ2 and press and hold all three buttons for 10 seconds. You’ll know it works when the device vibrates.

DaVinci IQ2: Cleaning & Maintenance

The IQ2 is significantly easier to clean than the old version. The brand modified the flavor chamber, so cleaning and maintenance are less burdensome. You can perform a deep cleaning in less than 10 minutes by doing the following:

  • Holding the device upside down, use alcohol wipes to clean the oven and pearl.
  • Remove the mouthpiece, cap, and flavor chamber. Soak the mouthpiece and vapor path in isopropyl alcohol. Remove the O-ring from the cap, and put the cap in the alcohol too.
  • Next, add the mouthpiece seal and O-ring from the cap in warm, soapy water.
  • Rinse the parts that were in the alcohol, and make sure everything is dry before using the IQ2 again.

Ideally, you’ll quickly brush the pearl and oven after each use.

How Has DaVinci Improved on the First IQ?

 Compared to the original, the IQ2 provides better airflow and higher cloud output.

  • The adjustable airflow dial means you can have up to 67% more airflow than the first IQ, or 40% less.
  • The pearl enables you to customize your oven size more easily. The oven is also thicker, while there is more insulation around the battery. The result is a better level of consistency when heating material.
  • There are modifications on the IQ2 that make it much easier to clean.
  • The IQ2 comes with a dosage pod and a ceramic extract disc you can use for concentrates.
  • You benefit from an additional pick tool, glass zirconia pearl, and glass mouthpiece. Not to mention a zirconia flavor vapor path and a glass-lined ceramic oven.

On the downside, the IQ2 takes twice as long to heat as its predecessor. 

Final Thoughts About the DaVinci IQ2

Overall, the DaVinci IQ2 deserves its reputation as one of the top-rated conduction vaporizers on the market. It heats your herb or concentrates quickly and offers excellent flavor and vapor production. The Air Dial is a fantastic innovation and lets you customize your vaping experience. The Smart Path, which controls your temperature, also lets you enjoy dry herb or concentrate your way.

The main downside is the length of time a full charge takes. If DaVinci could bring it down to three hours, it would be tough to compete with. Also, the price tag is too steep for some, but if you want the best possible vaping experience, it is well worth spoiling yourself with the DaVinci IQ2.

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