Koi CBD Review: 2024 Update

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Koi CBD: Quick Summary

Koi CBD has a been a staple brand in the CBD industry for going on 10 years. In recent years, however, they (like most brands) have evolved tremendously in terms of their product line.

In fact, the CBD industry as a whole has undergone a remarkable evolution recently, propelled by advancements in scientific research and shifting consumer preferences.

Once confined to traditional tinctures and topical creams, Koi CBD has exploded with a diverse array of offerings, catering to an increasingly discerning audience. From the rise of delta-8 THC to the emergence of muscimol-infused gummies, innovation has become the name of the game for Koi.

In this updated 2024 Koi review, our team tests out the company’s powerful new Dragon Blend gummies, and dishes out our opinion on the assortment of other Koi product updates.

An Evolving Brand

In the past two years, research into the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids has shed light on lesser-known compounds beyond the well-known CBD.

Delta-8, for example, has gained a huge following for its mild psychoactive effects, offering users a more manageable experience than ‘regular’ THC.

Similarly, compounds like muscimol, derived from Amanita muscaria mushrooms, have captured the interest of consumers seeking alternative pathways to relaxation and euphoria.

Koi has fully embraced this change in consumer mindset (as well as changes in hemp regulations) – to create a fertile environment for product innovation.

Their most exciting product to date? Dragon Blend gummies.

These wildly popular new gummies represent the culmination of an innovative spirit, blending a carefully curated selection of cannabinoids to deliver a truly, how can we put this… “unique” experience.

Koi Dragon Blend Gummies Review

As an avid enthusiast of CBD products, we were thrilled to get our hands on Koi’s new Dragon Blend Gummies.


First impression was Koi’s impressively sleek new packaging and branding, which clearly outlined the ingredients of the Dragon Blend gummies without explicitly stating their psychoactive effects.

Curiosity piqued, and the team wasted no time in sampling these intriguing treats.

Koi Gummies Review: “High” Expectations

The first impressions were impressive. The gummies had a pleasant taste, with a subtle fruity flavor that masked any hint of cannabis. Texture-wise, they were soft and chewy, making them easy to consume.

Now, onto the effects. While the packaging didn’t explicitly mention getting “high,” it was evident that these gummies packed a punch. Within an hour of consumption, we (and by “we” I’m referring to the WayofLeaf Review team), noticed a gentle wave of relaxation, accompanied soon by a subtle euphoria. Colors seemed more vivid, and mundane tasks became surprisingly enjoyable.

The culprit of these vastly enjoyable effects are a unique combination of hemp-derived cannabinoids in the Dragon Blend Gummies. The inclusion of delta-8 THC, delta-9 THC, HHC, and THC-P creates a nuanced high that’s both uplifting and calming.

It’s a rollercoaster ride of sensations that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day, or enhancing a social gathering. And one of the best parts is that, since the gummies are made from hemp, they’re legal pretty much everywhere across the U.S.

(In fact, you can order Koi Dragon Blend Gummies and get 20% today by using coupon code: WAYOFLEAF (1 use per customer).

Other Koi Products (New for 2024)

Koi MusciMind™ Review (Muscimol Gummies and Oils)

In a bold departure from their traditional CBD offerings, Koi introduced MusciMind gummies and oils last year, harnessing the therapeutic potential of mushrooms containing muscimol.


Muscimol is a naturally occurring psychoactive compound found in fungi, most commonly the amanita muscaria mushroom. It has garnered attention for its unique effects on mood and cognition, and after trying these gummies ourselves (Koi was kind enough to send a sample pack), we will say they are VERY euphoric and relaxing.

Whether in convenient gummy form for on-the-go dosing, or as potent and customizable oils, Koi’s new MusciMind products provide a gateway to a whole new world of psychoactive experiences.

Koi THCA Flower

For those seeking a more traditional cannabis experience, Koi is now offering THCA flower. Roll it up in a joint just like regular weed, and fire it up.


Unlike traditional THC, THCA (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is non-intoxicating in its raw form, but converts to psychoactive THC when heated.

This innovative product allows users to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabinoids without the potency of THC’s psychoactive effects. But be forewarned – the flower will still get you high if you smoke enough of it.

Delta-8 and Delta-9 Vapes

Since day one, Koi has taken vaping to new heights. In 2024, they’ve truly gone above and beyond with their new Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC vape cartridges.


Delta-8 THC, known for its mild psychoactive effects compared to its delta-9 counterpart, offers users a smooth, manageable high. Meanwhile, traditional delta-9 THC provides a more potent and euphoric experience.

By offering both options, Koi caters to a diverse range of preferences, allowing users to tailor their cannabis experience to their desired intensity.

Koi Kratom Gummies

Embracing the holistic benefits of traditional herbal remedies, Koi has added Kratom gummies to its list of innovative products, derived from the leaves of the mitragyna speciosa plant.


Kratom has long been revered for its natural analgesic and mood-enhancing properties, and offers users a gentle yet effective way to unwind and find relief from painf and discomfort.

With their convenient gummy format, Koi Kratom gummies make experiencing the benefits of mitrogyna speciosa more accessible than ever, allowing users to incorporate this ancient botanical into a simple daily wellness routine.

Classic CBD Oil

Last but not least, Koi continues to champion the therapeutic power of their classic CBD range. Crafted from premium, U.S.-grown hemp extract and carefully formulated for maximum efficacy, these timeless Koi products remain a cornerstone of the brand’s lineup.


Whether used for their relaxing properties, stress-relieving effects, or overall sense of balance and well-being, Koi Original CBD oil remains a trusted companion for countless individuals.

Where to Buy Koi Products

In addition to its U.S. online store, Koi has Irish and British websites as well, which is great news if you live in Europe. On the United States site, Koi asserts that all orders are processed in 1-2 business days.

Koi CBD Review: Additional Info

Brent Brunner and Brad Ridenour founded Koi CBD back in 2015, making it one of the longest-serving brands on the market! The official website claims that Koi’s mission is to set the standard for CBD users everywhere. Each product uses cannabidiol extracted from American-grown hemp, and the company rigidly tests for over 100 contaminants.

Each batch has full traceability from beginning to end, and you can actually read Koi’s full list of lab reports for each product on the official Koi website.

Summary: 2024 Koi CBD Review

As we reflect on the myriad of products offered by Koi CBD in 2024, it becomes abundantly clear that the landscape of cannabinoid-based wellness has reached new heights of innovation and diversity.

From the calming embrace of Koi MusciMind gummies and oils, to the invigorating experience of THCA flower and Koi Dragon Blend gummies, each product offers a distinct set of preferences and needs.

Together, these products exemplify the forward-thinking ethos of Koi CBD, paving the way for a future where cannabinoid-based wellness is not just a trend, but a cornerstone of holistic health and vitality.

Final Verdict – 9.5/10

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