How to Buy Weed Online in California

California had the first medical marijuana program in the modern era in 1996. It is a state known for its liberal attitude towards cannabis. However, the Golden State didn’t begin recreational sales until January 2018. These days, the adult-use market is well-established, and consumers have many dispensaries to choose from.

The state has now reached a stage where adults can order cannabis to their front door, almost like pizza! This guide outlines how to buy weed online legally in California.

Can You Buy Weed Online Legally in CA?

Yes! It is possible to purchase medical or recreational cannabis products online and have them delivered to your door. MMJ patients have been able to buy weed for over two decades in California. Now, adults in the state can visit a licensed dispensary and choose between hundreds of products.

It gets even better though! Californians can buy weed online from any one of dozens of vendors. The global pandemic actually helped the cannabis delivery industry. The Bureau of Cannabis Control (BCC) licenses and regulates marijuana delivery in California. As long as you follow the rules, buying weed online in CA is easy.

However, please note that there are also a lot of illegal operators in this sphere. Regardless of the service, it remains completely illegal to send marijuana in the mail. Here are a few things that could give away a scam artist:

  • The products seem either far too expensive or else they are significantly cheaper than any other delivery services.
  • They have a low-quality website that looks as if it was created in five minutes.
  • You can’t find any information about the company online.
  • Conversely, you have found reports from consumers outlining the business’ shady practices.
  • The company appears to ship even to states where cannabis delivery is illegal.
  • The brand doesn’t have a verifiable license number.

Now, let’s take a look at what you need to do to buy weed online in California.

Who Can Order Weed Online in California?

First and foremost, Californian law clearly states that cannabis purchased from online retailers without a state license is illegal. If caught with this black-market marijuana, you could be charged with a misdemeanor or even a felony. Please ensure that the cannabis you buy comes from a BCC-licensed dispensary.

You can buy weed online legally in CA if you are aged 21+. It is also necessary to provide your real address and show a valid form of ID. Individuals aged 18-20 can only purchase cannabis if they also have an MMJ card.

Delivery services in California are subject to local rules on delivery method, location, and time.

Also, please note that delivery services in California are subject to local rules on delivery method, location, and time. The Golden State is a huge area bigger than most countries. There is a possibility that you live in an area where no deliveries are possible.

What Products Can I Buy?

One of the great things about California is the huge range of cannabis products. Typically, dispensaries divide what they sell into the following categories:

Concentrates: These products have names such as wax, shatter, and budder. The method of manufacture dictates the texture of concentrate, hence the different names. One thing they all have in common is high potency. Some concentrates have up to 90% THC.

Edibles: You can enjoy food infused with THC and CBD. Options include brownies, gummies, cookies, and chocolate.

Flower: This is the ‘classic’ method of consuming marijuana. Typically, users like to smoke joints or blunts.

Vaporized Oil: You can purchase vape devices and vape liquid. This form of consumption preserves more cannabinoids and terpenes than smoked marijuana.

Applications: This term generally relates to cannabis topicals such as creams or salves. There are also transdermal patches that provide longer-lasting effects.

How to Get Weed Delivered?

You now have the option of home weed delivery in California. However, you must go through the same processes as when you buy cannabis in a dispensary. This means showing proof of residency in the state. You also have to show a photo ID that proves you are 21+ or 18+ if you also have a valid MMJ card.

No matter which one of the delivery options you choose, it is necessary to be at home to receive the package. How long do you think a cannabis parcel will last if the delivery person leaves it on your doorstep? The marijuana is discreetly packaged, but in a state where weed delivery is legal, don’t expect your purchases to remain safe for long!

Make things easy by having the required documentation ready to show when you receive your delivery.

Also, you can’t get a friend or family member to accept the cannabis on your behalf. The top-rated delivery services work with you to find an acceptable delivery window. Make things easy by having the required documentation ready to show when you receive your delivery.

The 3 Best Online Marijuana Dispensaries in California

With such a huge area to cover, the number of dispensaries offering delivery is growing rapidly. However, after a detailed review of what is available, we have come up with what we feel are the top three online cannabis delivery services in California.

 1 – Eaze:


Eaze is arguably the best-known cannabis delivery service in the United States. It helps MMJ patients in certain states to have online consultations with licensed doctors. Eaze also works with a huge number of retail and brand partners to connect adults in specific legal states with licensed dispensaries and products. To date, Eaze has made over 7 million legal deliveries and has 800,000 registered customers.



  • Fast delivery times of less than 30 minutes in some cases.
  • Extremely easy to place an order.
  • An immense level of product choice, which is also of the highest quality.
  • A highly reputable company known throughout California and beyond.
  • An excellent customer support team that quickly responds to customer queries.

Ease of Use

Few online delivery services make the process so straightforward. The brand’s name ‘Eaze’ is appropriate on this occasion. Its official website is professionally designed and makes it simple to find what you need and place your order. The only issue is the immense level of choice, which may slow you down! 

Final Thoughts

Eaze remains the most popular online cannabis delivery site in California and other states. Hundreds of thousands of customers trust it, and the brand seldom lets you down. The extensive menu, coupled with the ease of use, means that Eaze is the #1 place to buy weed online in California.

2 – The Goddess Delivers –


The Goddess Delivers is a cannabis company that offers online cannabis delivery exclusively to MMJ and recreational users in California. It also has a CBD company that sells its products across the United States. The brand was originally launched as a medical marijuana cooperative. These days, The Goddess Delivers sends marijuana to your door, as long as you live in the Golden State!

how to get weed online


  • Provides free next business day delivery for orders worth $75+. Otherwise, you pay a flat $14 shipping fee.
  • Offers plenty of discount codes.
  • The relatively small customer service team does its best to provide rapid replies.
  • A user-friendly website that provides a large menu sure to satisfy most cannabis lovers.
  • Relatively limited service hours of 6 am to 5 pm.

 Ease of Use

Users generally have little trouble finding what they are looking for. This brand also ensures that you receive your orders as quickly as possible. The Goddess Delivers strives to provide variety and regularly updates its available product range.

Final Thoughts

The Goddess Delivers is a reputable online cannabis delivery service. It offers good value for money and also has plenty of discounts available. As long as you don’t need your marijuana immediately, it is a worthwhile option. 

3 – SpeedWeed –


Founded in 2011 with its HQ in Los Angeles, SpeedWeed is one of the largest marijuana delivery companies in the world. It provides cannabis to tens of thousands of customers across L.A. and Orange County. You need to register for the service online before you make any purchases.

speedweed - how to buy weed online


  • Provides an on-demand delivery service to specific locations.
  • Alternatively, you can avail of next-day delivery to other regions of California.
  • Sells a remarkable number of products and accessories.
  • Outstanding customer service.
  • One of the longest-running cannabis delivery services.

Ease of Use

The SpeedWeed website is easy to navigate even if you don’t have a huge level of computer skills. There is an element of quirkiness that some customers find charming. This brand also has among the best customer service in the industry.

Final Thoughts

One of the main reasons why SpeedWeed isn’t #1 or #2 is because its on-demand services are limited to certain cities. However, it ticks every other box and remains one of the best online cannabis delivery services around. You’ll struggle to find a larger selection of products on any other website.

Final Thoughts on How to Buy Weed Online in California

The modern cannabis consumer is very fortunate to live in an age where online delivery is possible. Make sure you choose a brand that the BCC licenses. Otherwise, you are breaking the law and are also at risk of buying low-quality products. Choose one of the three services above, and enjoy the luxury of having marijuana delivered to your doorstep.


Can California Dispensaries Ship Out of State?

The quick and easy answer is ‘no.’ Cannabis remains federally illegal. It is a Schedule I substance according to the Controlled Substances Act. The government retains control over interstate travel and commerce. As a consequence, no state law can permit the transportation of marijuana outside of its borders. Therefore, dispensaries in California can’t even ship to addresses in Oregon, where the drug is also recreationally legal.

How to Buy Edibles Online Without a Card?

For a long time, dispensaries in California operated on a cash-only basis. Therefore, you’ll find that you don’t need a credit card to purchase edibles online. All you need to do is pay the driver in cash when they make the delivery.

Where Can I Smoke My Weed?

Even though recreational cannabis is legal in California, you cannot consume it in a public place. You must use it in a private residence. Please note that landlords are permitted to forbid cannabis use on their property.

What Kind of Payment Methods Are Accepted by California Dispensaries?

For the most part, dispensaries in California still operate on a cash-only basis. The major credit card networks don’t allow merchants to use cards for marijuana. Indeed, they will shut down any account that violates this rule. Businesses such as Eaze can process payments via a debit card or an ACH, but payment methods vary by location. Your best option is to call the dispensary in advance and ask about the types of payment methods they accept.

The SAFE Banking Act will change everything if it is passed into law. This piece of legislation passed in the House, but it now goes to a Senate vote. If the Senate votes in the SAFE Banking Act’s favor, it will permit financial institutions to offer services to marijuana clients without fear of breaking federal law.

How Much Marijuana Can I Buy Online Every Month If I Live in California?

California’s recreational cannabis law states that adults aged 21+ can purchase up to an ounce of cannabis flower each month. You can also possess a maximum of eight grams of marijuana concentrate. MMJ patients aged 18+ can purchase up to eight ounces each month.

The dispensary tracks your purchasing history to ensure you can’t buy more than the legal limit. 

What If I Don’t Like The Weed I Bought Online?

Unfortunately, there is practically no chance of being permitted to return cannabis if you don’t like it. One exception is if the cannabis is contaminated. For instance, if you open the container and find that the bud has mold or an insect in it. In that case, you can get a refund or replacement. Otherwise, you have to ensure that the cannabis strain you choose is something you’ll likely enjoy.

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