10 Best CBD Oils for Arthritis [2023 Review]

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    Those living with arthritis often experience debilitating pain. For individuals going through this constant cycle of discomfort, a 24-hour period with slight relief can make all the difference in the world.

    Conventional pharmaceutical medications (anti-inflammatories, painkillers, etc.) are often paired with negative side effects, and these drugs are often as challenging to live with as arthritis itself.

    For those with arthritis, CBD oil has emerged as a potential alternative to conventional medication. Many arthritis patients have discussed the relief that CBD oil has provided. In turn, this has encouraged other patients with arthritis to make the switch.

    This article looks at recent medical research into CBD for arthritis and offers advice on finding the best cannabidiol product for your needs.

    Below you will find our selections for the 10 Best CBD Oils for Arthritis. Each CBD brand was tested according to efficiency, potency, transparency, and price.

    • It’s important to remember that CBD for arthritis is not a clinically accepted form of treatment.
    • Individuals may experience different effects when using a CBD product for arthritis pain and soreness.
    • Potent topical products between 1,000 and 1,500mg are often the most widely used.

    Not in the mood to read the entire review? Check out our Wayofleaf’s Pick for our team’s #1 overall selection:

    Brand NameEndocaFabMedterra
    Onset of Effects9.5/109/109.5/10
    Duration of Effects9.5/109/109.5/10
    Customer Reviews9.5/109/109.5/10
    Lab Testing10/109.5/109/10
    Overall Score9.6/109.2/109/10
    Coupon Code15% off: 15CBDOFF20% off: 20CBDOFF15% off: MB15
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    Best CBD Oils for Arthritis 2023: One Thing We Liked About Each Brand

    1.Endoca Raw CBD+ OilOur team’s unanimous #1 pick. It offers excellent value for the price, is potent and effective, and works well for various daily uses. Check Endoca prices9.6 /
    2.Fab Full-Spectrum CBD OilThe cheapest, most cost-effective option for those wanting to try CBD for arthritis and joint pain. Good results and consistently works well. Check Fab CBD prices9.2 /
    3.MedterraTried and tested – a favorite among U.S. CBD users for several years. Check Medterra prices9 /
    4.PureKanaFantastic product selection, suitable for users that prioritize taste and flavor. Check PureKana prices8.8 /
    5.Tommy Chong’sHigh-quality organic ingredients. A good option for CBD users with sensitive diets. Check Tommy Chong’s prices8.8 /
    6.Premium JaneAnother good inexpensive CBD oil, but not as potent as some of our other top picks. Check Premium Jane’s prices8.4 /
    7.Binoid CBD + Delta 8 OilsStrong, potent CBD oil for fast-acting effects, but overpriced, in our opinion. A good option for customers who don’t mind how much they spend. Check Binoid CBD’s prices 8.3 /
    8.CBD PureAnother good, reputable brand with plenty of flavors and formulations to choose from online. Check CBD Pure’s prices8.2 /
    9.Charlotte’s WebIt works well when combined with a good CBD topical or pain-relieving lotion. Check Charlotte’s Web prices8 /
    10.Just CBDOutstanding customer service and known across the U.S. as one of the most trustworthy and reliable CBD brands. Check Just CBD’s prices7.9 /

    Top-10 Best CBD Oils for Arthritis | Reviews

    1. Endoca Raw CBD+ Oil
    9.6 / 10

    Endoca is a truly top-class CBD brand whose oils are handcrafted in the USA. The company offers a massive selection of products for various uses, including powerful CBD oils and topicals that have become popular for joint discomfort and arthritis-related pain relief. Endoca also formulates potent full-spectrum formulas, with their 5000mg bottle offering a robust 166.67mg of CBD in a single dose.

    15% COUPON CODE:
    • Extensive range of CBD products and potencies to choose from
    • Potent, effective relief from daily joint discomfort
    • Frequent discounts and online promotions
    • Offers detailed compliance labels and lab reports on every one of its products
    • Products are not widely available in retail locations across the U.S.
    Review Comments
    This is THE BEST CBD oil I ever had. I was buying this from a botanical shop for several years, unfortunately they had to close their shop, and the new place I was going to didn't have it. So glad I took the chance to seek out Endoca through your web page. Thank you so much!!! I will be purchasing again and again!!!
    Love this product!! The raw hemp oil has saved me it helps with SOOOOO many different ailments I used to suffer from. The ordering and delivery is super quick!! Please do not hesitate to give Endoca products a try! You will not be disappointed!
    I have been using Endoca for about 3 years now. The ordering process is easy, my orders have always shipped and arrived on schedule or ahead of scheduled delivery. Products are great and have helped decrease my anxiety and increase my sleep. Thanks for making an excellent product and never compromising your quality.
    2. Fab Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
    9.2 / 10

    FAB CBD offers flavorful CBD tinctures sourced from hemp with a THC content of less than 0.3%. This potent, high-quality range offers a robust full-spectrum extract of therapeutic phytocannabinoids. The brand also offers other CBD options, including chews and topicals, for those who dislike placing oil drops under their tongue.

    20% COUPON CODE:
    • Inexpensive, entry-level CBD options for all budgets
    • CBD isolate options available that are 100% THC-free
    • Lab-certified and guaranteed free from chemical solvents
    • It lacks the potency of some of the other more powerful oils
    Review Comments
    There are plenty of low quality CBD products on the market today, but this is not one of them. If you are on the fence about trying FABCBD products, don't hesitate. You won't regret it.
    Very pleased with the CBD oils and flavors. My husband and I both use it as well as my autistic grandson.
    So grateful I decided to give this CBD oil a try. So far, with regular moderate use, it has definitely improved my quality of life. Thank you for a quality product at a reasonable price.
    3. Medterra
    9 / 10

    Medterra is another consistent favorite at WayofLeaf that frequently makes it onto our “best” lists. This long-standing brand offers a variety of high-quality CBD oil products that are trustworthy and safe for daily consumption. The products are versatile and suit the needs of many that deal with daily joint and muscle soreness.

    15% COUPON CODE:
    • Manufactured with just a few clean, simple ingredients
    • Unique, customizable dosing using an integrated dropper applicator
    • It comes in a range of potencies from 500mg to 6000mg
    • Customers can choose from CBD isolate, Broad Spectrum (THC-free), or Full Spectrum (Whole Plant, including trace amounts of THC)
    • On the more expensive end of our top picks
    Review Comments
    My use of CBD is primarily to combat arthritis. This seems to work well at reducing inflammation!!
    I have arthritis, and this oil has helped with my pain as well as better sleep.
    I've been taking the CBD drops for over 3 years now and am so grateful for the good, solid sleep that I now have because of these drops!!!
    4. PureKana
    8.8 / 10

    PureKana is a leading, reputable CBD brand that has featured in numerous industry publications such as Forbes and High Times. As one of the best-known CBD oil producers in the USA, PureKana products are trustworthy and made using state-of-the-art CO2 extraction techniques to create one of the purest CBD oils on the market.

    20% COUPON CODE:
    • Made from pure, organic, non-GMO ingredients and USA-grown hemp
    • Scannable Certificates of Analysis (COAs) are available on the brand’s website
    • It also sells innovative THC-O and Delta 8 oils for a psychoactive experience
    • Another brand that is a bit on the pricey side
    Review Comments
    I'm trying this product for pain management. It seems to ease my overall pain, but not completely. It also helps with my sleep. I'll be ordering more.
    Everything arrived well packaged and in a timely manner from the time I put the order in. I consider everything I ordered to be of very high potency and fantastic quality! This is my fifth order! I especially love the mint flavored liquid cbd full spectrum oil. It's the best I've ever tried!
    I think PureKana are a great company. The quality of their products is very high. I have tried a number of them, and have had no adverse reactions (as I have with other companies's CBD). I've been recommending them to everyone who expresses an interest in CBD. It's a minefield out there, so knowing a solid company that produces reliable, high quality, products is worth its weight in gold!
    5. Tommy Chong's
    8.8 / 10

    Made famous by the cannabis icon himself, Mr. Tommy Chong, this brand’s CBD oils offer users a wide variety of CBD-based products ranging in both potency and flavor. Some of our favorite muscle and joint soreness products include Tommy Chong’s powerful topical collection and hemp oil capsules. The diversity on offer here means there will be something beneficial for most people with arthritis and joint/muscle discomfort.

    20% COUPON CODE:
    • Available in new nano CBD blends for whole-body health
    • Specifically engineered “Muscle and Joint Balm” for direct application to sore joints
    • Delivers to all 50 states plus a handful of international countries
    • No free shipping option at the time of writing
    Review Comments
    This CBD is great! By using it I was able to stop taking a tranquilizer for anxiety!! I am very happy I found this stuff!!!
    My wife is able to get a full night's sleep again and swears by the stuff. I can't really speak to the effects myself because she hoards it, but DAMN is it tasty! =P
    I have taken high CBD industrial hemp and cannabis juice for years to control R.A. It worked fairly well. Just took one full round of the good vibes and nice dreams. I've been in remission from stem cells so I can't say whether this did the same inflammation control as the fresh juice. But what I do notice is that I have way less anxiety, which is great! Thanks, Tommy.
    6. Premium Jane
    8.4 / 10

    Premium Jane sells four different products specific for topical pain relief, each crafted with care and expertise. The popular brand sources its hemp from organic hemp farms in Kentucky, with every batch tested by reputable third-party laboratories. Premium Jane currently offers full-spectrum CBD oil tinctures with concentrations up to 5000mg, as well as potent CBD topical creams and pain relieving lotions that are fast becoming popular among people suffering from aching joints.

    20% COUPON CODE:
    • Sourced from genetically selected CBD hemp plants grown on organic USA farms
    • Available in six unique flavors: Natural, Citrus, Mint Chocolate, Mint, Lemon Lime, and Peach Nectar
    • Full-spectrum CBD oil includes naturally therapeutic terpenes and phytocannabinoids
    • Relatively expensive on a price-per-mg ratio
    Review Comments
    Have noticed an overall improvement! I feel like this product has really bettered me.
    One of the best oils I have tried and is actually enjoyable to use everyday which is not something I could say about all of the oils I have used.
    It does not hang in my mouth for too long because of the natural and mild taste. Definitely my favorite out of all the ones I've tried so far.
    7. Binoid CBD + Delta 8 Oils
    8.3 / 10

    Binoid is a unique company on this list because, in addition to CBD, they specialize in a range of “alternative” cannabinoid products, including delta 8, THC-O, and HHC. These products are available and shipped to most U.S. states, but unlike CBD, they produce a mild high – and many people praise their effects for mild to moderate pain relief.

    20% COUPON CODE:
    • Unique, alternative cannabinoid products such as delta 8 and THC-O
    • May produce a mild high, unlike CBD
    • Dozens of products to suit a variety of needs
    • Not available in all states
    Review Comments
    This site is by far the best. We have been trying to find a reliable company with decent products and reasonable prices. After trying many products by Binoid through the past year, I wouldn't recommend going anywhere else! And their customer service is amazing. Definitely give them a try!
    Binoid has a great variety of products and the quality is top notch. My orders always ship quickly. Only one time have I needed to contact customer service and they took care of my issue immediately and were very friendly and helpful.
    I have been dealing with Binoid for a while now. I find their products to be the best I've found. The service is excellent. Fast shipping. I will definitely continue to do business with them.
    8. CBD Pure
    8.2 / 10

    By keeping its product line simple and unadulterated, CBDPure focuses on quality. The hemp used to make the CBD Pure product line is certified organic and originates from Colorado and Washington. All products are analyzed via an independent third-party laboratory, and the results can be viewed as COAs on the brand’s official website.

    15% COUPON CODE:
    • Full-spectrum of plant-based cannabinoids and phytochemicals
    • Satisfaction guarantee and 90-day return policy
    • Free of solvents, heavy metals, and other contaminants
    • Independent third-party lab testing for quality
    • Origins of the hemp used are not clear
    Review Comments
    We love our CBD oil…we use it in our diffuser on a daily basis…I will be recommending this site to family & friends.
    Great service, great product. Really works for me. All at Pure cbd oils were very helpful. Many thanks.
    I had been looking at trying CBD Oil for sometime, and I decided to try this company after a recommendation. I'm a very happy customer! The Oils arrived the next day, and they were very competitively priced. First class product, will definitely be using this company again and I will be recommending them to all of my friends. It's really worked for me!!
    9. Charlotte's Web
    8 / 10

    Charlotte’s Web is one of the best-selling CBD oil brands in the USA. Its quality has kept it ranking on top consumer lists for several years. CW Hemp offers a complete range of high-quality CBD oils and hemp-infused CBD creams and balms that many people use daily for muscle and joint pain. These creams contain pure, potent CBD extract, and you can administer them directly at the site of discomfort and inflammation.

    20% COUPON CODE:
    • The full-spectrum extract includes terpenes and other active phytocannabinoids (CBC, CBG, CBN)
    • Available in numerous potencies and formulations
    • One of the most popular and best-selling CBD oils in the U.S.
    • Rarely offer coupons or promotions
    Review Comments
    Charlotte's Web is the best CBD oil there is.. I've tried other brands and there is no comparison...great product and helps many issues that I'm obviously not allowed to list here!! Give it a try...you won't be disappointed.
    I have been using for quite a few years. Early on I ran out and bought some locally. I was told by the sales girl nothing will come close to Charlotte's Web, but this is the best she could do. She was right. Now I would never use anything else.
    My husband has been using this for many years now and I can tell when he forgets to take it. It works wonders for him.
    10. Just CBD
    7.9 / 10

    Most people recommend an oral CBD oil or a topical CBD cream for arthritis, and Just CBD excels in this regard. The brand specializes in high potency creams and pain-relieving lotions that users can apply directly to the site of discomfort. Just CBD products are also very reasonably priced for customers that are on a budget.

    10% COUPON CODE:
    • Excellent value for CBD users on a budget
    • Topical products that are specifically engineered for muscle and joint pain
    • A popular, well-established U.S. CBD brand
    • Lacking in potency and duration of effects
    Review Comments
    Really great service, but, honestly, this tincture tastes awful. Works great for relieving pain and helping with sleep,but I'll never get addicted.
    Great. My husband uses it to ease the pain from arthritis.
    I am very pleased with the CBD Oil ....it has a calming effect and even helps with the pain in my joints

    WAYOFLEAF’S CHOICE: Why Endoca Makes the Best CBD Oil for Arthritis


    As you can see, there are currently several top-quality CBD oil producers. We conducted hands-on research and carefully reviewed a number of these products. Ultimately, we decided to choose the one we believe surpasses the others regarding quality, accessibility, and purity. From what we’ve seen, Endoca brings an impeccable reputation and an incredible line of CBD products to the market.

    Even if you do not choose to go with Endoca, know that all the companies listed above have top-notch products, and most offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Therefore, it is likely that you will be happy with your product – and if you’re not, simply return it and try something else.

    Benefits of CBD Oil for Arthritis Patients

    The benefits of CBD oil for arthritis patients specifically stem from the compound’s anti-inflammatory properties. Patients with arthritis can administer CBD (cannabidiol) in several ways, including oral consumption (tincture drops), capsules, and topical CBD-based gels and creams. However, for people with arthritis, rubbing a topical CBD formula on inflamed joint areas is one of the most popular application methods.

    While people of all ages have reported success, it’s important to point out that CBD is not an FDA-approved treatment for arthritis. As such, be wary of companies selling CBD oil and claiming to treat or cure any form of arthritis or joint pain. These claims are unfounded and not supported by clinical data.

    Will CBD Oil Work Well for YOUR Arthritis?

    A growing number of people think the answer is “yes.” According to an Arthritis Foundation poll, almost 30% of respondents currently use a CBD product, mainly a topical or liquid. Moreover, nearly 80% were either using CBD, had tried it in the past, or considered it for arthritis pain.

    Also, in this poll, 87% of respondents said they used CBD specifically to manage their arthritis symptoms, with 94% saying they tried cannabidiol to relieve pain. Of those currently using CBD, 67% reported improved physical function, while over 30% said it provided relief from morning stiffness.

    There is a suggestion that CBD’s anti-inflammatory effects could help slow the progress of rheumatoid arthritis (R.A.) or even halt it. CBD might also positively impact inflammation-related R.A. symptoms, such as fever and fatigue, by preventing R.A. from damaging the joints.

    CBD has a different effect on the brain than THC and is non-intoxicating. It interacts with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). This interaction could help reduce the effects of inflammation, including pain. A growing body of evidence suggests the effects of CBD on arthritis are indeed beneficial.

    For instance, this study published in the European Journal of Neuroscience in 2014 found that the ECS was involved in osteoarthritis pain. Since CBD and other cannabinoids impact the ECS, it is entirely possible that using them for arthritis is beneficial.

    Medical Research on CBD Oil for Arthritis

    While there are some older studies into CBD’s possible effects on arthritis, it is best to focus on more recent data. A study published in the European Journal of Pain in 2016 looked at how CBD gel helped lab rats with induced arthritis. The researchers applied CBD gels to the rats for four consecutive days in concentrations of 0.6, 3.1, 6.2, or 62.3mg per day.

    They found that 6.2mg and 62.3mg were “effective doses.” This suggests that arthritis patients only need to apply a consistent and reasonable quantity of CBD to feel an effect.

    A 2017 study published in Pain analyzed the effect of CBD on rats with induced osteoarthritis (O.A.). The researchers found that local administration of CBD blocked pain. Also, prophylactic CBD treatment prevented pain and nerve damage in the O.A. joints from developing later. The team wrote, “CBD may be a safe, useful therapeutic for treating O.A. joint neuropathic pain.”

    More recently, a study published in Cell Death & Disease in 2020 also revealed positive news regarding CBD and arthritis. The abstract states that CBD had anti-arthritic activity and could reduce symptoms by “targeting synovial fibroblasts under inflammatory conditions.”

    Hopefully, we will receive information from clinical studies that show CBD’s positive effect on arthritis in human patients sooner rather than later.

    How People Are Using CBD for Arthritis

    One of the great benefits of CBD is its versatility. People with arthritis have many options when it comes to using it. Generally speaking, the best CBD products for joint pain and similar conditions are topicals such as creams, balms, and ointments. These products are infused with cannabidiol and are easy to rub into the skin at the site of pain.

    According to many CBD topical users, products tend to work relatively quickly and can provide relief for hours. Also, the bioavailability of topicals is likely on the high side, although few studies confirm this.

    Edibles and tinctures are standard CBD products but aren’t always the best option. You might find edibles take too long to work and have a low absorption rate. CBD oils tread the middle ground as they can take effect relatively quickly and offer a reasonable rate of bioavailability.

    Individuals using CBD for arthritis might want to try vaping the cannabinoid if they need a fast-acting product. Some users say they feel the benefits within seconds, and the absorption rate is relatively high. However, there are concerns over the long-term safety of vaping products.

    Common CBD Dosages for Arthritis

    Unfortunately, there is no standard CBD dose, given the lack of industry regulation. You can look for dosing guides online, which tend to recommend using a specific amount depending on your body weight. Indeed, the amount you weigh plays a role in how the cannabinoid affects you.

    Yet, we feel the best course of action is to begin with a small amount of CBD. Monitor how you feel and determine whether the cannabinoid has a positive effect. If you feel nothing, slowly increase the amount you use until the effect is noticeable. Also, please remember that you need to use CBD consistently for a couple of weeks to get the best effects.

    Other Things to Consider When Selecting A Product

    One of the most significant issues when purchasing any CBD product for arthritis is the lack of industry regulation. The FDA will provide little oversight as long as CBD isn’t a federally legal substance. The FDA typically does nothing other than sending warning letters to brands that make medical claims.

    Otherwise, you’re relying on state laws which are not always detailed. As a result, virtually anyone can create a CBD brand overnight and begin selling low-quality, potentially harmful products. Here are six things to consider before investing in any CBD products.

    1 – Where Does the Hemp Come From?

    Although hemp has many benefits as a crop, one of its main strengths is potentially a weakness.

    Hemp absorbs a huge number of elements from the soil. This is great news when it is cultivated organically in high-quality soil. However, if grown in contaminated land, hemp absorbs the toxins.

    Sadly, some companies use low-grade hemp when creating CBD. Therefore, you should stick with brands that only use organically grown hemp from the United States, Canada, or Europe.

    2 – Extraction Method

    Let’s keep this short. Steer clear of brands that use a solvent like butane, hexane, or propane. Certain reputable brands use food-grade ethanol extraction as they claim it results in a product with more terpenes and cannabinoids. This is okay as long as they remove the vast majority of the residual solvent.

    However, there is a growing trend towards supercritical CO2 extraction. The carbon dioxide acts as the solvent, producing a clean, high-quality hemp extract.

    3 – Type of CBD

    As outlined in the glossary above, there are three main types of CBD products: full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate. Much is written about the “entourage effect,” with research suggesting that cannabinoids work better together than in isolation. However, data also says the notion of an entourage effect having a greater therapeutic effect is overblown. Further studies into the phenomenon are necessary to get a clearer picture.

    4 – Consumption Method

    Users can consume CBD in a variety of ways:

    • Orally: You eat a product such as a CBD chocolate bar, gummy, or capsule.
    • Sublingually: This involves placing CBD oil drops beneath the tongue and holding the liquid there for up to 60 seconds.
    • Vaping: A vaping device heats the CBD oil or concentrate, turning it into a vapor you inhale.
    • Topicals: There are dozens of creams, balms, ointments, and sprays infused with CBD. Rub the substance into the skin to potentially benefit from localized relief.

    As mentioned earlier, most people will choose a topical product when using CBD for arthritis. However, you might find that a vaporizer provides rapid effects and a higher rate of bioavailability.

    5 – Certificates of Analysis (COAs)

    The COAs provided by a brand after conducting third-party testing are essential. This documentation enables you to see the CBD content of the product. It also shows the concentration of other cannabinoids and terpenes, not to mention evidence that the product is free from harmful chemicals.

    Ensure the COAs are up to date and come from a reputable laboratory. Steer clear of any brand that doesn’t provide third-party lab reports.

    6 – Brand Reputation

    These days, it is hard to get away with deception for long. Check out customer reviews, as well as third-party reviews. While certain new brands are unquestionably legitimate, when in doubt, stick with companies such as PureKana that have been around a while.

    Final Summary + Our Team's Top Pick

    In conclusion, numerous reputable CBD products may offer anti-inflammatory properties. These properties may provide beneficial effects for various medical conditions, including arthritis. Also, as an antioxidant, CBD could reduce the stressors that exacerbate inflammation.

    Properly-dosed CBD might improve general well-being and has little to no adverse side effects.

    In summary, if you are an individual suffering from the debilitating pain of arthritis and are searching for an alternative option to relieve pain and discomfort, CBD oil could be an option.

    However, don’t expect any of the products listed above to “cure” your arthritis. Overall, countless people have found effective relief for their joint pain, but CBD oil affects every individual uniquely. In our experience, Endoca is one of the highest-quality brands you can spend money on. If you want to try it, use the link below, which will automatically apply a coupon code to your entire order.

    15% COUPON CODE:
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