5 Best CBD Oils for Fibromyalgia [New Research, and More]

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Individuals experiencing the effects of fibromyalgia are searching for alternative treatment methods to lessen their pain. In recent years, cannabinoids (including non-intoxicating CBD oil) have entered the world as a potential option for chronic pain. Research continues to surface on their use for various painful conditions – including fibromyalgia.

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons people take CBD oil. People living with fibromyalgia are beginning to take notice of its potential benefits.

Currently, research is inconclusive as to the effects of cannabis and CBD on fibromyalgia. There are currently no published studies on the use of CBD oil for fibromyalgia specifically.

However, there is research into the benefits of CBD for alleviating pain, which could prove timely for the estimated four million American adults who have the condition. This article looks into studies on CBD that are potentially relevant to individuals with fibromyalgia. First though, here are five high-quality CBD brands worth considering if you decide to buy the substance.

What Are the Best CBD Oils for Fibromyalgia?

Unfortunately, some companies still state that their CBD oils are the “best for fibromyalgia” even though there’s no conclusive evidence to back up such claims.

Nonetheless, certain excellent CBD brands sell high-quality products. Below, we outline five such brands. However, we must reiterate that the following companies and CBD oils are not necessarily the best for fibromyalgia. They are premium-grade products from trustworthy sources and could prove beneficial.

1 – PureKana

Many describe PureKana as one of the best CBD oil producers over the last several years. They frequently feature in several media outlets, and many individuals stand devotedly behind the company’s top-notch products. Not only does PureKana offer variety, but it also includes good pricing, fast shipping, and outstanding customer service.


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PureKana Key Points

  • One of the highest quality CBD extracts available
  • Third-party lab tested for quality assurance
  • Organic, non-GMO, and contains no pesticides
  • Non-intoxicating (less than 0.3% THC content)
  • Variety of CBD product types including oils, edibles, and topical creams

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2 – CBD Essence

CBD Essence offers an impressive variety of products that are carefully extracted, crafted, and formulated with utmost professionalism.


CBD Essence is so confident in its quality that it doesn’t need to specialize in a “core” product. Its available selections are a potentially essential addition to your CBD collection.

CBD Essence Key Points

  • Variety of CBD products including oral tinctures, creams, oils, and capsules
  • All products are sourced from EU-certified industrial, agricultural hemp
  • Quick delivery and free shipping options
  • CBD oil concentrations range from 300mg to 2,400mg

Check out their products at www.cbdessence.net

3 – Premium Jane

Premium Jane offers one of the top CBD formulas on the market and is featured on numerous review sites. Apart from creating a product that looks good, the brand also excels in creating a high-quality range tested by third-party labs for quality assurance.


cbd oil

The company exudes an expert level of professionalism and is one of the only CBD companies in the industry that has a licensed pharmacist overseeing production. Premium Jane’s customer service is impeccable, and its products suit various individual needs.

Premium Jane Key Points

  • CBD oils are available for under $50
  • Massive variety of selections offered
  • Highly concentrated CBD extracts
  • CBD oil concentrations range from 300mg to 5,000mg

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4 – Elixinol

Elixinol appears in various popular news outlets, including The Wall Street Journal. As such, it is safe to say that this company has a stellar reputation. It provides customers with variety, including CBD extracts that vary in potency and pricing. No matter what you are looking for, Elixinol probably has you covered.

Elixinol Key Points

  • Flavored products available for those who dislike raw CBD
  • Strong to mild formulations available
  • A reputable, long-standing company that has received global praise
  • Tinctures available for under $30
  • CBD oil concentrations range from 500mg to 4,000mg

5 – CBDPure

CBDPure specializes in only four product lines, including CBD oil. CBDPure keeps it simple by maintaining complete transparency with its clientele. It also excels in the formulation and production processes of the few items it sells.


If you desire a CBD extract and know exactly what you want out of it, the CBDPure online store makes it easy to place an order and receive your selections fast. They offer quick shipping, as well as an industry-leading money-back guarantee.

CBDPure Key Points

  • 90-day guarantee
  • Organic EU hemp
  • Produced using CO2 extraction methods
  • Tested by third-party labs for purity and quality
  • CBD oil concentrations range from 300mg to 1,000mg

Visit the official online store at www.CBDpure.com

Does CBD Help Fibromyalgia?

At present, there isn’t enough scientific research data available to conclude whether the answer is “yes” or “no.” As CBD is not a federally legal substance at present, it is illegal for any seller to claim its products “treat,” “cure,” “prevent,” or “diagnose” any medical condition. Therefore, people with fibromyalgia should realize that CBD should not be considered a silver bullet.

However, there is evidence that CBD could help reduce or alleviate pain, one of the main symptoms of fibromyalgia.

The National Institute of Health’s (NIH) PubChem database identifies the structure and molecular form of CBD. According to the NIH, CBD is a compound with “analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antineoplastic and chemopreventive activities.”

The body contains a complex network of endogenous cannabinoid (CB) receptors, a class of G-protein coupled receptors. These receptors are found throughout the brain, central nervous system, and peripheral tissues.

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CBD appears to work within the body differently from THC, which is another abundant cannabinoid in cannabis. When THC interacts with the body, it acts as an agonist on CB1 receptors in the central nervous system. This means that the THC compound binds directly to the receptor in a lock-and-key combination. This is also why marijuana with a high THC content produces such mind-altering effects.

CBD seems to work more indirectly. It does not have much affinity for binding directly to cannabinoid receptors. Rather, it seems to influence things like receptor-independent pathways and ion channels. A study from 2019 discusses how treatment with low-dose CBD can induce pain-relieving effects in rats via TRPV1 (a non-selective cation channel) activation.

Are There Any Relevant Studies on CBD & Other Cannabinoids for Fibromyalgia?

While dedicated studies on CBD oil for fibromyalgia are lacking, there is research on using it with other cannabinoids for fibromyalgia pain.

In one study published in 2011, 28 patients with fibromyalgia received various doses of cannabis and were subsequently tested for pain levels.

After just a couple of hours of cannabis use, many test subjects reported decreased pain using VAS scores for analysis. In the conclusion of the study, scientists observed that:

“The use of cannabis was associated with beneficial effects on some fibromyalgia symptoms.”

PLOS One research study, April 2011

Another study published in 2008 discusses data relating to cannabinoids’ effectiveness for conditions such as migraines and fibromyalgia. In the publication, researchers state that “…migraine, fibromyalgia, IBS, and related conditions display common clinical, biochemical and pathophysiological patterns … that may be suitably treated with cannabinoid medicines.”

More recently, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Medicine in 2019 looked at the safety and efficacy of medical cannabis in fibromyalgia. Over half of a group of 193 fibromyalgia patients reported high pain levels. However, after using CBD and THC, more than 80% of patients experienced improvements in pain levels.

Furthermore, fewer than 8% reported the same pain intensity six months after using cannabinoids to treat their condition.

Meanwhile, a 2015 study in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology found that cannabinoids produced a significant analgesic effect in several trials involving patients with chronic non-cancer pain.

How to Use CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia

This depends on the consumption method of choice. Here are the most commonly chosen ways to use CBD for fibromyalgia with guidance on how to proceed:

  • CBD Oil: Place a few drops beneath the tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds.
  • CBD Edibles: Options include chocolate and gummies; eat them as you would a normal candy
  • CBD Capsules: Swallow with water
  • CBD Vape Juice: Purchase a vaporizer and follow the instructions; the process involves drawing on the vape device and inhaling the vapor
  • CBD Topicals: Rub the cream/salve/ointment into the skin

Best Form of CBD for Fibromyalgia

One could argue that there is no “best form of CBD for fibromyalgia” as there are pros and cons for each one, which we review now.

Consumption Method




Discreet and easy to use

Tricky to measure, and the taste of hemp is not to everyone’s liking

CBD Edibles

Taste great and are convenient

Low bioavailability

CBD Capsules

Tasteless, so no concerns about the bitter taste of hemp

Low bioavailability and lack of variety

CBD Vape Juice

Easy to use and take effect quickly with high bioavailability

The PACT Act means that many brands no longer sell CBD vape juice

CBD Topicals

Useful for someone with pain and stiffness in the joints

Potentially messy and inconvenient with unknown bioavailability

At present, CBD oil for fibromyalgia remains popular because it is simple to use and relatively affordable. Nonetheless, you may find that another consumption method is more suitable for your specific needs.

CBD Oil Dosage for Fibromyalgia

Certain fibromyalgia treatments come with recommended dosages. For instance, the US Pharmacist published a research paper in 2016 outlining the drugs used to treat fibromyalgia. For example, the recommendation for gabapentin was to ultimately increase to a target dosage of 2,400mg a day.

However, as CBD itself is not FDA-approved, there are no such recommendations. According to very general guidelines, users should start with a daily dose of 1mg to 6mg of CBD per 10 pounds of body weight. As you can see, this is an extremely broad range, and fibromyalgia patients should begin on the lower side.

Patients in the Journal of Clinical Medicine study consumed an approved median dose of cannabis ranging from 670mg per day in the beginning to 1,000mg daily by the sixth month. The approved median dosage of CBD was 39mg a day, compared to 140mg of THC.

Research suggests humans can use up to 1,500mg of CBD daily without experiencing adverse side effects. Realistically, fibromyalgia patients will likely use only a small fraction of that amount.

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Final Thoughts on the Best CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia

If you are someone that suffers from the pain and discomfort of fibromyalgia, you’re not alone. Many people are looking for a safe, natural alternative to pharmaceutical medications and treatments, but be wary of online information. While some outlets make claims regarding the “best CBD oils for fibromyalgia,” there is no clinical evidence to support such products.

However, CBD is widely regarded as a safe compound with few side effects. It is also linked with decreased inflammation and pain, benefits relevant to fibromyalgia patients. Again, we must point out that the five CBD brands we mentioned in this article are not necessarily the best CBD oils for fibromyalgia. However, they are reputable companies selling products you can trust.

Finally, it is important to remember that none of the information written above is medical advice, and thus one should not interpret it as such.

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