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Across the cannabis/hemp/ sector, everything is changing. While items like CBD oils and gummies are still widely used, a new group of mind-altering products has emerged, completely changing the market. I’m referring to what Spyglass Wellness calls’ minor’ cannabinoids – lesser-known compounds that are made from hemp, including delta 8 (D8) THC, delta 9 (D9) THC, THCV, and more.

Spyglass CBD is one of the few innovative businesses leading the way for this hemp-derived revolution, and I used several products from the company. In this Spyglass CBD brand review, I’ll give my observations about the effects I felt, the potency levels, and what to anticipate if you decide you want to try some of these innovative new products.

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Here are a few key points about the brand before we jump into our full Spyglass Wellness brand review:

  • Environmentally friendly. The company is known for its sustainable standards and manufacturing processes
  • Homegrown hemp. The healthiest hemp is grown and carefully hand selected from Washington, Nevada, and Colorado farms.
  • Proudly made in the USA. Each Spyglass product is grown, extracted, and assembled with love by industry-leading professionals in America.
  • 3rd Party Quality Assurance. Spyglass Wellness™ tests to the highest standards at licensed facilities registered with the DEA and accredited to the ISO/IEC standard by PJLA.

A Quick Word About ‘Minor Cannabinoids’

For years, hemp extract products have focused almost exclusively on CBD. Few people realize, however, that there are dozens of other useful cannabinoids in hemp. Spyglass specializes in extracting this range of ‘minor cannabinoids,’ each serving a unique function and offering a range of therapeutic benefits.


Here is a short list of some of the lesser-known cannabinoids found in hemp:

  • CBC
  • CBDA
  • CBDV
  • CBG
  • CBL
  • CBN
  • CBNA
  • CBT
  • D8THC
  • D9THC
  • THCV

Are They Safe?

The long-term safety of products containing delta 8, delta 9, THCV, and other minor cannabinoids has not been thoroughly studied. Although I didn’t notice any major negative effects from using these products, there isn’t much scientific information about potential long-term health consequences.

There is also little scientific study on the therapeutic use of products containing delta 8, THCV, etc. Although the compounds resemble the natural delta 9 THC molecule from cannabis, the truth is these compounds are man-made. As a result, they may have varied impacts on the body and various short and long-term effects.

That being said, one takeaway from this Spyglass CBD review is to use these products sensibly and cautiously. While they tend to be weaker than potent marijuana products, they are capable of potent and enduring effects.

Spyglass Products We Tested

Over the course of a couple of weeks, I evaluated four products for my Spyglass Wellness brand evaluation. I tried the 1,000mg THCV+ tincture, the 25mg D8THC+ gummies, the 20mg D9THC+ gummies, and the VarinEx Multi-Support Gummies.

Spyglass THCV+ Tincture

I was curious to try this tincture, as THCV has been referred to as ‘diet weed’ and ‘THC on speed.’ It is supposed to help control your appetite while providing energizing effects and a mild psychotropic high. The dosage instructions on the bottle recommend taking 1/5 of a dropper sublingually (below the tongue) for ‘fast relief.’ Still, after testing several doses over a few days I ended up taking almost a full dropper to feel the full effects.


Once I dialed in the dosage, I was blown away by the effects of this product. It worked great for controlling appetite and gave me a noticeable boost of focus and energy. Spyglass describes the compound as the ‘sports-car cannabinoid,’ and I can see why. It revs up your energy levels and puts you into active gear. And if you up the dosage, the psychotropic effects can be quite potent, too.

Spyglass VarinEx™ Multi-Support Gummies

Like the THCV tincture, Spyglass VarinEx Clinical Strength THCV/CBDV Gummies are supposed to help boost focus, improve energy, and suppress appetite. The company advertises these as providing “munchie-free focus,” while also supporting cognitive function and providing natural immunity support.


I can’t say for sure whether they boosted my immune system, but I will definitely say these boosted my focus and energy and provided me with a little cerebral buzz. The single-dose gummies also contain Elderberry, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, and Vitamin E for additional health, cognitive function, and immunity benefits.

I do know that elderberry is a powerful antioxidant and is thought by experts to have anti-inflammatory properties. Vitamin B6 is, of course, necessary for healthy immunological and neural systems, as well as brain development. We all know the importance of Vitamin C (known as Nature’s Nurse), which helps to defend cells from the damaging effects of toxins and free radicals. Vitamin E is also an essential antioxidant and is important for the health of the blood, brain, and skin.

So, all in all, I am a huge fan of the VarinEx Daily Multi-Support gummies. I’ll continue using these for the long term, for sure.

D8THC+ Gummies

If you’ve never tried delta 8 THC, it’s known to produce a tranquil, smooth, calming high. (The compound is often regarded as having about half the effectiveness of ‘regular’ delta 9 THC). I was expecting these to be a little more potent given that they are 25mg, and like most edibles, the effects took some time to become noticeable.


It says ’30+ minute activation’ on the packaging, but for me, I’d say it took closer to an hour to start feeling the effects. I didn’t even realize I was high until probably two hours after I ate the gummy since the roll-on effects were so subtle and mild.

The relaxed high lasted for several hours and gave me perfect mental and attentional control. We all know the sense of paranoia that comes along with being “too high,” and this is especially easy to achieve with edibles.

All in all, I genuinely enjoyed the effects of these D8 gummies. They produced a gentle, lingering, relaxing high while allowing me to stay alert, coherent, and focused.

D9THC+ Gummies

I’m still a little confused about how businesses extract enough delta-9 THC from hemp to produce a high. Delta-9 THC is the same compound that’s naturally present in marijuana, so you can be sure these gummies will make you feel a little trippy.


I only had one “serving” (one 20mg gummy), and my experience was that the effects were even more potent than a regular weed gummy. The high was exactly the same as a typical cannabis high, perhaps just a little more subdued and without feeling absolutely stoned. It’s a paradoxical sensation since the high feels more potent but also gives you more control and is less spacey.

The effects were ideal for me, and I also liked that they faded gradually over about four hours. The only drawback was that I felt sleepy afterward. Unlike the THCV gummies, these edibles aren’t energizing. If you plan on spending the night at home, though (or even better, if you want to sleep like a baby), I 100% recommend them.

Spyglass Wellness Brand Review: Final Summary

All in all, there’s no denying that Spyglass Wellness is leading the “minor cannabinoids” market. The quality of these goods thoroughly impressed me, and I genuinely enjoyed the effects that were produced. Also (and perhaps most importantly), it’s noteworthy to point out that since these products are made from hemp, they can be shipped just about anywhere in the USA.

I hope this Spyglass CBD review was helpful and provided you with solid first-hand information that will help you make a sound decision to find a product that suits your needs. Just remember, exercise caution when using these products – just because they are legal and made from hemp doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful. Be cautious, use it properly, and you’ll have a really good time.

WayofLeaf rating: 9.5/10

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Looking to buy Spyglass Wellness gummies online? Be sure to use the link below and use our exclusive coupon code WAYOFLEAF for 20% off your entire order.

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