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Miracle Leaf is an interesting CBD company in that it also functions as a health center. The brand is based in Florida and sells numerous CBD products. It also has a huge section dedicated to delta 8-THC.

We reviewed this brand to find out if it’s worth buying from, and below we cover all the details.

Miracle Leaf Quick Summary


  • The prices are reasonable
  • There are lots of products to choose from
  • Miracle Leaf uses CO2 extraction
  • Customers can buy delta 8-THC and CBD in the same place


  • Customers can only view lab reports after purchasing the product
  • Some of the product descriptions and ingredients lists are vague
  • The reviews for this company are mixed

The Full Miracle Leaf Review

Miracle Leaf calls itself the premier medical cannabis health center in Florida. Unlike other CBD brands, it works closely with doctors and has an interest in medical marijuana. The state of Florida allows medical marijuana, but Miracle Leaf is unique in the way it sells it.

Primarily, this brand specializes in CBD and delta 8-THC products that it ships throughout the United States. With free shipping on all orders over $50, Miracle Leaf is an exciting brand to try out.

It’s worth noting that Miracle Leaf does not clarify whether its products come from hemp or marijuana.

The brand makes its products in the USA, in GMP-certified, FDA-compliant facilities. They use CO2 extraction, largely considered one of the best extraction methods for hemp. It’s worth noting that Miracle Leaf does not clarify whether its products come from hemp or marijuana. Presumably, the brand uses hemp for its CBD products in order to make them as widely available as possible.

Miracle Leaf performs lab testing on its products, testing for microbes, mites, mold, and mildew. There is a lab reports section on the site, but we were disheartened to find that you can only view the certificates of analysis after purchasing a product. This is inconvenient and means you have to spend money beforehand.

Medical Cards from Miracle Leaf

Miracle Leaf is not a dispensary, and therefore it does not sell marijuana. However, it offers telehealth consultations in over thirty states, as well as helping people to receive medical marijuana cards in those states.

The brand works with doctors who are available from 7am to 10pm, providing MMJ services in a number of states.

Prices start at $49 depending on the state. However, looking at online reviews of this company, it seems that there may be a lot of hidden costs. Furthermore, many customers reported never receiving their cards or waiting much longer than they would with other companies.

As a result, it seems that accessing MMJ from Miracle Leaf is not the best bet. But what about the brand’s other products?

Miracle Leaf Delta 8 Products

The range of products available from Miracle Leaf is extensive. The website breaks down the items into delta 8 and CBD sections, making it easy to find what you’re looking for. The delta 8 products cover a range of consumption methods, too, including the following:

  • Vapes
  • Dabs
  • Hemp flower
  • Pre-rolls
  • Edibles
  • Tinctures

Let’s check them out.

Delta 8 Vapes & Dabs

Inhaled cannabinoids tend to be fast and effective. This has made delta 8 vapes some of the most popular D8 items on the market right now. Miracle Leaf sells a variety of vape cartridges that follow the profile of different marijuana strains. Options include OG Kush and Super Silver Haze.


While having loads of flavor and effect options is great, Miracle Leaf only offers the cartridges in 1000mg each. It would be nice to have more strengths.

The brand also carries 1g tubs of dabs. They come in the same strain options as the cartridges but possess a 99%+ pure delta 8 distillate. The product descriptions are handy because they cover some details about each strain and the effects you can expect.

Cost: $30 – $49.99

Delta 8 Flower & Pre-Rolls

Delta 8 flower usually consists of raw hemp sprayed with delta 8. Miracle Leaf has not clarified how it makes or sources its delta 8 flower, though.

Each bud is available in 1g or 7g increments, with the same strains as the vape carts and dabs. Miracle Leaf offers pre-rolls alongside the buds. They come in sealed glass tubes containing 1.5g of bud each.

The pre-rolls are handy for those who don’t want to roll their own, but they are more expensive than the raw flower.

Cost: $9.99 – $39.99

Delta 8 Edibles

In terms of D8 edibles, Miracle Leaf only offers gummies. There are 300mg and 600mg options, all in mixed fruit flavors. The company is not specific about the ingredients, which is unfortunate for those with dietary restrictions or allergies.

The good news is that Miracle Leaf uses child-resistant jars, making the gummies safe and secure.

Cost: $29.99 – $49.99

Delta 8 Tinctures

In the tinctures department, Miracle Leaf offers a wider variety of strengths. The options are 1500mg, 2500mg, 3500mg, and 5000mg. These are all pretty potent, so users should beware of the strength.


Miracle Leaf uses an MCT oil base, though it doesn’t specify whether this is coconut or another form.

Cost: $79.99 – $299.99

Miracle Leaf CBD Products

Many of the Miracle Leaf CBD products are similar to the D8 selection. However, there are also topicals and a wider variety of strengths. The CBD products are also more widely available due to current guidelines in the US.

CBD Vapes

Although Miracle Leaf offers fewer strain types for the CBD vapes, users can purchase 250mg or 500mg options. Miracle Leaf has been vague about the ingredients, listing only full-spectrum hemp oil. It’s unclear what thinning agents have been used, if any, and whether there are any added terpenes and flavorings.

The product description does note a lack of vitamin E and nicotine, which is good news.

Cost: $19.99

CBD Flower & Pre-Rolls

The hemp flower from Miracle Leaf comes in either a 1g or 7g jar, but the brand also offers three pre-rolls. There is less variety than in the delta 8 flower category, but this isn’t surprising given that hemp flower isn’t the most popular product.

Cost: $9.99 – $39.99

CBD Tinctures

Miracle Leaf sells a vast range of CBD tinctures starting at a 75mg easy-dose dispenser and going up to 5000mg. There are seven strengths in total. The tinctures are suspended in hemp oil and contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids alongside vitamin E.

While the tinctures are decent, we did not think the Miracle Leaf drops offered anything different compared to other brands.

Cost: $14.99 – $299.99

CBD Edibles

There are a lot of gummy options in the CBD department. Miracle Leaf offers Kief gummies, vegan gummies, and neon gummy bears, all in varying strengths. It’s excellent to see a vegan option among this list.


Miracle Leaf also provides gel capsules and honey sticks in the edibles category. There is a great range here, catering to a variety of tastes and needs.

Cost: $ 29.99 – $99.99

CBD Topicals

In terms of topicals, Miracle Leaf has a fantastic selection. The range includes a bath bomb, balms, roll-ons, and creams. Admittedly, the products are pretty basic, but they are ideal for those who want to get the job done without all the unnecessary bells and whistles.

The pain relief cream and joint roll-on come with added ingredients like arnica, which are effective at soothing pain. Miracle Leaf also offers substantial lists of ingredients for its topicals, giving users a complete run-down.

Cost: $9.99 – $59.99

What Else Is There to Know About Miracle Leaf?

Online, Miracle Leaf has received mixed reviews. Searching for them can be complicated because there is also a company by the same name in the UK. However, results for Miracle Leaf Store Health Centers are mixed.

Many users report bad customer service but the majority praise the fantastic products and reasonable prices.

Many users report bad customer service and wasting their money. However, the majority praise the fantastic products and reasonable prices.

It seems that Miracle Leaf is a bit of a gamble, with most reviews either being 5 stars or 1 star; it’s impossible to know what kind of service you’ll get.

Miracle Leaf: Summary & Where to Buy

All in all, Miracle Leaf is a decent brand. It’s unique in that it offers MMJ services alongside both delta 8 and CBD products. It seems that the products are more popular than the telehealth services, but even reviews for the branded items are mixed.

A huge plus point is Miracle Leaf’s reasonable pricing. For those who want to try it out, it’s possible to buy the products online from the brand’s official website.

Final Verdict: 6/10

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