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Cannapresso isn't the typical CBD brand. Instead, they are company seeking to provide consumers with a less structured view of CBD. Their products show the fun and energizing aspect of CBD, and how CBD can impact lives in a healthy, exciting way.
Full spectrum hemp oil also contains essential vitamins, minerals, Omega fatty acids, flavonoids, chlorophyll and terpenes.
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Recommend to drop 2-3 times a day. Dissolve under tongue.
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CO2 extraction
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CANNAPRESSO CBD is a brand determined to change the way that we all think of CBD. Rather than the stereotypical small white capsules or drops of flavorless oil that so many of us think of, they strive to create products that show the fun side of CBD, filling you with a wave of excitement that regular supplements just cannot achieve.

For many people, taking a daily dose of CBD to help control long-term health conditions or simply to stay fit and healthy, has become a reality. An increasing number of people are turning to natural forms of medication and in particular CBD in the hope of taking back control over their own health.

CANNAPRESSO CBD wants to take this one step further and make CBD not just something that people take daily as part of their morning routine, but instead something that people look forward to and enjoy. CANNAPRESSO CBD offers a wide selection of different CBD products designed to enhance your life in more than just a medicinal way.

Let’s take a closer look at CANNAPRESSO CBD and find out what really sets them apart from other CBD brands.


CANNAPRESSO CBD is a California based CBD brand who specialize in creating natural hemp-based CBD products that are legal across all 50 U.S. states. CANNAPRESSO CBD has two main goals when it comes to CBD. Firstly, that all of their products are made using natural, healthy ingredients that work to improve your health rather than simply packing your body with dangerous chemicals and toxins. Secondly, CANNAPRESSO CBD wants to show that CBD can be more than just a regular, boring supplement. All of CANNAPRESSO CBD’s products have been designed to be fun and something that you look forward to taking each day, quickly becoming a positive part of your daily routine.

CANNAPRESSO CBD is committed to protecting the future of both their customer’s health and the environment around us; this is why they only use chemical-free CO2 extraction methods.

This natural method of extracting CBD from hemp plants ensures that all impurities and heavy metals are removed while also protecting the quality of the CBD extract which will go on to be used in their final products.

Additionally, the methods used by CANNAPRESSO CBD to extract CBD from hemp plants are some of the most eco-friendly methods possible, ensuring that the environment is not being damaged in exchange for our improved health.

CANNAPRESSO CBD proudly guarantees all of their products meet the strict standards that are expected from CBD manufacturers in the U.S., as well as meeting their own, even higher set of quality checks. CANNAPRESSO CBD uses third-party lab testing to check each batch and ensure that only the very best products are distributed. The results of these tests can be accessed by wholesalers upon request, creating a level of transparency and trust between CANNAPRESSO CBD and its customers.

CANNAPRESSO CBD has a wide selection of different products designed with enjoyment and health perfectly balanced, combining a healthy dose of CBD with mouthwatering flavors resulting in products that are loved from coast to coast. Let’s take a closer look at some of their top products and find out how they can liven up your CBD routine.


Wide Range of Products: CANNAPRESSO CBD wants their products to be as accessible to as many people as possible and have therefore created a diverse range of different CBD products that appeal to a wide and varied audience. The wide range of different products, including everything from CBD water to CBD crystals, gives customers control and choice to decide the best way to incorporate CBD into their daily routine, in a way that actually works.

Third-Party Lab Testing: CANNAPRESSO CBD uses third-party lab testing to check the purity of their final products before sending them out to retailers. This creates an extra layer of accountability, helping to build trust between CANNAPRESSO CBD and its customers.

Eco-Friendly: CANNAPRESSO CBD is committed to not only improving the here and now, but also to protecting the future and ensuring that the benefits of CBD can be enjoyed for generations to come. CANNAPRESSO CBD only uses sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing methods, keeping their carbon footprint low and the planet healthy.


cannapresso cbd tinctures

CANNAPRESSO CBD tinctures are available in a range of different strengths, sizes, and fruity flavors. They also offer a choice between full-spectrum oils and CBD isolate oils, giving customers full control over their own health and the type of CBD that works best for them.

In keeping with CANNAPRESSO CBD’s fun approach to CBD, all of their tinctures are packed in bright, vibrant packing reflecting their delicious flavor blends and reminding you that even CBD oils should be enjoyed.

CANNAPRESSO CBD full-spectrum oils are available in a range of different fruity flavors including mango, strawberry, and OG Kush, and come in both 10ml and 30ml options.

CANNAPRESSO CBD is aware that everyone’s health needs and required CBD intake is different, and therefore offer their full spectrum oils in a range of different strengths, starting with a low dose of just 100mg of CBD and going all the way up to 5000mg of CBD for a much stronger dose.

CANNAPRESSO CBD full-spectrum oils not only pack a healthy and powerful dose of CBD, but also contain all of the other cannabinoids, vitamins, and flavonoids found in hemp plants. By using the entire plant, CANNAPRESSO CBD customers are able to benefit from more than just the health benefits of CBD but also the entire plant’s natural, immune-boosting goodness.

CANNAPRESSO CBD isolate oils offer a slightly different experience, rather than being made from the entire plant only pure CBD extract is used, resulting in a much purer experience.

Whether you opt to try CANNAPRESSO CBD’s full spectrum or CBD isolate oil will very much depend on the effects you are looking for from CBD and your own personal preference. Both oils are packed with high-quality CBD formulated to give your immune system a little helping hand.

CANNAPRESSO CBD isolate oils come in both 10ml and 30ml bottles and are available in a range of different strengths, similar to CANNAPRESSO CBD’s full-spectrum oils. All of the same fruity and delicious flavor options are also available, including all-time favorites such as strawberry and mango.

CANNAPRESSO CBD oils are extremely versatile in terms of use. While you can opt to simply place a few drops under your tongue and allow it to be absorbed, you can also try creating your own fun recipes and topicals by adding CANNAPRESSO CBD oils to your favorite dishes and creams.


CANNAPRESSO CBD has a wide selection of different vape products including CBD isolate e-liquids, full-spectrum e-liquids, and even terpene e-liquids. As CANNAPRESSO CBD like to offer their customers as much choice as possible, all of their vape e-liquids are available in a range of different sized bottles, strengths, and of course flavors that sound as though they belong on a cocktail menu.

CANNAPRESSO CBD full spectrum vape e-liquids combine all of the goodness found in their full-spectrum oils with the fun of vaping. Available in fruity flavors such as grapefruit and strawberry, there is no better way to enjoy CBD throughout the day, keeping your mood high and your body healthy.

Full-spectrum vape e-liquids work perfectly alongside CANNAPRESSO CBD’s CBD oils, simply add a few drops of oil to your breakfast in the morning and then top up your dosage throughout the day with a few puffs of vape e-liquid.

CANNAPRESSO CBD has taken their high quality, popular CBD isolate oils and with a few extra additions turned them into flavorful vape e-liquids that you can enjoy with ease throughout the day. CANNAPRESSO CBD’s vape menu includes refreshing flavors such as cherry mint and grape, offering a new flavorful experience every day.

CANNAPRESSO CBD terpene infused e-liquids are a great way to liven up your regular vape liquids. Containing zero CBD, terpene e-liquids provide a way to enjoy all of the aroma and flavor of CBD without the actual CBD.

Terpene e-liquids can be easily combined with your normal liquids in order to create a fruity and unique mixture. They can also be mixed with other CBD e-liquids allowing you to tailor your own vaping experience perfectly.


cannapresso cbd sprays

CANNAPRESSO CBD sprays offer an all-natural alternative to your typical over the counter, chemically packed nasal and throat sprays. Sprays are designed to be used in very much the same way that you would a regular medicated spray, with the main difference being that you do not have to worry about subjecting your body to harmful toxins, instead of filling it with a healthy dose of CBD.

CANNAPRESSO CBD comes in three different options each designed to soothe a different sinus condition, with options including a hayfever spray and a sore throat spray. Thanks to CANNAPRESSO CBD you never again have to spray expensive, toxins into your system.


CANNAPRESSO CBD’s topical range has been designed as a simple way to work a microdose of CBD into your daily skincare routine, helping your skin to stay hydrated and keep it feeling great.

All of CANNAPRESSO CBD creams are made from a blend of natural plant extracts, CBD, and packed with immune-boosting vitamins. If all of that were not enough CANNAPRESSO CBD creams also smell fantastic and are the perfect way to scent your skin without spraying expensive and artificial perfumes.

CANNAPRESSO CBD has every element of your skincare routine covered with everything from a moisturizing CBD infused hand cream to CBD eye cream.

CANNAPRESSO CBD’s hand cream comes in a stylish 30ml container and contains 15mg of CBD, perfect for slotting into your handbag and rejuvenating your skin throughout the day. CANNAPRESSO CBD’s face cream packs a slightly stronger dose of CBD with 200mg helping to keep your face looking and feeling young and fresh.

CANNAPRESSO CBD has carefully packaged all of their CBD topicals to give them the appearance of regular, high-quality moisturizers and creams.

This allows your CBD topicals to fit seamlessly among your other skincare products on your dresser for a stylish and sleek ascetic, rather than giving it the feel of a medical cabinet. It is this attention to detail and consideration of what customers actually want in their CBD products that make CANNAPRESSO CBD stand out from other brands.

How to Buy CANNAPRESSO CBD Products

CANNAPRESSO CBD currently operates as a wholesaler and therefore do not sell their CBD products directly to customers. Individuals looking to get their hands on some of CANNAPRESSO CBD’s products and try them for they will need to find a third-party retailer who stocks your chosen items. For some of their products, such as the 10ml tinctures, CANNAPRESSO CBD provides links to 420 Beast.

420 Beast is an online store where you can purchase a range of different CBD products from different brands. Tracking down other CANNAPRESSO CBD products can be slightly more challenging as CANNAPRESSO CBD do not currently have a ‘find local stockist’ option on their website, leaving it very much down to the individual and their Googling skills.

Wholesalers can download the full CANNAPRESSO CBD product catalog from the ‘About Us’ section of their website, in advance of contacting them. This can also be a useful source of information for potential customers, providing access to their entire list of products.

CANNAPRESSO CBD can often be found at a number of exhibitions including Vape Jam UK and Champs Trade Show. This is an excellent way to sample CANNAPRESSO CBD’s products and learn a little more about the brand and their vision for the future.

Final Verdict about CANNAPRESSO CBD

Through their wide range of CBD products, CANNAPRESSO CBD show that CBD is about more than simply taking a daily supplement, it is something that can form a positive and enjoyable part of your day.

CANNAPRESSO CBD is working to shape the future of the CBD industry and helping to show people that CBD does not have to feel daunting and clinical. With easy to use products such as their vape e-liquids and CBD infused creams, CBD has never felt more accessible and easy to fit into your daily routine.

A real highlight of CANNAPRESSO CBD is that they manage to combine both high-quality health products that actually work for you, with a fun and exciting vibe that make CBD feel more like a treat than a supplement. Even the packaging of their products have been carefully designed to feel less medical and instead just like regular skincare and vaping products.

If you are looking for a way to include CBD in your daily routine without having to make huge changes, then CANNAPRESSO CBD might just have the perfect solution for you.

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