Best CBD Wax: Our Team’s Top Picks

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    While CBD tinctures and capsules are convenient for daily use, there are more fun consumption methods. Experienced vapers may be aware of dabbing, a technique that involves inhaling vaporized CBD – but without using an e-cigarette. To do this, you’ll need CBD wax.

    It is a highly concentrated form of CBD and a little goes a long way! This guide outlines what we feel are among the best CBD wax brands on the market. We also discuss the different types of wax, their pros and cons, the dangers of buying cheap, and much more.

    • CBD hemp wax is super concentrated; it’s ideal for those searching for potent CBD.
    • Inhaled CBD is potent and fast-acting; just a little goes a long way, so be careful if you’re a first-time user.
    • Waxes and other CBD concentrates can bring out the complexity of terpene profiles, providing a highly unique and flavorful experience.
    • CBD waxes are super fun to use on a dab rig.
    • The downsides are that not many reputable/big name brands sell CBD wax, and due to the expense and effort, wax concentrates are probably not the best option for daily CBD users.

    Not in the mood to read the entire review? Check out our Wayofleaf’s Pick for our team’s #1 overall selection:

    Brand nameExtract LabsCBD LivingChakra Extracts
    Duration of effects9/108.5/1010/10
    Lab Testing10/109.5/1010/10
    Online customer reviews9.5/109/108/10
    Brand reputation / customer service10/109.5/108.5/10
    Overall score9.6/109/109.2/10
    Link to purchaseCHECK
    Coupon code15% off: GET15n/an/a
    Full Brand ReviewRead full reviewRead full reviewRead full review

    Best CBD Wax Concentrates of 2023: One Thing We Liked About Each Brand

    1.Extract Labs CBD Crumble – WAYOFLEAF’S CHOICEThe best all-around option, in our opinion. Great price and a well-made product that dabs cleanly and provides a smooth inhale. Check Extract Labs prices.9.6 /
    2.CBD Living Dabz Shatter – Most PotentWe had to include this on our list for all the wax and shatter lovers. Another CBD concentrate that is a blast to use on a dab rig.9 /
    3.Chakra Extracts Terp Sugar Wax – Best TastingIncredible flavor when dabbed due to the abundance of pure cannabis-derived terpenes.9.2 /

    Top-3 Best CBD Wax Concentrates | Reviews

    1. Extract Labs CBD Crumble - Editor’s Choice
    9.6 / 10

    We chose Extract Labs as the best CBD dab wax on the market mainly because this is a reputable company with a loyal fan base that makes high-quality cannabis extracts. Extract Labs has the fewest reviews on their official website, although the reviews they do have are almost all 4-5 stars. The company has also been featured in reputable industry publications for its innovative CBD products, and we feel they take the edge for the top spot, both for their CBD wax range and the brand’s quality as a whole. Extract Labs excels in the flavor department with various crumbles and shatters, including formulations of iconic strains like God’s Gift, Blue Dream, and Garlic Jam.

    15% COUPON CODE:
    • Super fun to use on a basic dab rig
    • Produces a clean, potent hit of CBD with powerful sedation effects
    • Great for chilling out before bed and improving sleep
    • Other than the crumble, not many other options to choose from
    Review Comments
    Everything ok. Arrived fast. Wish they would turn all the tinctures into soft gels. The taste is not happy :p
    I am very impressed with the quality of this product. I ordered a number of the vapes delta 8, new to me the THC-0. I have had 10 plus surgeries from fused joints to total joint and fx this product is wonderful for nerve and chronic pain. Will continue to buy. Thank you
    Quality products and well-presented contents that aren’t hidden behind genetic labels. Good international shipping too.
    2. CBD Living Dabz Shatter - Most Potent
    9 / 10

    This is a great little company that has developed a solid reputation over the years. With its HQ in Corona, California, the brand (which was founded by none other than Bill Di Segna), uses nothing but American-grown hemp for all of its products. They also provide plenty of information on their unique nanotechnology process, which supposedly increases the rate of bioavailability of their products. Like the crumble from Extract Labs, the CBD Dabz Shatter from CBD Living is another super potent CBD product that has great effects on stress and anxiety, and may help some people obtain better quality sleep.

    • Works well both in dab rigs and concentrate vapes
    • Can be molded together to form a potent super dab
    • Near instantaneous effects for anxiety and stress relief
    • Unless you’re running a piping hot nail, you might have trouble getting all of the shatter to vape instantly
    Review Comments
    I can say that is has an amazing taste and the effect is 100% helpful for my anxiety. I get almost instant relief when it comes to any physical pain that I have. 5 stars!
    Very nice terpene profile, the effects are rather quick. I noticed more of a relaxing, weight lifted effect, along with far less pain in my femoral nerve. Nice, clear headed, uplifting experience with obvious taming of angry nerve pain.
    Love the flavor of the Durbon Poison. It eases the pain right away. Been using this for awhile now. Great at relieving My Pain from Lupus.
    3. Chakra Extracts Terp Sugar Wax - Best Tasting
    9.2 / 10

    If the taste of your dabs is important to you, you’ll be blown away by Chaka Extract’s Terp Sugar Wax – a unique hemp-derived CBD wax concentrate that’s loaded with unique terpene profiles of iconic cannabis strains. On the dab rig, these different waxes smell and taste just like a regular marijuana dab (just without the high). Chakra Extracts also makes a wonderful Terp Sauce and Cake Batter Extract, which are both a pleasure to use on the dab rig as well. The Sugar Wax is available in six flavors, while there are over a dozen options for Chakra’s Terp Sauce. These include Black Lotus, Orange Kush, and Banana Kush.

    • Fantastic range of terpene profiles that mimic the taste and aroma of iconic marijuana strains
    • Options include Black Lotus, Orange Kush, Banana Kush, God’s Gift, Blue Dream, Garlic Jam, and more
    • Easy to use on a basic dab rig
    • A little bit on the expensive side
    Review Comments
    It really helps with my arthritis pain and makes my day alot better it’s worth the money for sure
    This is the third time I’ve ordered the CBD isolate powder. I dab it mix it with flower and plan on making some lotion with it. Chakra has been my favorite CBD company for a few years now, I don’t need to experiment with other brands.
    Really big into Solventless concentrates but I recently started an intense corporate job which I cannot be under the influence of high potency THC concentrates so I decided to give the CBD terp sauce a try after it was recommended to me. The flavor as well as the medicinal properties of this stuff helps me recover from my morning workout as well as keep my social anxiety to a minimum. Thanks for putting out a great clean product.

    WAYOFLEAF’S CHOICE: Why Extract Labs Makes the Best CBD Wax Concentrate


    Since CBD waxes are already highly concentrated, finding the one with the highest concentration is, well, a little bit of a paradox. Every CBD Living shatter product contains 1,000mg of CBD. A quick look at the last Certificate of Analysis (COA) reveals that its Orange Cookies Dabz has slightly over 92%. Meanwhile, its Durban Poison flavor contains 91.74% CBD. Chakra Xtracts’ Terp Sugar Wax contains 86.6%, according to a lab report. However, the Terp Slab has 99.99% CBD, as does the brand’s High Terpene Isolate.

    However, practically all of Extract Labs’ wax offerings contain at least 97% CBD. Its Blue Dream shatter has 97.32% CBD, while God’s Gift has 98.09%. Although Chakra has some products with a higher CBD count, we’re giving Extract Labs the edge here due to the recency of its lab reports. Chakra’s last lab report for the TerpSlabs, for example, was a couple of years old. In contrast, the COA from Extract Labs was published just last month.

    Also, on a cost basis, Extract Labs was the clear winner. Presently all of CBD Living’s options cost $30 (for 1,000mg of pure CBD), while Chakra Xtract’s range is slightly more expensive. Extract Labs charges around $40 for 1,000mg of isolate, regardless of whether you purchase shatter or crumble. In our opinion, however, you’re getting a far more superior product. For this reason, we feel that Extract Labs takes a narrow win, though each brand provides great value for the money.

    What Is CBD Wax?

    CBD wax is a form of CBD concentrate. There are several forms of concentrate, including powders and crystals, but wax is one of the most popular types for dabbing. A CBD concentrate can contain up to 90% of the cannabinoid

    Wax gets its name because of its consistency. As you can imagine, it has a balmy, crumbly texture, a little like wax. To use it, scoop it out of the tub and vaporize it. There are several ways to do this, which we cover in more detail later.

    How High-Quality CBD Waxes and Concentrates Are Made

    When looking for the best CBD wax online, consider the type of extraction method used. In general, the top brands prefer to use CO2 extraction. It involves the use of carbon dioxide to remove the compounds from hemp or cannabis.

    Manufacturers utilize high temperatures and high pressure to turn the CO2 critical. This means it becomes like a gas and a liquid at the same time.

    Any CO2 that remains in the material after extraction evaporates. The result is an extremely “clean,” high-quality wax with no residual solvents. Typically, brands that use CO2 extraction charge a higher price for their CBD wax range.

    Butane hash oil (BHO) extraction remains a popular method and involves the use of butane to take the compound from cannabis or hemp. The butane is left to evaporate to leave a highly concentrated substance. However, not every company successfully removes the vast majority of butane. The result is an end product containing the substance, which is known for being toxic to humans.

    There is also the risk of explosion during the extraction process! Therefore, you should NEVER try to complete BHO extraction at home. We also recommend choosing brands that use CO2 extraction over BHO. Doing so increases the likelihood of buying a healthier CBD wax.

    How to Use CBD Wax (And Why People Enjoy It)

    There are lots of advantages to CBD wax. Primarily, users enjoy hemp wax because it has a higher concentration of CBD than many other products. As with any concentrate product, CBD wax contains almost pure CBD. The best CBD wax products will contain upwards of 90% CBD, which is pretty impressive!

    As a result of this high concentration, a little goes a long way with CBD wax. Although the containers tend to be small, you only need a tiny amount to dab effectively.

    Another huge benefit is the effects of inhaling CBD. As vapers will know, inhaled CBD is likely more efficient than oral consumption. According to some estimates, the bioavailability (how much of a compound your body can use) of CBD vaping is up to 50%. Generally, researchers have found that it’s between 34-46%. This is incredible compared to edible CBD, which is estimated to offer between 4-20% bioavailability.

    Therefore, if you eat a 100mg CBD edible, your body can use 4-20mg. Vaping or dabbing, however, provides you with much more.

    Similarly, dabbing offers faster effects than other methods. Users state that inhaled CBD can take effect rapidly within just a couple of minutes.

    • Dabbing: To dab, you’ll need a dab rig. This involves a heated nail that reaches a very high temperature. When you drop the wax onto the hot surface, it vaporizes to be inhaled. It requires a bit of know-how but is very simple.
    • Bong: Those who are familiar with bongs might find this method the easiest. Pack the bowl with wax instead of dry herb, and inhale as you normally would.
    • Vaping: Make sure you use a vaporizer that’s suitable for concentrates. This method is easy, but you need to check if the product is compatible to get the best results.

    Potential Drawbacks When Using CBD Wax

    There are some potential drawbacks, however, as is the case with every method of CBD consumption.

    One of the issues is a counterpart to the rapid-acting efficiency of CBD dab wax – the effects wear off quickly. While edibles take a long while to kick in but may last longer, CBD dabs take effect rapidly but don’t last as long. As a result, CBD hemp wax is better for quick-acting, short-term effects.

    Another drawback is that many CBD waxes are isolates. Those who wish to benefit from the entourage effect will have to search for other CBD products, as CBD waxes tend only to contain cannabidiol and nothing else. The purer they are, the more likely they are to be CBD isolates.

    The Dangers of Buying Cheap CBD Wax

    When you try to buy CBD wax online, you’ll probably consider it expensive. The temptation in this situation is to look for cheap wax. Unfortunately, this is a tactic that could cause serious harm to your health!

    Whether you like it or not, high-quality CBD is expensive! This is because top-rated brands offer the following:

    • Organic hemp cultivated by experts in an EU or American farm
    • Good manufacturing practices
    • Co2 extraction
    • Third-party lab reports
    • Highly-trained staff
    • Detailed and accurate labeling
    • An efficient and reliable delivery system
    • Novel Food Registration
    • Branding and marketing

    Ultimately, CBD wax should NOT be cheap because it is costly to create, and ensuring it is safe and of good quality is also an expensive process.

    Imagine buying cheap CBD wax from a brand that doesn’t provide third-party lab reports. You would have no idea where the company sourced its hemp, nor would you be aware of whether the product contains pesticides, heavy metals, or other chemicals. You wouldn’t even know how much CBD is in the wax, and you certainly would have no clue whether there are residual solvents.

    If a brand uses BHO extraction, some residual solvent inevitably remains. For the record, there are maximum legal limits. In Colorado, for example, the limit for butane is 5,000ppm. Remember, that’s the law and doesn’t necessarily mean that it is healthy to consume CBD wax with 4,500ppm, for instance!

    It is foolish to take chances when it comes to your health, which means it’s best not to purchase cheap CBD wax.

    Final Summary + Our Team’s Top Pick

    As we mentioned before, it was a tough decision coming up with a clear winner here. We’ve decided to pick Extract Labs as our #1 CBD wax brand, as it is only slightly more expensive than CBD Living but we feel it provides a superior range of quality and flavors. Although Chakra Xtracts provides the best overall collection, it doesn’t quite match the other two for popularity or credibility.

    In reality, we feel that you will enjoy the CBD wax sold by any one of these three brands. If you want to try some of the wax and other dab products from Extract Labs, however, order using the link below and an exclusive coupon code will automatically be place to your entire order:

    15% COUPON CODE:
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