LV Well CBD Review [All CBD Products Tested]

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LV Well CBD Quick Summary


  • Nice range of products to suit all needs.
  • Winterized CBD but its very nature is of high quality.
  • LV Well has up to date lab reports for all of its products.
  • The CBD is astoundingly good value for money.
  • Free shipping within the UK on orders over £25.


  • It isn’t a particularly well-known brand at present.
  • Little background information on the website.
  • The labelling is slightly misleading regarding potency.

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LV Well CBD Complete Review

By now, it has become abundantly clear that the cannabidiol (CBD) market is the next big thing in health supplements. A recent CNN article highlighted the expansion of hemp farms across the United States. Companies that once grew squash, pumpkins, and kale have switched their focus to growing hemp after the Farm Bill of 2018 made it legal.

With so many hemp farmers come a barrage of CBD sellers; some of whom are more reputable than others. At WayofLeaf, we continue to review as many CBD companies as we can find to educate, and warn, readers as necessary. Today, it is the turn of LV Well CBD to go under the microscope.

Who Are LV Well CBD?


LV Well follows the sadly tried and trusted CBD seller route of not revealing a great deal about the company. It says it sells full-spectrum CBD products you can use sublingually or via the use of a vaporizer. It claims that its CBD comes from hemp cultivated in the European Union and the cannabinoids are extracted via supercritical CO2 methods.

LV Well also says its CBD oil is winterized. The process of winterization involves an alcohol wash of the plant. It extracts the terpenes and cannabinoids from each other which results in a pure and concentrated form of CBD. It also helps separate the pure cannabidiol from residual plant products such as fats, waxes, and chlorophyll.

One major plus is that all of all LV Well products come with third-party lab reports.

The brand has a Facebook page with over 2000 likes, and in January 2019, LV Well’s products were available to view at an Expo in the city of Birmingham, the second biggest city in the UK by population. One major plus with LV Well is that all of its products come with third-party lab reports.

The company states that the founders are experienced CBD users and understand that certain types of cannabidiol products work better than others. Its range of products was first unveiled in London at Vape Jam in 2018, and this exposure has helped build the brand.

Review of LV Well CBD Oral Winterization


LV Well actually sells three distinct types of CBD oil for oral consumption. Its Raw option is an improved version of the brand’s extract paste which is dissolved in carrier fluid. LV Well claims to have improved the quality of its extract by using virgin hemp oil instead of PG and VG. Its Raw oral CBD oil is available in four sizes and comes in Cookies flavor:

  • 500mg: £8
  • 1000mg: £12.50
  • 2000mg: £18.50
  • 3000mg: £25

One issue that we have with these products is the slightly misleading labelling regarding potencies. For example, the 1000mg extract only contains 300mg of CBD. While the brand does state the CBD content clearly in the small print, consumers could end up disappointed if they do not read everything carefully.

Its Max option is a full-spectrum extract with several cannabinoids aside from CBD. It is available in sweet mocha flavor only, and you have five sizes to choose from:

  • 600mg of Broad-Spectrum Extract & 300mg CBD: £18
  • 1000mg of Broad-Spectrum & 500mg CBD: £28
  • 2000mg of Broad-Spectrum & 1000mg of CBD: £45
  • 4000mg of Broad-Spectrum & 2000mg of CBD: £78
  • 6000mg of Broad-Spectrum & 3000mg of CBD: £99

We tried the Winterization option. LV Well winterizes raw paste and dissolves it in alcohol at subzero temperatures to ensure the solids are separated from the liquids. The result is a much darker oil that we are used to seeing. It comes in four sizes:

  • 500mg: £10
  • 1000mg: £15.50
  • 2000mg: £23
  • 3000mg: £31


The mocha taste was okay, and we used the 1000mg bottle. It did a reasonable job on the pain in one of our tester’s shoulders; to the extent that he felt less pain after weight training sessions and was able to push the intensity a bit.

What really astonished us was the price. However, they seem slightly better than they are due to the unclear labelling.

Review of LV Well’s Other Products

review of lv well’s other products

LV Well sells a CBD liquid suitable for vaporizers. It is also winterized but has a lighter color than the oil equivalent. This is because the solids have been washed out to make it more suitable for vaping. You can purchase 500mg for £10 or 1000mg for £15.50, and the liquid is unflavored.

If you are looking for something different, you can try the brand’s CBD massage oil. Each 100ml bottle contains 300mg of winterized cannabis oil and costs £18.50. According to the instructions, you can use it as part of a massage session up to three times a week. It is advisable to keep the oil at room temperature before you use it and wait 30 minutes for it to absorb into your joints.

Another great product available from the LV Well range is a 30ml tub of Muscle Rub Balm which contains 500mg of winterized cannabis oil for £18.50. You can use this daily and it should begin to take effect within a few minutes of use.

Where Can I Purchase LV Well CBD Products?

You can purchase LV Well products from its official website. Delivery is via Royal Mail Tracked 48 and is free on orders over £25. You also have the option to pay extra for Tracked 24 delivery.

Orders placed before 12 pm Monday to Friday will be sent out the same day. It appears that the company also offers delivery outside the UK, although it assumes no responsibility for the products making it through customs.

There is a 30-day refund policy, providing products are unopened and undamaged.

Final Thoughts on LV Well

In the end, it is only fair to say that LV Well offers good-quality CBD products at an incredible price. Not many CBD sellers offer a choice between Raw, Winterized, and Full-Spectrum products. Its product range isn’t particularly big, but it caters to those who like using CBD oil, users that prefer vaporizing their cannabinoids, and individuals who need something topical for fast pain relief.

Although LV Well doesn’t have a particularly large following at present, it is likely to gather a head of steam as more people discover how reliable and low-cost this brand is.

Rating: 7/10

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