The H. Hemp Company [Complete Brand Review]

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The H. Hemp Company is a CBD company based in the USA. It has headquarters in LA and Boulder, Colorado. The brand currently does not have any tinctures for sale but offers a couple of topicals and a CBD breath spray.

Discover everything you need to know about this brand by reading the full H. Hemp Company review below.

The H. Hemp Company Quick Summary


  • Full-spectrum CBD products.
  • Lab reports are provided on the website.
  • The site is straightforward to navigate.


  • Very little information about manufacturing and shipping on the website.
  • Few products to choose from.
  • The CBD tinctures were recently removed.

The Full H. Hemp Company Review

It may seem odd for a CBD company not to offer tinctures, but the H. Hemp Company is getting away with it so far. It appears that the company used to have some successful CBD tinctures for sale, but at the time of writing, the tinctures section of the website was blank.

H. Hemp claims to sell products that are legally available in all fifty states. This is excellent news for people wanting to try CBD who might be unsure. The website mentions that all hemp plants are grown under regulations set out by the Farm Bill, though it does not specify where the farms are located.

The site’s landing page suggests that this brand is all about honesty, health, and happiness.

In fact, the website is not all that informative. It does not specify where the hemp is sourced or how it is extracted. This is a little problematic for a CBD company these days, as most of the top-rated brands are incredibly transparent. That said, H. Hemp does provide third-party lab reports on the site.

If you’re wondering what H. Hemp stands for, that’s not clear. The site’s landing page suggests that this brand is all about honesty, health, and happiness, so it could be any one of these keywords. Coincidentally, the brand was also founded by Hilary Morse, adding another H to the mix.

What’s the Story Behind H. Hemp?

Hilary Morse writes on the website that she founded H. Hemp out of desperation, seeking a way to stop taking lethal prescription drugs. Since addictive prescription medications cause numerous annual deaths in the United States, many people are seeking an alternative. For many, CBD is the answer.

The H. Hemp Company started after Hilary discovered that CBD worked for her just as well as prescription meds. She began to research why and unearthed a wealth of information regarding the endocannabinoid system and what CBD could do.

This discovery prompted her to start her own CBD company selling safe, high-quality hemp products.

While it’s nice that the website provides plenty of information on this backstory, it would be even better to feature essential details regarding the hemp plants and manufacturing processes.

The H. Hemp Company Products

H. Hemp has been around since 2017 when its Facebook page was created. However, in that time, it has only amassed a handful of likes (599 at the time of writing) and a few reviews. It also sells just two products, neither of which are CBD oils.

Judging by the pictures on the Facebook site and some older customer reviews, the brand used to stock CBD tinctures. However, the website does not currently list them. For a brand that’s been around a few years, it’s unusual to have only two products. Most brands have more, and we would like to see a greater degree of choice from H. Hemp.

For now, here’s what we thought of the products.

The H. Hemp Company CBD Magic Balms

H. Hemp offers one variety of balm, sold in two different sizes. Both the 0.5oz and 2oz tin contain 200mg of CBD, giving them vastly different potencies. This is ideal as it offers customers a choice regarding the strength of their balm.

The balm contains menthol, arnica, and camphor, among other ingredients. These additions make it an excellent option for treating aches and pains, as the warming and cooling ingredients can provide quick relief.


It’s not the best balm I have ever used, but it did the trick. The consistency is fine but perhaps not the best option for those who prefer more moisturizing options like creams and lotions.

It smells lovely, thanks to the addition of numerous essential oils like grapefruit peel, peppermint, and juniper. It’s herby and floral more than anything, which makes it smell like an herbal remedy.

At $49.99 for the larger jar, this is a well-priced product.

The H. Hemp Company Super Breath Blast

The breath spray is a more unique product. It contains nano-CBD, which should make it more effective than regular products. The spray has a strong peppermint flavor and provides roughly eighty sprays per bottle. H. Hemp recommends taking 2-3 sprays per day.

This product is marketed as a stress relief option. This makes sense; whenever you feel stressed, spray some in your mouth, and the CBD should take effect quickly.


The bottle contains 160mg in total, which is still pretty weak. We will give it our approval just because it’s nanotechnology, which makes it more effective than a standard 160mg tincture. That said, it’s a shame that H. Hemp doesn’t offer something more substantial.

The bottle costs $24.99.

What About CBD Oils?

At present, H. Hemp does not offer CBD tinctures. The brand used to sell MCT-based tinctures with full-spectrum hemp extract and natural flavorings.

The range included natural, lemon, and peppermint oils, each containing 500mg of CBD. This would have been a decent mid-range product, priced at $69.99.

H. Hemp also said that its tinctures were dog-friendly and could be administered to canine friends with ease.

Perhaps the brand will bring these products back in the future. For now, customers can only choose between topicals and a breath spray.

What Else Should You Know About H. Hemp?

There is little else to say about H. Hemp. The website contains no information about shipping or returns, which might put some people off ordering their products. There is also a striking lack of online reviews, with just two postings on the company’s Facebook page and a handful online.

H. Hemp provides third-party lab reports on the website for anyone who wants to see them. This is a major plus point.

At the very least, H. Hemp provides third-party lab reports on the website for anyone who wants to see them. This is one major plus point.

Final Thoughts on H. Hemp: Should You Buy It?

The H. Hemp Company is a brand worthy of mixed reviews, in our opinion. While the available products seem decent and the lab reports confirm the quality, there is just not enough variety. Furthermore, it seems peculiar that the brand has existed for years and has not yet gained a loyal following. It has no real reviews to speak of, neither positive nor negative.

It is not a bad brand, by any means. However, those seeking more transparency and choice from a CBD brand should look elsewhere.

Final Verdict: 5/10

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