Can Lung Damage Be Repaired After Smoking?

Smoking can have a lot of effects on the body which can be detrimental to properly functioning organs and a healthy life. The area that is affected the most from smoking is the upper respiratory system and the lungs. Damage to these crucial systems and organs takes a toll on our ability to properly breathe and filter our air. As the cilia in the lungs become paralyzed from the cigarette smoke, they are unable to get rid of mucus, which can lead to conditions such as chronic bronchitis.

If you are worried about your lungs after smoking and are thinking about quitting, there is good news. A lot of the damage can stop and even be reversed to an extent after the cessation of smoking. As the lungs get a chance to recover from the smoke months after you stop, the cells will repair themselves and inflammation in the airways will decrease. This will allow for the healing process to take place and for the lung cells to regenerate.

The faster you clear your lungs from the toxins and pollutants that cigarettes and smoking have given you, the faster you will start to heal. There are a few ways that you can speed up the healing process of your lungs after smoking, however.

#1 – Exercise

Due to the constricted airways and inflammation in the lungs from smoking, many smokers do not get enough oxygen in the lungs. Through exercise, however, you can improve the amount of oxygen that circulates throughout the body and into the lungs, which can bring about healing results. It can improve circulation and make the body more efficient in helping to get rid of carbon dioxide faster. It can additionally help to reduce your risk of many problems such as heart disease and stroke. Exercising will make your muscles work harder and more oxygen will reach your muscles as a result, helping to bring down inflammation.

#2 – Tea/Coffee

Tea and coffee have been found to help reduce inflammation in the lungs due to the high concentration of antioxidants found in them which are effective in helping to reduce inflammation.

Inflammation is a big hindrance to the healing of lungs after smoking so by bringing it down, the lungs can regenerate the cells within them and how to reverse the damage after smoking.

#3 – Coughing

The body eliminates toxins from the lungs primarily through mucus. When you smoke, however, the cilia in the lungs are often damaged and paralyzed and the body becomes less effective at removing the mucus. By forcing yourself to cough, you can help to loosen the mucus and expel it through your airways.

By eliminating this excess mucus, you can allow your lungs to be cleared of the chemicals and toxins that were taken in through smoking and help to speed up the recovery process. Since it takes a while for the cilia to recover after smoking, forcing yourself to cough may really help to jumpstart the detoxification of the lungs after quitting smoking.

#4 – Steam

Using steam to help clear out the lungs is another effective method to help reverse the damage after smoking. By inhaling steam into your lungs, you allow water vapor to enter your airways which will in turn help the lungs to get rid of the mucus.

The mucus membranes are often dried out within the airways and lungs, and this can greatly restrict blood flow to the area which is important for healing and proper function. By adding moisture to your lungs, the mucus inside will be loosened and expelled more easily, helping you to be able to breathe much more easily as well. This is not a permanent solution, but it can definitely help in the healing process by detoxing and flushing out the lungs quicker than they would without any sort of help at all.

#5 – Stay Firm

By far, the most efficient way to help repair lung damage after smoking is to absolutely 100% commit to not smoking anymore. If the cilia are constantly being bombarded by smoke and unable to work and toxins are continually being put into the airways, there is not going to be any recovery.

That is why it is important to stick to a plan of action or to get help quitting smoking so that way your lungs can heal and the body can work its magic. The best remedy for repairing lung damage from smoking is time, because through time the cells will repair themselves – and if you do not add any more smoke or pollutants to the lungs, then the progress will just keep continuing.

Final Thoughts on Repairing Your Lungs After Smoking

So overall, the lung damage that is done after smoking can be remedied, to an extent. Through the cessation of smoking and the addition of exercise, antioxidants, and other methods to help flush out the lungs from toxins, a lot of that damage can be undone since you are helping to restore the respiratory functions and allow the body to function as it should.

There is a lot of damage that is done to the lungs which cannot be reversed, but a lot of it can be helped through the elimination of further toxins and inflammation. By reducing the majority of inflammation in the lungs and increasing oxygen to the airways, healing can take place and the other damages can potentially be repaired, such as restoration of the cilia, cells, and oxygen levels of the respiratory system.

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