LDN CBD Review

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LDN CBD: Quick Summary


  • Offers items made from quality, broad-spectrum CBD
  • All products are vegan friendly
  • Boasts a generous 30-day refund/return policy
  • Utilises double lab testing for premium consistency
  • Employs a responsive customer service team


  • The website has a limited selection of items

LDN CBD Review

LDN CBD is a company dedicated to quality and service. They’ve carefully crafted products that are simple and great to use. They’ve stepped away from gimmicks and slick marketing to focus instead on streamlining their processes and giving customers what they want.

LDN CBD have stepped away from gimmicks and slick marketing to focus instead on giving customers what they want.

We like that although they don’t have a wide selection, the products they do have don’t contain complex chemicals, parabens, or other undesirable ingredients.

What Products Did We Review?

LDN CBD offers high-quality CBD oils. This includes 500mg – 3000mg tinctures. Each bottle contains 10ml. We take a look at their 5%, 10%, and 30% potencies. We also will review and highlight their CBD-infused massage oil.

LDN CBD: Total Product Line

LDN CBD is a London-based company that prides itself on creating quality CBD products. They manufacture their product line with simple ingredients, including premium CBD extracts. Their product range includes the following:

CBD Tinctures

Their CBD tinctures are broad-spectrum and are vegan friendly. They contain no heavy metals or chemicals and come with 0% THC. Consumers can use it under the tongue or add it to dishes, drinks, and baked goods. They offer a few varieties, including:


  • 5% CBD Oil (500mg)
  • 10% CBD Oil (1000mg)
  • 30% CBD Oil (3000mg)

CBD Massage Oil

The LDN CBD massage oil is an excellent way to relax aching, tired and sore muscles. It contains 300mg of high-grade CBD in a 100ml bottle. We liked that this oil is unscented. This could be an excellent benefit for those with sensitive noses.


Instead, their unscented massage oil may help consumers focus on relaxing. Their CBD massage oil also contains natural ingredients, so there are no fillers, parabens, solvents, or other harsh compounds.

What Else Should I Know About LDN CBD? A Few Great Highlights

An exciting thing to note is that while LDN CBD has an online presence, it also boasted a retail location. It hosted a bevy of different products that they crafted, although some don’t appear on the current website. Due to the pandemic at the time of writing, they’ve had to curtail operations and go strictly online.

Hopefully, as things progress, Londoners can enjoy their unique boutique experience soon. Despite not having a retail location at this time, they offer fast and efficient shipping options across the UK and internationally. Other great highlights include:

  • Gift cards available through the site
  • LDN CBD is registered with the Vegan Society
  • They have an easy to use website
  • They boast press from a variety of respected outlets

LDN CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

LDN CBD is a company that prides itself on quality. While their online selection is limited, they have products that showcase their dedication. Each product comes with high-grade broad-spectrum CBD extract.

We enjoyed their products, and we hope that soon, they can expand their range.

Their commitment to service includes an excellent customer service team, fast shipping options, and a 30-day refund policy. In short, they are a burgeoning company to watch. We enjoyed their products, and we hope that soon, they can expand their range.

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