Stinger Detox – The Complete Review

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Stinger Detox Review – Quick Notes

  • Stinger detox kits are actually ‘dietary supplements’ – there are no known THC detox mechanisms in the product
  • We tested the product range and experienced NO NOTICEABLE EFFECTS, and also failed several at-home drug tests
  • The only advantage of Stinger Detox kits is they’re cheap – about $10 w/ free shipping on Amazon

Who is Stinger Detox?

Stinger detox is a popular brand that sells cleansing supplements that are aimed at eliminating unwanted toxins in the body. Some marijuana users looking for a quick and inexpensive detox product claim Stinger helps rid the body of THC, and can help pass a marijuana drug test.

We tested these claims and tried the Stinger Detox range, and quite simply it didn’t seem to work at all. In fact, we failed three at-home drug tests even after following the instructions explicitly.

Stinger Detox doesn’t seem to work for THC; in fact, we failed three at-home drug tests even after following the instructions explicitly.

To be fair, Stinger does not claim that their products are effective for detoxing from THC. They also never claim to help people pass a drug test.

That being said, if you’re in a crunch and are really looking for something that works, we recommend checking out the advanced at-home detox treatments from TestClear. This was the only range of products that actually seemed to help eliminate THC and produce a negative drug test. 

Do Stinger Detox Products Work?

In our experience, Stinger Detox products do not work as far as ridding the body of detectable THC prior to a drug test. We used an at-home marijuana drug testing kit to see if the products had any effect at all at helping pass a test, but they had no noticeable difference. In fact, drinking plain water seemed to actually work better.

Using an at-home urine test that we purchased at a local pharmacy, we drank an entire bottle of the Stinger Detox 5x Extra Strength 90 minutes before peeing into the cup, and failed the test. We tried a second test two hours later (after urinating a lot more), and still did not pass.

Additional customer reviews online seem to share the same experience we had; Stinger Detox kits for marijuana drug have far more negative reviews online than positive ones. If you’re a heavy cannabis user, even their Extra Strength Instant Detox probably won’t help you pass a drug test. In our opinion, the products are ineffective and not worth the money.

The truth is, even when you consume a gallon of water per day with the drink, and steer clear of toxins, you’re probably not going to pass a test after a week if you use weed every day. The good news is, you can learn how to quickly detox from marijuana before a drug test, even if your test is within 48 hours.

Continue reading below if you want to learn more about Stinger Detox drinks for marijuana.

Stinger Detox: Top Products

The company has a substantial number of products, but we only tried three of their most popular: Stringer Instant Detox 5X Extra Strength, Stinger 5X 7-Day Extra Strength Permatox Liquid, and the Stinger Detox Whole Body Cleanser 1-hour Liquid.


Stringer Instant Detox 5X Extra Strength

This is one of Stinger’s most powerful products available on the site, and costs $55.95 per bottle. The instructions say to use it 60-90 minutes before your test, but I recommend giving it 120 minutes as you need time to urinate sufficiently. Once you have consumed the whopping 237 mL worth of liquid, you have to refill the container with water twice and drink it.

For best results, steer clear of dairy products, especially milk, and try to eat healthy and drink lots of water a day (or two) before using Stinger Instant Detox. There is also a Regular Strength version, which you use in the same manner. If you weigh over 230 pounds, though, you need two Regular bottles. And finally, the addition of artificial flavors for taste improvement is always a worry — why do we need a detox drink to taste good?

Stinger 5X 7-Day Extra Strength Permatox Liquid

The idea behind this product, and its regular strength equivalent, is to help your body cleanse itself within a week. Stinger claims that this permatox liquid will permanently cleanse all of your body’s systems, which is an exceptionally bold claim. The 8-ounce bottle costs $49.95, and you are supposed to take one tablespoon before breakfast and another at night before your final meal of the day.


Do this for seven days, and you should feel the effects (though be sure to steer clear of dairy products 20 minutes before use). Like all of Stinger’s range, this product is not approved by the FDA.

Stinger Detox Whole Body Cleanser 1 Hr. Liquid

This is Stinger’s most popular whole-body cleanser, and it is designed to remove toxins from all of your major systems. For best results, begin detoxing 48 hours before use by adding vegetables to your diet, steering clear of alcohol, tobacco, weed and other toxins, and drink plenty of water.

Use it 60-90 minutes before your test and refill the bottle with water four times and drink it (you will need to consume two bottles if you weigh over 230 pounds). Ingredients include both natural and artificial flavors, guar gum, citric acid, creatine monohydrate, a special “Stinger Mineral Cleansing Blend,” potassium sorbate and vitamin B2. An 8-ounce bottle currently costs $21.95.


Stinger Detox Highlights

  • Easy to use and relatively inexpensive.
  • May work if you are a very light weed user.
  • A wide range of detox products are available.
  • They may work better for tobacco smokers.

Stinger Detox Downsides

  • In our experience the products are ineffective for long-term or heavy marijuana users.
  • The 7-day detox product didn’t work at all when we tried it.
  • The list of ingredients doesn’t inspire confidence.
  • There is very little information about the brand available online.

Should You Purchase Stinger Detox Products?

Based on our team’s experience using the products, no – you should not purchase Stinger Detox if you’re trying to pass a marijuana drug test.

Even though the official Stinger Detox website has an impressive list of products, including SuperMAXX Detox Accelerator, Folli-Kleen Hair Cleanser, Mouthwash, and Whole-Body Cleanser in caplet form (if you don’t want to consume the liquid version), they seem to be little more than dietary supplements. They contain no noticeable THC-eliminating mechanisms or ingredients.

Stinger Detox products contain no known THC-eliminating ingredients.

Furthermore, we noticed that the product reviews on the brand’s official website don’t match up with the reviews we read on Amazon. Practically every item on the website has a 5-star review, but on Amazon, many of the products have an average of below three stars. While we don’t expect companies to post a large number of negative reviews on their own website, it would be nice if they could be a little more transparent. Only allowing positive reviews is misleading, to say the least.

Lastly, the list of ingredients in Stinger Detox products do little to inspire belief that they’ll help you pass a drug test. For example creatine certainly doesn’t take effect within 48 hours, so it is useless for a ‘1-hour’ detox drink. You can use a multivitamin instead to replicate the effects of the B2, and probably have better results.

Additionally, there is no soluble fiber in Stinger’s products, which is a necessity for any detox drink to work. Also, the so-called Stinger Mineral Cleansing Blend could be just about anything, and since it isn’t FDA approved or lab tested, there is no telling what’s inside.

Summary and Final Thoughts on Stinger Detox

To be honest, we were unimpressed with Stinger Detox products from the outset, especially considering we could not find any information about the company on its site. When was it founded, for example? And by whom? These are basic details one would expect any reputable company to divulge. Also, you only learn the ingredients after buying the products, since that data is not visible on the website.

Overall, there is little to recommend Stinger Detox as either a cleanser or a means of passing your drug test. If you are a marijuana user and need to get ‘clean’ quickly, a carefully controlled dilution is a much better option. If you are a light smoker, Stinger’s products may work, but it is probably as much to do with the amount of water you drink than what is inside the bottle.

(Final Rating: 3/10) Stinger Detox is no bueno… so what should you use instead?

Luckily we’ve done the testing for you and one detox brand clearly stood out as the best during our reviews – and that’s Toxin Rid. Head over to our toxin rid review to get a detailed rundown on how and why this product works so well. And if you want to try it for yourself, we’ve even got an exclusive coupon code inside to save you some money on it.

Need to Pass a Drug Test Quick?

For the thousands of cannabis users that think Stinger detox actually can help pass a drug test, well… they’re in for a rude awakening come test day. The good news is, there are companies that make advanced dietary fiber detox treatments that actually do work to quickly detox the body of THC. If you have an upcoming drug test and need to detox your system fast, this 24-hour urine detox treatment was by far the best when we tested out a few products earlier this year:


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