5 Best Cannabis Strains for an Explosive Orgasm

According to Match.com, a significant proportion of singles are turned off by regular weed smokers. If you are one of this majority, you are potentially missing out on the best sex for your life! Whether you like it or not, marijuana is capable of enhancing sexual pleasure. This is quite a departure from the stereotypical lazy stoner who spends their day watching lousy TV while lacking the capability of producing fireworks in bed.

There are hundreds of cannabinoids in marijuana, many of which remain unidentified. Amongst the 113+ that have been discovered, THC-V is a cannabinoid associated with energizing and invigorating users. You can have great sex with sativas or indicas. However, it seems as if the former is the better option if you want an earth-shattering orgasm. Research suggests that sativas contract the muscles, which improve performance.

Marijuana & Improved Orgasms in Women

A study by Lynn et al., published in Sexual Medicine in June 2019, looked at the relationship between weed use before sex and sexual function in females. In the study, 197 women didn’t use cannabis, and 49% used it but not before having sex. Another 127 females did use marijuana before sexual intercourse.

The researchers found that the women who used the herb before sex endured less pain with more lubrication. There was an active link between marijuana and women’s satisfaction with their sex drive, orgasms, and sex lives. Those who regularly used cannabis before sex were twice as likely to have ‘satisfactory’ orgasms as those who didn’t.

A hybrid strain with 70% sativa is supposedly the ‘golden ratio.’ Fortunately, there are plenty of great marijuana strains to give you the ‘O’ you’ve always dreamed of. The Match.com research also showed that people who are open to marijuana use are twice as likely to have multiple orgasms than those who aren’t.

So, are you still turned off by weed smokers? Or, are you open-minded and wish to see what Mary Jane can do for you in the bedroom? If so, here are five strains to heighten your orgasm.

1 – Sour Diesel (The Marijuana Strain for Frenzied Sex)

There are occasions when you want to get down to business fast. Sour Diesel is arguably the best strain for this purpose. Also known as Sour D, this sativa-dominant hybrid (90%) is extremely potent and contains up to 26% THC. It also has up to 2% CBD and 4% CBN. The origins of Sour Diesel are a mystery; some say it is a cross of Mexican Sativa and a Chemdawg phenotype. Others suggest it is a cross of Mass Super Skunk and 91 Chemdawg.

Regardless, a Sour Diesel high is like few others as it gives you an almost immediate burst of energy. You should feel a sense of complete euphoria. Best of all, its high can last for up to five hours; this is plenty of time to do your thing.

You can put your excited energy to good use! This strain also heightens your senses to the point where getting caressed will feel like heaven. Sour Diesel will prolong the duration of your rendezvous. It will fill you with insatiable desire, which means your partner is in for a treat.

2 – Ultimate Trainwreck (The Marijuana Strain That Gets You Ready for Take Off)

trainwreck marijuana cannabis strain

This 50/50 hybrid is a cousin of Trainwreck. As you can probably tell from the name, this strain is even more potent. It is trendy in California and has a tropical and sweet taste. Users of Ultimate Trainwreck say that it sends them to Cloud Nine and ensures their brain feels as if it is in a whole new dimension.

It is also a strain for lovemaking because the effects act fast and last for around two hours. First of all, it hits you with a cerebral head high. Then, Ultimate Trainwreck rewards you with a potent body buzz that makes you feel alert and filled with bliss.

All you’ll want to do is get busy with the person you love. After the initial pleasant high, you enter a relaxed state that sets the stage for an orgasm to remember. If your goal is to try something a little more adventurous than usual, take some Ultimate Trainwreck. You will feel your inhibitions slip away and enjoy a memorable evening.

3 – Bubblegum Kush (The Marijuana Strain for the Relaxed Orgasm)

bubblegum kush

With a THC content of around 18%, this indica dominant hybrid (80%) doesn’t knock your head off. Nonetheless, it is still a strain worthy of respect. It is a cross between Bubblegum and an unnamed Kush, and it looks, smells, and tastes fantastic. More importantly, it lays the foundations for an incredible night of lovemaking.

Users say that when they consume Bubblegum Kush, they feel a sensual buzz and are immediately looking to be touched. When you lay down in bed with your partner, your body will respond to their touch. Soon, both of you will feel incredibly aroused. Unlike other strains that offer a ground-shaking orgasm, Bubblegum Kush enables you to enjoy a relaxed orgasm that feels peaceful and pleasant.

Unusually for an indica, Bubblegum Kush doesn’t make you feel lazy for several hours. Therefore, you have plenty of time to enjoy an evening of passion. Post-orgasm, you will experience couch-lock for an hour or two before you finally go to bed. This is definitely the strain for lovers!

4 – Jillybean (The Roleplay Marijuana Strain)

This gorgeous tasting strain is one of the best around when it comes to lowering inhibitions. It enables you to try out things you wouldn’t dare to do when sober. This sativa-dominant hybrid (60%) has a THC content of up to 18%, so it is certainly no lightweight. It hits users with a cerebral high that soon impacts the body and ensures you stay energized for hours.

If you’re concerned that the spark has gone out of your lovemaking, give Jillybean a try. Before you know it, you’ll be playing all sorts of kinky games. Have you been yearning to try out that schoolgirl outfit? Eager for your partner to try something new, naughty, and exotic? Whatever hidden sexual thoughts you have, Jillybean is the marijuana strain to bring them all to the surface.

Once you light up Jillybean, the scent will prove alluring. The aroma is akin to the legendary jelly bean candy of your youth. It also has an orange and mango fragrance, and it offers a sharp citrus taste with more than a hint of sweetness. One of the best things about Jillybean is that its high lasts for most of the day. It allows you to be creative and is ideal for morning sex.

5 – Cherry Diesel (The ‘Pants Off’ Marijuana Strain)

If you’re the kind of person that likes Dr. Pepper, you will find Cherry Diesel irresistible. It is a Sativa dominant strain that is a cross of Cherry OG and Turbo Diesel. You will smell and taste the dried cherry, although there is also a pleasant pine taste too. Be careful when smoking Cherry Diesel because it is known to cause coughing fits in the unprepared.

Once it starts to take effect, you will be surprised by the energized feeling coupled with heightened arousal. The energy boost is almost instant. Within seconds, you’ll have an uncontrollable urge to take off your clothes and do something naughty and weird. If your partner also smokes some Cherry Diesel, you’re both in for an incredible session of sex with multiple orgasms almost guaranteed.

Please note that this is a very potent strain. It is liable to make you do silly things, such as forgetting where you left your car keys. It brings you to a completely different place for as long as the intense high lasts. Fortunately, it doesn’t make you forget how to have great sex!

Final Thoughts on Marijuana for Great Orgasms

As the body of research relating to weed grows, we learn something new about it every day. Just a few years ago, only the most knowledgeable and experienced weed users were aware that cannabis could heighten their sexual experience.

Today, thousands of people around the world know that marijuana is the key to an orgasm that rocks them to their very core. Take few tokes of any of the five marijuana strains mentioned above. You’ll feel lusty, horny, aroused, and passionate, so use it to your advantage and have incredible sex.

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