What are CBD Treatibles, and are they Good for Your Pet?

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CBD has become an incredibly popular supplement. Everybody is taking it, ranging from professionals with stressful jobs to athletes with sore muscles. Its ability to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system gives CBD the power to boost your general health and wellbeing, promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle.

But did you know that you can also give CBD to your pet? Just like us, mammals have an endocannabinoid system that helps to regulate their bodies. As a result, CBD can have a similar impact on them. Pet lovers across the country are turning to CBD to help improve their pets’ lives through a natural supplement.

Certain companies are dedicating their entire business to the pet CBD industry. When buying CBD for your fur baby, it is important to buy only products that are specifically designed for pets. This is because their endocannabinoid systems are more sensitive than our own, so they require a much lower dose. Furthermore, buying pet-friendly CBD products ensures that no harmful ingredients will sneak in and cause damage to your beloved pet’s health.

One of the leading brands in the pet CBD industry is Treatibles. We will be taking a look at their products in today’s post, alongside the information you need to know before giving your furry friend CBD.

CBD for Dogs – The Latest Trend?

As mentioned above, pet owners have been making use of their pets’ endocannabinoid systems by giving them CBD. It affects them in the same way it affects us, stimulating the production of endocannabinoids in order to boost their health and wellbeing.

In this way, CBD can help dogs in the same way it can help humans. It may be able to reduce pain through inflammation, relieve stress and anxiety, and even regulate your dog’s appetite.

For this reason, many CBD manufacturers have been expanding into the veterinary sector, offering oils and treats to help your dog get their daily dose of CBD. It certainly seems as though it is the latest pet wellness trend.

Bear in mind, however, that pet CBD is not fully researched. While some veterinarians are willing to accept that people are giving CBD to their pets, many are hesitant. Remember that vets are animal lovers, too, and they only want the best for your pet. With so few studies published on animal wellbeing with regards to CBD, it is only natural for many vets to feel hesitant.

Always talk to your vet before giving CBD to your dog. Even if they don’t recommend it, they can help advise you on the best way to go about administering it and ensuring that your pet is okay.

If you go through with giving your pet CBD, always be on the lookout for side effects. Your pooch can’t communicate to you when something feels wrong, so it is your responsibility to monitor them. They may experience dry mouth, lowered blood pressure, and drowsiness. Make sure that they have a bowl of water nearby when giving them CBD, and look out for them feeling disorientated and confused. If they experience negative side effects, stop giving them CBD.

Now that you know the basics of CBD for dogs, let’s talk about Treatibles.

Treatibles: Who Are They?

Treatibles is a CBD company who want to provide health benefits for the “whole family” – which of course includes your pets! While they do sell two products for us two-legged humans, they specialize in CBD for cats, dogs and horses.

Based in the USA, Treatibles are a company who are committed to providing safe, full-spectrum hemp products for both you and your pet. They pride themselves on consistency, carrying out regular third-party lab tests to ensure that all products are both safe and high quality. The lab results are easily visible on the site.

The low THC quantity of Treatibles products means that they are definitely safe for pets. Furthermore, they manufacture their products in Safe Quality Foods (SQF) certified facilities using Good Manufacturing Practices.

All the hemp used in Treatibles products is grown in South Carolina. It is 100% organic crop, and Treatibles state that they “exceed” USDA regulations. Furthermore, they use an agricultural technique called Permaculture which is designed to be sustainable.

After extracting a full spectrum of cannabinoids (without using solvents), Treatibles infuse their extract into MCT coconut oil. They are very proud of their full-spectrum products, citing the benefits of the entourage effect as a reason for the quality of their products.

But just what kind of products do they offer?

CBD Treatibles Products

cbd treatibles

The Treatibles products are categorized by pet. You can get CBD for dogs, cats, horses, or for all species.

The Organic Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Dropper Bottles are targeted at all species. It is suggested that you administer these oils by placing a few drops on your hand and allowing your pet to lick them off. Alternatively, you can drop the oil directly into your pet’s mouth. This oil can also be used as a topical treatment.

The benefit of oils is that you can tailor the dose to your pet. Treatibles recommend giving your pet 1mg of CBD per every 10lbs of the animal’s weight. As a result, you are best off buying strong CBD oils for larger animals like horses. For this reason, Treatibles sell a Horse option which contains the most CBD – this cannot be given to smaller animals. Here are the other options:

  • 90mg CBD
  • 250mg CBD
  • 750mg CBD
  • 15000mg CBD – Horse edition

For cats and dogs, Treatibles sell Ready Packs. These consist of CBD oils, too, but they come in pre-measured doses for animals of the right size. The Cat edition can be given to both cats and small dogs, as it is designed for animals under 20lbs. The Dog edition is designed for animals weighing up to 50lbs. Both boxes have a 10 count of pre-measured CBD doses.

Some of the more popular items are the chews. Most of these are designed for dogs. The Hard Chews come in three different varieties, depending on the effect you want to achieve:

  • Calm (Turkey Flavor): Helps to reduce stress and promote emotional wellbeing.
  • Ease (Blueberry Flavor): Improves joint function and reduces inflammation.
  • Balance (Pumpkin Flavor): Supports the digestive and immune systems.

Each option can be purchased with either small or large chews, depending on your pet’s size.

There are also Soft Chews, which are available in both Canine and Feline varieties. The Dog version is said to be good for older dogs or pets who like softer foods.

Finally, Treatibles sell full spectrum hemp oil capsules that are available in either 10mg or 25mg options. These can be given to all species, and of course, the strength you purchase depends on your pet’s size.

What We Think of CBD Treatibles

Treatibles are a great brand because they are developing a safe way to give CBD to pets. It’s not often that you see a company solely dedicated to pet CBD, so this is a way to know for sure that your four-legged pal will remain safe.

There is also a good range of CBD products. You will be able to find a convenient way to give your pet CBD by using Treatibles.

The only complaint we have is about the oils. Getting your pet to eat the oil might be hard if it doesn’t taste nice; some manufacturers offer oils flavored like bacon and dog treats. It would be nice if Treatibles did the same.

Remember that, before you give your pet CBD, you should consult a veterinarian. Furthermore, make sure to keep a close eye on your pet at all times. This is all about their wellbeing, after all!

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