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2018 was a momentous year for the CBD industry as industrial hemp growth was rendered federally legal in the United States. According to the Brightfield Group, the global CBD market could be worth $22.05 billion by 2030. Before I go any further, if you live in Ohio, Maine or New York, you need to be wary when purchasing CBD edibles as your home state has begun a crackdown on these products.

As the CBD industry grows, the number of snake oil salesmen will also increase. At WayofLeaf, one of our primary goals is to provide unbiased reviews of CBD sellers to ensure you can tell the difference between real deal and charlatan. Today, it is the turn of Medix CBD to fall under the microscope.

Who are Medix CBD?

According to the company’s CEO, Miguel Lozano, Medix aims to change the way people view natural medicine and show that they don’t need to ingest harsh chemicals to feel better. The company has spent several years researching CBD, and why it works, which is perhaps why it only began selling products a couple of years ago.

It claims that its products are legal in all 50 states, but will have to update customers in light of the recent ‘war on CBD edibles’ happening in at least three states. As least Medix clearly outlines its process:

  • All hemp used in Medix’s products comes from farms in Kentucky. Its products are free from chemicals, and the firm conducts detailed lab tests to make sure its ingredients are pure.
  • Their CBD is manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, and Medix even has a streamlined packaging system which it says helps them serve customers 24/7.
  • Medix processes orders on a day-by-day basis and pledges to quickly ship goods to all 50 states.

The fact that the hemp comes from Kentucky is a good thing. Today, the state is known as the ‘gold standard’ of hemp production. Medix does its credibility a world of good by including third-party lab reports for its products on the website. For the record, Pro Verde Laboratories is the lab that conducted the tests.

Review of Medix CBD Oil

medix cbd oil review

Medix’s CBD tinctures contain a balanced formula of 99.9% CBD isolate. There are six different sizes but only one flavor, Natural:

  • 100mg: $26.99
  • 250mg: $45.99
  • 500mg: $75.99
  • 1000mg: $162.99
  • 1500mg: $209.99
  • 4500mg: $449.99

The bottles come in different strengths which means each ml of liquid has a different concentration. For example, the 100mg bottle has 15 x 1ml servings of 6.66ml apiece; the 250mg bottle also has 15 servings, this time at 16.66mg each, while the 1500mg bottle has 30 x 1ml servings at 50 ml each. The giant 4500mg bottle has 120 x 1ml servings at 37.5mg apiece.

I opted for the 250mg bottle and pledged to use 1ml of liquid a day. As always, you place the drops beneath the tongue, hold for up to a minute, and swallow. The Medix CBD oil formula provides naturally occurring antioxidants and is vegan and gluten free. Aside from the CBD isolate, the oil contains hemp seed oil and vitamin E.

The tincture has that natural plant taste which may not be to everyone’s liking. It didn’t provide me with what I would call ‘noticeable’ effects, but I did eventually discover that my mood was more even throughout the day; this is something my wife told me! When it came to tasks that normally caused me anxiety, I found myself feeling calm.

With my experience using CBD oil, I am always skeptical when I hear about ‘profound’ effects. In reality, cannabidiol’s effects kind of sneak up on you, and Medix’s offering is no different.

Review of Medix CBD Edibles

medixcbd gummies

I’ve seldom met anyone that doesn’t enjoy fruity candy, and Medix’s team seem to be aware of this fact judging by their offerings. It has five edibles options:

  • Citrus Strawberry Chews: These dissolve in your mouth. There are 30 x 15mg CBD chews in a tub that costs $45.99. This is the product I tried, and I loved the refreshing taste which once again helped reduce my feelings of anxiety.
  • Medix CBD Gummy Bears: These fruity gummies contain 10mg CBD apiece. You can purchase a 10-pack for $16.99 or a 30-pack for $49.99. There is also a sour version of these gummies.
  • Medix CBD Infused Rainbow Bites: These are more or less the same as the bears but in a long strip form.The price list and options are the same.
  • Medix CBD Infused Gummy Worms: The same as the bears and bites in terms of flavor, options, and price.

These edibles are a great way to get your daily CBD infusion, but at approximately $1.70 each for just 10mg of CBD, they are on the expensive side, as seems to be the case with most brands to be fair.

Review of Medix CBD Creams & Topicals

medix topical review

Medix has created a selection of creams designed to reduce pain and inflammation. I tried the Medix CBD Pain Cream which offers 150mg of CBD in a one-ounce tub for $35.99. The cream is derived from raw hemp oil, and additional ingredients include Menthol, Isopropyl, Potassium Sorbate, Purified Water, and about a dozen others. The main active ingredient, aside from the CBD, is Methyl Salycilate 22% menthol.

The menthol in this cream ensures it has a nice scent and feels cool when you apply it to the skin. After placing it on my sore knee, I noticed a reduction in pain within an hour or so. I have tried painkillers that were far more effective, but at least this cream doesn’t lead to an addiction, and it won’t harm my health in the long-term.

The Medix CBD Body Lotion contains 300mg of CBD in a 4oz tub for $59.99. You apply it in the same way as the cream, and it provides better value for money in a CBD-per-dollar sense.

What About Medix CBD’s Other Products?

Medix is a growing company, and its product range is always expanding. It sells CBD vape juice and vape oil in cartridge form. There are three options: Focus, Relax, and Sleep. A 250mg cartridge provides 100 hits for $44.99, and the 500mg cartridge allows for 200 hits and costs $54.99. All cartridges fit on a standard 510-thread battery pen, and you can easily find one online.

Each cartridge option is designed for a specific purpose and contains a variety of terpenes. For example, the ‘Sleep’ vape oil is designed for night time use and contains terpenes such as Myrcene, Linalool, Terpineol, Borneol, Nerolidol, and Caryophyllene.

Medix also sells CBD oil for dogs in delicious bacon flavor. It comes in three concentrations:

  • 100mg: $29.99
  • 250mg: $39.99
  • 500mg: $49.99

As you can see, there is quite a disparity in value for money between the largest and smallest option.

Where Can I Buy Medix CBD Products?

You can get everything you need on the shop page of the official Medix website. The company offers free shipping in the United States for orders worth over $100. There is also a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Return your product(s) within 30 days, and you get a 100% refund.

Final Thoughts on Medix CBD

medix cbd coupon

If you are ready to dip your toe into CBD waters, Medix is an excellent place to start. It provides you with plenty of CBD products, and the ones I tried at least proved effective when dealing with pain and anxiety. Those who use a vaporizer should check out the brand’s vape juice for a relaxing session. Medix’s products seem a bit pricey but if they help body and mind, it is a price worth paying!

Rating: 8/10

Medix CBD Pros

  • Free shipping for big orders.
  • Well-designed online store.
  • A wide range of CBD products.
  • Hemp is organically grown in Kentucky.
  • Third-party lab test reports.
  • 30-day satisfaction guarantee which means you could get a full refund within 30 days.

Medix CBD Cons

  • Some products are on the expensive side.
  • CBD isolate does not necessarily work as well as full-spectrum.
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