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Revival CBD is a relatively new CBD brand to enter the market. Aiming to move away from the more traditional, clinical feeling products, Revival CBD instead aims to show that CBD can be fun and enjoyable. From the packaging to the vape flavors, Revival CBD is very much about showcasing the exciting side of CBD, appealing to those who appreciate bright colors and flavors that resemble a candy store rather than a health store.

Revival CBD has become part of a growing movement to show that CBD does not have to be limited to health food stores and pharmacies. This brand shows that quality, health, and fun can all be combined together, making CBD something that people actually look forward to taking as opposed to taking merely through habit.

So, who exactly is Revival CBD, and are these CBD products worth trying for yourself? Let’s find out.

Who is Revival CBD?

Revival CBD has a clear mission to create secure, clean, safe, and reliable CBD products that can be enjoyed by everyone.

In order to make this reality, years of research, testing, and hard work have gone into making the CBD products that you see sold by Revival CBD today. Revival CBD strives to deliver the highest-quality CBD products possible to all of its customers so that they can benefit and enjoy CBD at its very best.

The Revival CBD team consists of a diverse range of people, including musicians, scientists, and artists who all have one important thing in common; they share a passion for CBD.

Bringing their skills and life experiences together, the Revival CBD team is able to cover every element from sourcing high-quality hemp plants, to producing a unique CBD brand of the future. The team’s creativity shines through in all of their products, with intriguing flavor blends and eye-catching packaging.

Revival CBD uses a CO2 extraction method which has been carefully designed to be as true to nature as possible and avoid any artificial contaminants becoming involved in the process. The end result is 100% pure CBD, free from harmful toxins and artificial ingredients.

Revival CBD believes that full transparency is important in order for customers to trust and truly enjoy Revival CBD products. For this reason, Revival CBD regularly test all of their products using EVIO Labs in order to ensure that their high-quality standards remain consistent throughout their entire range.

EVIO Labs are based in Oregon and are NELAP accredited and fully licensed to test cannabis products. These lab results also show the exact contents of each item, even on a micro-level, so that both Revival CBD and its customers know exactly what goes into the making of each product. Lab results can be easily viewed on Revival CBD’s website, allowing you to see the CBD, CBDA, and terpene levels of your chosen CBD products as well as much more.

Revival CBD Highlights

Accessible Lab Results: At Revival CBD, building customer trust is important; this is why full and detailed lab results can be found for each item with just a few clicks. It is always a good sign when a brand makes the results of lab tests so easily accessible to customers as it shows they are being fully transparent about what goes into each item.

Exciting Range of Products: Revival CBD’s creative team has clearly put a great deal of time and effort into creating a range of fun and exciting vape flavors. With options such as Strawberry Lemon and Peach Mango to choose from, it is easy to forget that you are purchasing CBD products and not selecting scoops of ice cream.

Free Shipping: Revival CBD offers free shipping on all orders over $50, which equates to roughly two or three products and in some cases just one. When a brand offers free shipping, it makes it that little bit easier to justify making a larger purchase rather than heading to your local pharmacy or sticking to just one much cheaper item.

Revival CBD Oils

revival cbd oils

All of Revival’s CBD oils are made from 100% pure CBD isolate; this ensures that the oils contain absolutely zero THC. Revival CBD understands that even the smallest trace of THC can cause some people a great deal of worry both in terms of its potential effects as well as how it could alter the results of work-based drug tests.

With Revival CBD oils, you can rest assured that you are not subjecting your body to even the smallest trace of THC.

Revival CBD offers customers two different oils to choose from, both of which are available in a range of different strengths, allowing you full customization of your healthcare routine.

Revival CBD Gold oil comes in 150mg, 300mg, and 500mg bottles and is made from 100% pure; natural CBD isolate mixed with coconut palm oil. Revival CBD’s Gold Oil provides one of the purest CBD experiences with there being no unnecessary added extras or flavors that draw attention away from the star of the show, the CBD.

Revival CBD Active Oil is designed for those who need a much stronger dosage of CBD, with 1000mg, 1500mg, and 2000mg options to choose from. In order to give customers the purest and most natural feeling experience, Revival CBD Active Oil is also made from 100% CBD isolate combined with coconut palm oil.

Revival CBD oils come in secure and easy to store bottles, designed to be taken with you wherever you go and ensuring that you always have your favorite CBD oils on hand when you need them most. The lid of each bottle comes with a built-in dropper so that you can easily measure out the same exact dosage each day, for predictable effects that you can trust and rely on.

Revival CBD E-Liquids

The majority of Revival CBD’s online store is taken up with the large selection of e-liquids, offering customers a range of different strengths, flavors, and sizes to choose from. One thing that all of the e-liquids have in common is the bright – almost psychedelic – eye-catching packaging and exciting choice of flavors to match.

Revival CBD e-liquids are very much marketed towards a younger audience who are looking for CBD products that easily blend in among regular vape products.

Revival CBD e-liquids come in 60ml and 30ml containers depending on your chosen strength and flavor. At the strongest end of the scale, customers can choose between Primal Learn CBD and Vapestorm Veuca, both of which come in the larger 60ml size options and contain 500mg of CBD.

Primal Learn CBD comes in blood orange strawberry lemonade flavor, while Vapestorm Veuca packs a delicious blueberry flavored dose of CBD.

For those who are looking for slightly more convenient packaging and something that you can pop into your pocket and carry around with you at all times, Revival CBD has a wide selection of 30ml e-liquids including their Sorbet Pop range. All 30ml bottles contain a full 500mg of CBD isolate, packing a pure and health-enhancing dose of CBD into a small and portable container.

The Sorbet Pop range includes a whole selection of mouthwatering flavors such as Straw Lemon, Peach Mango, and Tangerine Lime, all of which have been designed to resemble the options available at an ice cream parlor.

Revival CBD’s Nomenon’s range of CBD e-liquids come in both 60ml and 30ml options and in keeping with the Revival CBD brand, the Nomenon’s range have their own exotic-sounding menu of flavors to choose from. Cactus Jackfruit and Lemonomenon are just a few of the flavors available and read more like a cocktail menu than a CBD stock list.

Revival CBD Edibles

Revival CBD currently only offers one option when it comes to CBD edibles, although this is something the brand is working on and looking to expand in the future. Revival CBD Gummy Worms have been designed for a fruity, sweet, CBD-packed treat that can be enjoyed at any time of day. Each gummy worm is packed with 25mg of CBD, making them perfect for a microdose of CBD to keep you going until the end of the day or in place of other forms of CBD such as capsules.

Revival CBD gummy worms are made from 100% natural CBD isolate. This means that you do not have to worry about your CBD snacks containing even the smallest trace of THC. Revival CBD chose to use CBD isolate as it offers customers a pure CBD experience, packing all of the health benefits without any of the added extras that are often found in CBD edibles.

As with all of Revival CBD’s products, the packaging of Revival CBD gummy worms has been designed to be clear, informative, and convenient, all while still in keeping with the brand’s fun and modern approach. Gummy worm bags can be resealed so that you can easily carry your CBD gummies with you wherever you go without having to worry about finding a squashed worm at the bottom of your bag.

Revival CBD gummy worms work perfectly as a daily supplement giving your body a healthy daily dose of CBD. They can also be enjoyed as a snack in place of regular candies and afternoon treats. With each worm containing 25mg of CBD, you can eat them just as you would regular candy without having to worry about shocking your system with a sudden large dose of CBD.

Revival CBD Costs

Revival CBD Oils

Revival CBD 150mg+ (30ml) – From $15.99

Revival CBD Gold 150mg+ (30ml) – From $15.99

Active Revival CBD 1000mg+ (30ml) – From $49.99

Revival CBD Edibles

Revival CBD 25mg Gummy Worms (6 count) – $19.99

Revival CBD E-Liquids

Revival CBD 500mg Primal Learn (60ml) – $69.99

Revival CBD 500mg Vapestorm Veruca (60ml) – $69.99

Revival CBD 350mg Nonenon’s (60ml) – $34.99

Revival CBD 500mg Sorbet Pop (30ml) – $34.99

Revival CBD 500mg Primal (30ml) – $34.99

Revival CBD 500mg Nomenon (30ml) – $34.99

Revival CBD Other

1 Gram Revival CBD Isolate Powder – $29.99

Revival CBD 800mg Terpene Enriched Shatter (1 gram) – $69.99

Revival CBD 200mg Mend (2 ounces) – $19.99

How to Buy Revival CBD

Revival CBD products can be purchased directly from their online store. Revival CBD currently ship to all 48 contiguous states and offer free shipping on all orders over $50. Based on the average price of Revival CBD’s products this means that for most customers purchasing just two items should be enough to qualify for free shipping.

Revival CBD process and ship all orders within one business day to ensure that you receive your CBD order as quickly as possible. The exact time that it takes for your order to arrive at your door will, of course, depend on your exact location, with orders normally arriving within just a few days but sometimes taking slightly longer.

Revival CBD often runs promotions and offer discounts throughout the year for a chance to save on your next CBD order. Customers can sign up to Revival CBD’s newsletter from their homepage in order to stay up-to-date on all the latest offers and products.

Final Verdict about Revival CBD

Revival CBD products are an interesting combination of quality and fun mixed together into a range of CBD products that actually make you excited to take your daily CBD supplements.

With fruity flavors and even an ice cream parlor inspired menu it is almost impossible to feel bored and stuck in a rut with Revival CBD, what normally feels like a daily chore suddenly feels like a daily treat and something that you actively look forward to.

Unlike many brands that take more fun and less traditional approach to the CBD market, Revival CBD has managed to maintain high standards throughout all of their products and deliver high-quality CBD to customers across America.

Revival CBD understands that flashy packaging and bright flavors alone are not enough and that customers want quality and transparency in order to shop with a CBD brand.

If you are looking to spice up your CBD routine and move away from flavorless capsules and chemical tasting oils, why not try Revival CBD for yourself and experience all of the mind-blowing flavors that they have on offer?

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